Niagara Launcher
Niagara Launcher
Size: 8.28 MB
Version: 1.8.15
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Download Niagara Launcher APK if you want your phone to look bright, clean, and fresh. This app gives your phone an aesthetic beauty making you love your phone more.

Name Niagara Launcher
Version 1.8.15
Updated Mar 5, 2023
Category Personalization
Developer Peter Huber
Google Play Link bitpit.launcher

Niagara Launcher

Niagara launcher is an application with a simple and excellent interface, and It allows users to get the most in terms of beauty out of their android phone. The application is mainly for android users. Niagara Launcher is an excellent phone launcher that provides users with convenience as it beautifies the phone.

Many times people want to go beyond the standard phone interface; people might want to beautify the screen, set up some phone gestures, and lots more to suit their needs. This application recognizes users' contribution and engagement in the app and hence provides an upgrade of features developed to complete the user's needs. This is cool and amazing.

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The Niagara Launcher app gives you that beautiful home screen you have always wanted. The app also provides a quick access gesture to whatever you often do on your phone. Niagara Launcher has many features that keep users glued to it and want to get enough of the application.

Niagara Launcher Description

Niagara launcher is a thrilling, practical, and elegant app that gives users access to lots of features. The app is available for anyone to use. Niagara launcher was developed and published by Peter Huber.

We all know the beauty of a mobile device lies in its ability to be easily personalized, customized, and beautified to one's taste. The Niagara launcher was developed to serve this purpose for users. The app is not constrained to a particular template. Instead, you can surf between many widgets, features, or templates available in the app.

With Niagara Launcher, you can change the appearance and the arrangement of your main screen. Each widget and template has its advantages and characteristics; hence you will have the chance to choose the one that is the best fit.

niagara launcher latest download

If you hate how cluttered your phone is, or you want to beautify your phone interface, this Niagara phone launcher is the best option for you. Niagara launcher lets you focus on essential things to easily and quickly declutter your device. This app provides lots of list layouts that distinguish it from other launchers.

Niagara launcher is an excellent app that provides a smooth and sleek finish and takes up a little space on your device. Unlike other phone launchers, the Niagara launcher does not offer many useless features to its users. The application is highly ergonomic, and the game developer tender requirements an ergonomic launcher should meet, and they did exactly that. The developer of the game was able to optimize and also decipher people's strengths and compensate them. The widgets and templates are of high quality. Niagara launcher offers users lots of many features. The app is smooth, sleek, and aesthetically beautiful.

Those features allow you to read messages immediately after they are sent on your home screen, whereby under the application, you. And see the message without having to open them. This is super cool and interesting.

niagara launcher setup

Setting up the Niagara launcher is easy to do and navigate. No excesses are setting it up. Niagara launcher has a pro version which allows you access to more advanced features. Everything is super impressive. You should download Niagara launcher to get the best of your phone or mobile device.

Features of Niagara Launcher

Here are all the amazing features of the application

Great User Interface

Here is an outstanding feature that the Niagara launcher offers. Niagara launcher has a well-detailed and straightforward designed app. Anyone can set up and use the app. The widget, templates and other design layouts are well organized for the app. This app has an excellent user interface.

niagara launcher 2021

Personalization/ Customization Option

Niagara launcher helps users personalize or customize their home screen, making your phone unique and elegant. The app offers a professional and impressive game interface that makes you navigate the app and stand out with its use on your phone.

Enjoy The Ergonomic Efficiency

The app is aesthetically nice. This app allows you to access everything with just a single touch, no matter how big or small your phone is. The ergonomic feature removes the rigid layout of other phone launchers

Enjoy Great User Experience

Here is one of the essential features of the Niagara launcher. The app is highly flexible, and it has a fast speed response providing users with easy work to do.

niagara launcher

Additional Features

  • In-built media widgets
  • Elements rigid layout
  • High-speed application
  • Change phone layout with no stress


Niagara launcher is a beautiful and easy-to-use app. On the Niagara launcher pro, it is recommended that you subscribe so you will get the best of these features. Download the latest version (2022) of the application and explore this launcher. The application makes your phone bright, clean, beautiful, personal, and fully customized to your preference.


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