Strava Premium
Strava Premium
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Download Strava Premium APK to track and log your workouts, and evaluate your fitness level. Then map and collate your health development using the data collected.

Name Strava Premium
Version 363.10
Updated Jun 12, 2024
Category Health & Fitness
Developer Strava Inc.
Google Play Link com.strava

Strava Premium

There are different ways to exercise. However, in this delicate period of the epidemic, highly autonomous activities like swimming, strolling and riding a bike become appropriate. All topics share the same traits, including the ability to be exercised at any time, suitability for people of all ages and genders, lack of need for elaborate apparatus or specialized exercise aides, and the absence of interpersonal interaction.

But exercising good self and self-motivation is one of these self-major exercise challenges. Things wouldn't be tough if someone coached you to work out or encouraged you to do so. But in this case, you are on your own. To use an app that focuses on this field, I believe, is the best and most practical option right now.

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With the software Strava, you can map out a precise plan, keep track of your favorite workouts, and view training levels. Through it, the participant learns the daily, weekly, and monthly effectiveness of each sport. This increases their incentive to succeed. These are all executed admirably on a mobile device.

Description of Strava Premium

Jogging, biking, and other outdoor physical exercises may all be tracked with the Strava app, which was created for athletes.

The basic goal of Strava is to keep a log of all of your workouts. It retains all the information from your outings, including the calories you expended, regular pace, and area covered. Your memory, which you can share with other subscribers, contains all this information.

In fact, the social component of Strava is one of its most intriguing features. With the app's vast community, you can really get into some friendly rivalry in addition to simply sharing your travels. Strava will hold a challenge in your location, and you can contest with other subscribers to win.

strava premium

Along with this social component, which also helps to motivate users, Strava also includes achievements, which provides an extra incentive for individuals who like to brag about their accolades to other users.

For people who frequently go bicycling or jogging, Strava is an excellent fitness software because it not only allows you to keep a detailed log of your tasks but allows you to share them with other users.

Features of Strava Premium

Monitors the development of exercise

Swimming activities are rigorously documented by jogging, biking, and the app, and development over time is compared to your earlier outcomes. Gamers may monitor their workout performance and identify their calorie expenditure with the Strava tracker. Offer them a wide range of beneficial features that will help them to grasp what they are doing.

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Makes individuals more intimate

This program assists you in documenting the entire procedure so you can review your recordings after each workout. Submit your results, and receive supportive comments from your followers and friends. Others can share with the public their riding plans and wellness objectives. Engage wholeheartedly in track events regularly held to improve the neighborhood and generate money to help plant trees or support underprivileged kids.

Set obstacles

The current ideas have been proposed by players, who can alter them to better fit their needs. Use monitoring methods and make sure your objectives are clear. Always push yourself to make an effort to work out and enhance your health. The Strava tracker aids athletes as they maintain and work to improve their health.

Coaching and training

Train yourself in the three user-friendly activities of biking, jogging, and swimming. Your abilities gradually improve thanks to Strava. Make smart planning through the control process to boost operational effectiveness. As you go along, the mile counter acts as your personal trainer.

strava premium 2022

Different types of fitness that are not as monotonous as regular physical activity are available to users. The Strava tracker provides fresh, entertaining ways to work out that are both efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, you are aware of your running distance and post-workout calorie burn. The user will be greatly motivated and become more enthusiastic about working out. These exercise routines assist you in decompressing and studying after long, stressful workdays.

Keep a route and time log.

You can quickly track your paths and durations with Strava Premium. With the app, you may log all your activities, including swimming, cycling, and running. Your phone's current built-in GPS is how it operates.

The application will then log your paths and allow you to view all of your today's paths that have been recorded. Then, you'll be able to determine whether your performance today was poor or excellent. You may then immediately examine your results using the app.

A route planner

You can quickly plot your journeys using this software. This will enable you to evaluate and monitor your development. The distance you've covered and the time it took to finish your run can then be calculated.

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Exercise wisely

With this tracker from Strava, it will be simpler for you to practice more intelligently. Bear the following tips as you use this app to intensify your training sessions. You can use the tool to track, log, and analyze your training routes. Recording route, pace, cycling, or even cals expended is included. You may use the app to map out your route for biking, swimming, or jogging using the greatest system of paths in the world. Additionally, you can test yourself by selecting one or more of the tasks provided by the program and beginning to practice. Your motivation to practice will increase thanks to the monthly trials. You can also contest against others, which encourages engagement and prevents boredom or discouragement during exercise.


Congratulations! You've found the right place if you are searching for a platform to track your riding, biking, or swimming workout progress. By including different features that can track your progress, Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming improves the fun and effectiveness of your activities. Set your own objectives and join the thousands of people using the app to help them succeed.

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Download Strava Premium APK to track and log your workouts, and evaluate your fitness level. Then map and collate your health development using the data collected.


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