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Download Headspace APK and have the whole experience to help you meditate and sleep soundly. In addition, Headspace offers different audios to help correct sleeping habits and aid relaxation.

Name Headspace
Version 4.207.0
Updated Jun 11, 2024
Category Health & Fitness
Google Play Link com.getsomeheadspace.android

About Headspace

Your resource for incorporating meditation into daily life is Headspace. To stay more focused and refreshed, discover how and when to unwind, handle stress, and redirect your energies. Use Headspace to create a peaceful and uplifting environment.

With fresh products continually generated, the media collection contains hundreds of meditations in Series, chapters, sessions, and episodes programs.

Series: Thematic products of over ten sessions make up a series, which includes subjects like performance, relationships, and health.

Episodes: Episodes are "systematic exercises" that can be utilized on their own to focus on a particular subject such as commuting, fear of heights, sleeping, eating, or walking. 

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Beginner meditators and others unfamiliar with the idea of meditation, especially youngsters, are the target audience for the Headspace system's introduction. However, Headspace is open to all users due to its symbolic nature, particularly those serious about beginning a new routine or restarting an existing one.

In addition, the numerous innovative meditation sessions and valuable content, such as meditation in everyday practices, might be helpful to experienced users such as balance, happiness and creativity. For people who are suffering from a significant mental disorder, Headspace is not meant to be a replacement for professional counselling. However, people looking to enhance their life satisfaction and manage better with everyday tasks may find it helpful.

Headspace's Amazing Features

Today Tab

The Today tab provides a playlist of featured and preferred audios that you may find enjoyable all day long. Today's and Wake Up Meditation, two of Headspace's most popular courses, are listed under the Today's tab.

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The everyday Wake Up meditation focuses on five essential aspects of leading a mindful life: sleeping, playing, eating and meditation. It is meant to assist users in starting the morning with a thoughtful attitude by encouraging them to make intelligent daily choices. In addition, it offers a few minutes of chapters of unique audio updated daily and intended to support a user's meditation routine.

The Meditate Tab

The Meditate Tab provides a thorough reference to meditation classes and episodes conducted by various instructors.

The Sleep Tab

The Sleep Tab has many choices to aid in relaxing for the evening, improving sleep quality, and making positive sleeping patterns. The Sleep casts, of which there are numerous to select from, are indeed a user preference. Sleep casts are sound programs created to foster restful, healthful sleep. Each one takes you to a uniquely peaceful setting where you can fall asleep, adding a slightly pleasantly feeling to your nighttime ritual.

Move Tab

Move Tab is a body and mind exercise program overseen by professional instructors. Users can use the Move tab to assist them in developing their bodies and minds simultaneously. Headspace aims to alter societal behaviour around physical training by educating them on the conscious foundations of purpose, timing, breathing, form, and healing by fusing the intellectual and physical.

Focus Tab

Either at work, while researching, or whenever a quick reboot is needed, the Focus tab is where you can go to recover your breath, slip into a productive mode, and gather your thoughts.

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With concentration-enhancing music, quick deep breathing, and meditations to assist you in achieving a less interrupted, more effective headspace, you can go from hazy to focus in a matter of seconds.

Search Function

With the new search function, you may find information more quickly by theme or feeling. Consider it a meditation greatly simplified. To locate your preferred lessons, methods, motions, and any other information you could be searching for, go to the Application's explore page.

Headspace Pro

Headspace Pro is a less-structured curriculum for facing obstacles and developing one's guided meditation technique.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is the app Headspace free?

Trial periods and a few restricted essential services are available in Headspace. 

  • Is there a premium version of Headspace?

Yes, you can get Headspace premium with a free seven-day trial for $12.99 each month if you require complete access. There is also an option of a yearly subscription of $69.99, which helps you save; this gives 14 days of a free trial.

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  • How often should Headspace be used?

There is no getting past the fact that developing a regular practice can assist in maximizing the advantages of meditation. According to a study, recurrence is more significant than time; thus, meditating for at least 10-15 minutes per day is better for you than for an hour or more on a single day per week.

  • Does Spotify offer free Headspace?

With Spotify Premium, Headspace is available for users. Limitless tunes and a meditation application help to relieve stress.

  • Is it possible to use Headspace without an internet connection?

Yes, you can use the mobile app to play the Headspace meditation chapters while offline.

How can sessions be downloaded offline?

  • Follow these steps to know how to download chapters/sessions for offline use:
  • Launch Headspace on your phone or tablet.
  • At the highest point on the screen, click the magnifier lens symbol.
  • Locate and select the song or lesson you choose to download.
headspace unlocked apk
  • To begin the download, click the Download button on that tab.
  • After it has finished downloading, it will be accessible offline.
  • A red icon will appear at the lower part of your Home screen if you want to access material offline. 
  • You can access the material by tapping it.


Nothing is more impressive than restful sleep and relaxation, and The Headspace app has been tried and true in that regard, according to several studies that have been done on it and shown its efficacy.

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Download Headspace APK and have the whole experience to help you meditate and sleep soundly. In addition, Headspace offers different audios to help correct sleeping habits and aid relaxation.


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