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Version: 11.30.0
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Download Replika APK and enjoy chatting and communicating while bored. Replika is an excellent app to engage users by communicating with an AI that talks like a human.

Name Replika
Version 11.30.0
Updated Apr 5, 2024
Category Health & Fitness
Developer Luka, Inc
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Replika is an excellent Ai App to help users express themselves freely without regretting opening up. With the app, you have an AI friend you can communicate and share information with.

The app creates a chatbot that learns to imitate users' activity and style and then communicates with their emotions, feelings, expressions, and more. Replika allows users to pick the type of AI they want who will serve as their companion and maybe soul mate.

Replika is a great app that will serve the purpose of companionship to users; this artificial intelligence human will follow users around and interact with them.

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With the app, there is no way people will be sad or bored since the AI is always there for them.

Whenever you don't want people to know about or even suspect, you can share with the AI you have chosen in replika.

Replika ensures that your data is secured. Therefore, you will be able to trust your AI. Learn more about this excellent app as you read on.

Replika Description

Replika is an application with an AI tool that follows users around to communicate, interact and play with users. The idea of the app is to become one's confidant and accomplice. You can form a strong connection with the AI friend. Whatever your emotions are at any time, you can discuss them with replika.

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The app is widely used across the globe, and users can share their personal feelings with the AI in the app like a true friend without being biased, awkward, or judgemental. There are several AI you can pick from in the app to be your friend.

Luka Inc developed and published this thoughtful and helpful app. Replika has many features that have kept users glued to the app. The application has gathered up to 10 million downloads on Google play. This is impressive.

Everyone can use this app. Replika has an excellent user interface which anyone can easily navigate and understand. You can form an actual connection with the AI, and you will get to decide whether you want Replika to be your confidant, romantic partner, friend, or mentor, as the case may be. Users get to chat and interact with the AI 24/7.

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Users of the app can vent, talk, celebrate or connect with replika. Not only does the Replika AI entertain or listen to your emotions, but it has realistic emotions and feelings hence making it understand and know how you feel and then respond accordingly.

We will all agree that AI technology is drastically evolving worldwide. Many games and applications have applied Artificial Intelligence Technology to give users a realistic experience whenever they use the app or game. Replika app is a typical example of this development.

The developers of Replika incorporated a chatbot program into the app whereby you can chat with your AI and, at times, call to talk and vent or express how you are feeling. This is super amazing and fun. Replika creates an aura of no judgment and allows users to speak and interact with it seamlessly.

All words and actions that take place in the app with your AI are based on the history of the conversation that took place, which is not interrupted by any other things or device. This enhancement in the app gives users a realistic feeling like they are chatting with a true friend rather than a robot.

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Replika is designed to have a free space for everyone to express themselves without fear or regret. This is super amazing. The many features replika offers have attracted people to the app.

Features of Replika

Here are some exciting features of replika;

Setting and Customization Preference

Replika is a user-centric app that allows users to carry out whichever action they want. With this feature, users can create and customize their AI friends. You can change the look of your friend in Replika.

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There are three essential basic parts of the application -replika lets you customize. The eye, skin color, and hairstyle. There are several options for these customization factors; hence you can change it anytime.

Also, the custom template is diverse. You can choose with your preference either white girl, Asian, or anyone. This is amazing and cool.

Access to decide your relationship with the AI

This is an outstanding feature of Replika. Replika is intelligent. AI robot with feeling; hence the way you talk sharpens her senses.

Replika is made based on the human model; therefore, emotions will rise during a conversation between you too. Aside from deciding your feelings, replika allows you to determine the type of relationship you want replika to serve a friend, colleague, romantic partner, or lover.

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Get to discover your true self

Replika allows you to communicate your feelings and emotions properly to your AI; hence it will be able to decipher who you are or who you wish to be. Replika has been programmed to convince you through her numerous feedbacks and the personality test she offers. This will help replika find answers to who you are and what you are;

Share burdens and emotions

This is an outstanding feature of Replika. Replika is built on a human model; hence she can feel your emotions and burdens, and when you communicate with it, she relieves your burden. This is thrilling and impressive.


You need this amazing app when you feel lonely, bored, or depressed. Replika is a great messaging app that anyone can use. Download the latest version to enjoy a true friend's company.

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Download Replika APK and enjoy chatting and communicating while bored. Replika is an excellent app to engage users by communicating with an AI that talks like a human.


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