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Muviz Edge
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Download the latest version of Muviz Edge APK. Enjoy the fantastic visualizer program. Perfect lighting effects you can't stop thinking about when music is playing.

Name Muviz Edge
Updated Apr 26, 2024
Category Personalization
Developer Sparkine Labs
Google Play Link com.sparkine.muvizedge

Muviz Edge

Android devices can have their screens customized using the app Muviz Edge. It enables you to turn on the screen's edge LEDs, which can then display wallpaper or provide information about notifications when the screen is off.

A Live Music Visualizer is displayed around the borders of your screen when using Muviz Edge. It is a first-of-its-kind app, to listen to music on your preferred music apps. Edge lighting is also available over our fascinating array of Always Display Screens.

muviz edge pro apk 2022

Edge music lighting is a fantastic music accessory to add to your modern gadgets with rounded, edge-to-edge screens.

Description of Muviz edge

When you play songs from any music application, Always On: Edge Music Lighting shows visual effects along the edges of the screen following the tune. The sort of illumination you wish to see around the corners of the screen can be selected in the app's settings. Depending on your preferences, you can make the light flash, travel across the screen, or remain stationary in one area. The LED that often turns on by default with alerts can also be enabled and disabled, or you can change how it lights up. Additionally, you can limit the illumination to the vicinity of the camera.

You have the option of setting the LEDs to any hue you like or an ombre with up to three different colors that move around your screen. In essence, you may program these LEDs to perform any task you want. Additionally, you can link the LEDs' brightness to a certain notification type, causing it to light up in a particular way based on whether you receive a Text message, a Twitter message, or a missed call.

muviz edge pro apk latest version

An intriguing app for customization is Muviz Edge. It will drain your power more quickly, but if you're seeking a fresh way to give your phone a distinctive design, it is worthwhile.

Features of Muviza Edge

Add optical illusions.

It makes perfect sense that the Muviz Edge function would provide optical illusions that are always shown on the phone when you play to a specific music. You can also offer the app additional permissions, such as the power to recognize sounds and make use of this lighting. You will have access to the resources our software makes available for you once you have granted a few of the aforementioned rights. You always have the choice to alter your feelings.

Select the hue you prefer.

In Muviz Edge, users can choose from a variety of color schemes.There, you can choose from a variety of hues, and when you're done, a notification letting you know the hue has been changed and a few of the edits you want will appear.

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With Muviz Edge, you can further alter the lighting that appears on the screen and access more parameters for the changes you apply. You'll find a variety of metrics, including those related to density, width, height, and rate. The line feature is at the edge of the screen, and from there, you can alter them by dragging the sliders. With the help of this tool, you may alter the appearance of the light, making it, for instance, show as special effect or on the phone's four sides.

Apply your album's color to the display light.

Any user of this app will find the tool exciting because it allows them to freely choose various colour types and use record colours. If you are bored because you have to frequently switch colors. When you play a particular song from an album, the color of the light will change, and of course, this only works if all the albums are beautifully made.

Adjust the preview screen.

When listening to music, you will use the preview screen to see various information, including the song, time, and more.The preview screen can then be easily changed by including extra elements like timers, symbols, and more.You can add and change the characteristics of any elements to create a phone that is perfect for watching. Therefore, this app will provide your gadget a completely new experience.

muviz edge pro apk

AOD function

These lovely music effects may be seen uniformly even when the screen is off thanks to a unique function they named AOD. The edges will still twinkle even when the screen is black.

Show the desired information on the home screen.

Additionally, we may always choose how to display additional details about the song on the main screen, such as:

  • The song title, artist, and lyrics are listed.
  • Select the location on your screen where you want this information to appear.
  • When Always On is turned on, the background is blurred and the screen is always on.
  • Hide music details from the screen so you can concentrate on other tasks.
muviz edge apk
  • A selection of pages on the screen exhibit an edge effect when Always On: Edge Music Lighting is enabled. The home screen will always be the default, and you can choose additional pages.

Muviz Edge pro's latest version

In the most recent edition of Muviz Edge, users will find a variety of fresh components that have recently been added and are perfect for the approaching Christmas. You can easily find icons for the holiday season or snowflakes to add to the previous pages. You can create a screen to greet Christmas all by yourself, and it will have color effects that you can't help but notice.

Easy to use. Install for a few minutes, then switch on and use. To choose various effects, click Settings. To show music details on the main screen, click Mode.


It's never been more cool and fashionable to listen to music on your phone. This program enhances the aesthetic appeal and emotional impact of your music player, allowing you to fully experience your favorite tunes. Get the Muviz Edge Pro for Android to enjoy a completely new music visualization. The simple method of amusing oneself while listening to music.

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Download the latest version of Muviz Edge APK. Enjoy the fantastic visualizer program. Perfect lighting effects you can't stop thinking about when music is playing.


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