Video Wallpaper
Video Wallpaper
Size: 15.70 MB
Version: 3.13.4
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Download live Video Wallpaper Maker APK, an app that allows you to display a video wallpaper on your screen. This app gives the best result for video wallpapers.

Name Video Wallpaper
Version 3.13.4
Updated May 11, 2024
Category Personalization
Developer ZipoApps
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Video Wallpaper

Zippo apps are the current owners of the video live wallpaper maker. This app works perfectly for Android devices. Video wallpapers are also known as live wallpapers. Some people think of it as moving wallpaper.

live video wallpaper apk

Download the live video wallpaper app to set that video you admire as your wallpaper. This app removes the restriction of being able only to have pictures as wallpapers. Now, you get to have videos as your wallpaper and can maximize the most of the wallpaper features on your device. 

This app is also considered a video live wallpaper maker. The app is used to make animated wallpaper paper you can put on your lock screen or home screen. This app has many unique features, but one it is best known for is video wallpaper making. This app can be used to make the most beautiful live wallpapers yet.

Description of video wallpaper.

Video live wallpaper maker is a fun and excellent live video wallpaper app that you can explore. You can easily set up your video wallpapers using this app. create a moving wallpaper or convert your preferred video to a live wallpaper with a video wallpaper maker.

video live wallpaper maker apk

A live wallpaper is also considered a moving wallpaper. Watching your favorite video play on your screen as wallpaper is so soothing. You can also create unique customized wallpaper for fun. You can use video wallpapers to impress your friends and develop your video-making and creative skills.

This wallpaper app is well developed. Video live wallpaper 2022 has many outstanding features like the fit with screen feature. With this feature, your video fits perfectly into your screen with no excess space left unfilled. You can also enable or disable the audio of your live wallpaper based on preference.

Unlike most apps, the video wallpaper pro uses minimal of your device's resources. Resources like storage space, battery life consumption, and many more. It has little to no battery consumption. It also has a minimal size that takes just a little space and could go unnoticed. This app also supports online video wallpaper and parallax wallpaper. Video live wallpaper maker supports 3D, 4D and 4k wallpapers. This app only works on android phones for now.

Features of video wallpaper.

There are a lot of unique features the video wallpaper has, all of which are explored below.

video wallpaper apk download

Wallpaper maker.

This app is a video wallpaper app. Asides from aiding your phone in setting a video as your wallpaper, it also has a feature that allows you to make a wallpaper using the app. You can create live moving wallpapers and enjoy them on your phone and home screen. If you are out of fun videos to set as wallpaper, you can easily open this app and create a wallpaper with the video live wallpaper maker.

While creating a video wallpaper for your phone and fun, you can explore as much as possible and play around with graphics and sound effects. Use this app to set up an animated background that excites you every time you use your phone.


The video wallpaper app is one of the best features of the app. Although this app is limited to Android users, you can download it with one of the lowest OS on Android. This app allows you to make your videos without restrictions. On this app, you can use all types of videos on your live wallpaper. It has a fit-in screen feature. It supports 3D, 4D, and 4k wallpaper. It supports online video wallpapers and also parallax wallpapers. The app's versatility allows you to enjoy sounds with your live video wallpaper. You can also enable and disable the audio of the app without stress.

video wallpaper apk

Resource Management.

This app helps your phone to manage its resources to the best. This app doesn't have any external effect on your phone; it only enables you to post your video wallpaper. This app uses a very minimal amount of your storage space. The app's weight is 9.67 Mb, which wouldn't impact your phone's memory much. Because of how light the app is, it is the fastest way to convert your videos to moving wallpapers, and it doesn't affect your phone's operating system.


This app has a unique, catchy design and interface. You can easily explore and make live videos using this app. With the help of a few taps on your phone, the app allows you to set up a video you made or like as your moving home screen background. While making a live wallpaper, you must type in your preferred topic, and an array of options pop up. These options would help you create nice moving wallpapers.

This app is very high quality and presents you with very nice and quality designs of wallpapers available.

video wallpaper pro apk


Video live wallpaper maker is the easiest and fastest way to create and set an animated background on your home screen. Use the video wallpaper pro's latest version to create a wallpaper and enjoy a moving wallpaper on your screen. You get to choose and make fun videos with this app. Set live video wallpapers to boost your mood whenever you pick up your phone. Moving wallpapers are very impressive. It is a distinct feature that makes your phone stand out. Video wallpapers are the newest cool thing, and they are imposing.

Activate video app wallpaper premium to get the best out of this app.

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Download live Video Wallpaper Maker APK, an app that allows you to display a video wallpaper on your screen. This app gives the best result for video wallpapers.


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