Smart Launcher 6
Smart Launcher 6
Size: 20.50 MB
Version: 6.4 build 017
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Download Smart Launcher 6 APK, an excellent launcher app with great features. Change your device’s look with this personalized launcher app for a better visual experience.

Name Smart Launcher 6
Version 6.4 build 017
Updated Mar 19, 2024
Category Personalization
Google Play Link ginlemon.flowerfree

Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher 6 is a mobile app that offers smart auto features and great customizations on your mobile devices. The app bears many interesting features that allow potential users to personalize their smartphones. Get motivated by new colors and enjoy a better on-screen experience when you download this awesome launcher.

In-Depth Description of Smart Launcher 6

Smart launcher 6 is a free-to-install mobile app released in July and developed by Smart Launcher Team. Smart Launcher 6 is an app that extends and enhances the features of your Android devices. The app improves your device’s outlook by giving it a new home screen that is faster and easier to use.

smart launcher 6 pro apk free download

Smart Launcher 6 pro allows potential users to personalize their mobile devices and helps them improve on-screen experiences. The Smart Launcher 6 pro app will enable you to change various things on your devices, and you mustn’t succumb to an existing template. Layout, theme, app folders, wallpaper, and widgets can be adjusted to suit your preference.

This app is a powerful launcher that works smoothly and effectively. It gives your device a magical look as it comes with automation features. Smart Launcher 6 is very different from the common launcher apps that exist. Everything on the app is solid and unique, unlike other launcher applications. One of the best parts of Smart Launcher Pro 2022 is that it takes up little space and does not drain the battery. The app never slows down devices and can be used for low- and mid-range devices.

Features of Smart Launcher 6

Here are the amazing features of Smart launcher 6 pro:

One-handed Screen

Enjoy using an application conveniently with one hand. This application was designed to comfort users; so you can easily interact with your screen. With one hand, you can locate the bottom part of your screen for on-screen icons. You can change this feature in the settings to suit your needs.

smart launcher 6 pro apk

Ambient Themes

The Smart Launcher 6 pro allows users to enjoy beautiful themes by exploring with certain colors for different themes. You can change the theme colors of your launcher at any time to match your wallpaper and allow for visual impressions you might like. Open your mind to the world of colors and explore your heart’s content.

Excellent Icons

Download Smart Launcher 6 to get access to adaptive icons. The icon format brought in Android 8.0 Oreo, which is available and supported by any Android device. The shape of Smart Launcher 6 adaptive icons can be customized to be bigger and better.

App Sorting

After downloading the Smart Launcher 6 pro latest version, your mobile apps will be sorted into categories automatically. This saves you the time of sorting and organizing the icons! Automatic app sorting is not common in app launchers, and Smart Launcher 6 is proud to have this feature.

smart launcher 6 pro


Smart launcher 6 pro is a completely customizable app that can be personalized to suit your visual needs. Every theme color can be modified, unlocking unending possibilities of color combination. Your home screen fonts can be changed by choosing from the unlimited amount of fonts on Goggle Fonts.

On-Screen Notifications

Without downloading an external plugin, Smart Launcher will show you what apps have active notifications. This is a feature that is very reliable and stable.

Smart Search

Download smart launcher 6 pro to access the search bar that allows users to find contacts and apps. This search bar feature also performs actions like searching on the web, calculating, or adding a contact.

smart launcher 6 apk

Beautiful Wallpaper

On Smart Launcher 6 pro, there are varieties of wallpaper pickers. The wallpaper picker is very efficient, allowing you to choose between various sources of pictures. Before trying a new wallpaper, you can back up the one you have so you can always refer to it. Choose any wallpaper that matches your preference and style.

Protect Apps

Smart Launcher 6 premium allows you to hide apps whenever and keep them a secret from prying eyes. These apps can be protected with a PIN; use a combination you can always remember.

Efficient and Fast Search Engine

Smart Launcher 6 update has a powerful search engine where you can search for anything with a few taps. All you need to do is type the keywords, and every related result will come out. Search for anything on your device by phone number, website information, file name, personal account, and so on.

smart launcher 6 pro unlocked apk

Whenever you open the search bar, a suggested list of your most frequently used apps will pop up. Smart Launcher 6 search speed is high, and its coverage is deeper and wider than you know.

Final Thoughts

Download the free Smart Launcher 6 pro for a great visual experience with your devices. The app works perfectly with Android devices, and its personalization is great. Learn how to update Smart Launcher 6 and how to use Smart Launcher 6. There hasn’t been a complaint about Smart Launcher 6 not working, so this is the launcher every android user should get.

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Download Smart Launcher 6 APK, an excellent launcher app with great features. Change your device’s look with this personalized launcher app for a better visual experience.


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