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Download Twilight APK if you find it difficult to sleep due to your phone light. This app reduces users' exposure to blue light, thereby enhancing their sleep.

Name Twilight
Version 14.0
Updated Jun 16, 2024
Category Health & Fitness
Google Play Link com.urbandroid.lux

Twilight Pro

Twilight Pro is an excellent application that reduces blue-light filters, hence helping users get a night of better sleep. The app majorly helps reduce blue light filters from their mobile devices.

We will all agree that blue light from devices harms the eyes. You might have come across articles or blog posts warning the masses against the harmful effects of blue light on mobile devices. Many articles in the world talk about accidents caused to the eyes after using mobile devices for a long time.

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The significant disturbance that is often seen is the lack of sleep. It causes more sleep disturbance. Using or being on your mobile phone for a long time before bed can make it hard for you to fall asleep as it makes you have a restless mind than usual. Aside from that, blue light makes your mood abnormal and gets you too excited, depressed, and hyperactive, especially for children and teenagers.

Studies have shown an average person who reads books or a tablet on a smartphone for a few hours before their bedtime tends to have difficulty sleeping like an hour more than usual. This is due to the light receptors in the eyes called Melanopsin. The receptor is a sensitive narrow band of blue light in the 460 - 480nm range, which blocks melatonin production.

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Finally, blue light exposure can disrupt sleep and its natural Circadian rhythm, making people unable to sleep. This is quite alarming; however, we all cannot do without our mobile devices; hence we need something to help block the blue lights. This has led to the development of Twilight Pro.

Twilight Pro Description

Twilight Pro is a very useful application for everyone to help sleep better. The application is a blue light filter app that is extremely useful in preventing the eyes from getting affected by light when it is used for a long time.

Urbandriod(Petr N'leoka) developed and published the twilight pro app. The app has gotten over 100 thousand downloads. This is awesome and thrilling.

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The app is majorly aimed at people who suffer insomnia due to the blue light filter of their mobile device. Based on the theory that exposure to blue light before bed can disturb sleep or cause sleep problems, the app was developed.

Twilight Pro will help users get their mobile devices off to protect their eyes from the blue Ray. The twilight pro filter outs the blue light Ray emitted by your phone devices or tablet after sunset hence protecting your eyes with a soft, pleasant red filter. The filter intensity is adjusted according to the solar cycle based on sunset and sunrise times.

The app has been effective for years as it has over 100 thousand downloads, which is quite impressive. Twilight helps reduce light emissions from the phone with more even light distribution. So you will have more time using your mobile devices without your eyes getting overwhelmed by blue light Ray.

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Twilight Pro makes it comfortable to read at night without causing obstructions. It will reduce the screen back-light lower than the light adjustment feature on your mobile device.

Users will have fun working with different profile options in the game, which will let you save your phone settings for various purposes in the Twilight Pro blue light filter. Twilight Pro app makes your eyes less tired while staying up late on your mobile device.

You can sleep easily even when you use your mobile device, as the Twilight app will protect your eyes from the blue light ray; hence no damage is caused. Twilight Pro has accessible and lots of featured tools that disables blue light on your device while enabling a healthy night's sleep. Feel free to explore this app without any troubles or complicated issues.

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In addition to the app's many features, Twilight Pro ensures the intrusive period and hence limits the intensity of harmful light for the eye and increases sleep quality.

Features of Twilight Pro

Here are all the exciting features the app offers;

Well Detailed Adjustment

Users of the game will enjoy working with the well-detailed tools for adjusting lighting on the display of their mobile device; with the app, you can choose to change the color temperature. This increases or decreases the number of night lights on your phone's display.

Aside from that, you can make use of intensity settings, make the nightlight better or darker and enable the screen dim option to eliminate colors from the phone's screen, making them more effective.

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Twilight Pro blue light will allow users to make several adjustments depending on their settings preferences.

Enable Auto Schedule on Different Locations

With the availability of this feature in twilight pro, users can choose their location on the map, which will enable them to select the time of the day to which they want to allow the different lighting options for sunrise and sunset. Also, users can customize time on their devices with personal preference.

Connect to Smart Lighting Devices

This feature is incorporated for those interested in using smart lighting devices in their home. With the feature, the app will work effectively, allowing you to change your lighting preferences.

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Additional Features

  • Setting Preference
  • Great User Interface
  • Create Different Profiles
  • Use On-screen Widget
  • Access to the App Wishlist


Twilight Pro is an excellent and helpful app for anyone with insomnia or to protect his eyes from the effect of blue lights. Download the latest game version and help your eyes heal from damage.

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Download Twilight APK if you find it difficult to sleep due to your phone light. This app reduces users' exposure to blue light, thereby enhancing their sleep.


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