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Stellarium Plus
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Version: 1.12.7
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Download Stellarium Plus APK software on your mobile device for 100% accurate data and images on astronomy and space from the night sky anywhere at any time.

Name Stellarium Plus
Version 1.12.7
Updated Jun 6, 2024
Category Education
Developer Stellarium Labs

Stellarium Plus

Stellarium plus is an astronomy software designed to assist astrology enthusiasts and lovers of the night sky with crucial and well-detailed information about the solar system, and beyond from the direction their device is pointing to the night sky.

The Stellarium mobile plus software is designed to act as a form of advanced digital mobile telescope. Its sole purpose is to be an educational source for students of astrology and practicing astrologers who would like to have fast, credible information at their fingertips.

stellarium plus apk

With hundreds of constellations and star patterns, including the famous Orion star formation, being made readily available, users of the Stellarium plus software are assured of becoming more adept at identifying these star patterns, their appearances, and the ancient art of navigating with three stars as early sailors did when at sea.

This premium software is not just limited to the user's location. They can also view the night sky from any area of their choice. It is even better with the option to view the predicted night sky of any place before noon.


Developed and Published by Stellarium labs on the 18th of March 2019, the Stellarium mobile plus download request has since become common in online platforms that offer users astronomy software tools and services.

stellarium mobile plus apk

With an impressive record of more than 50,000 downloads for a premium software that is a bit on the expensive side, the fame of the Stellarium plus software has since soared to even higher levels, with its most recent update being the Stellarium plus latest version 1.9.3 launched on the 23rd of June 2022 to combat errors detected by users in previous versions.

Stellarium mobile plus is remarkably easy to use even for a 3-year-old, which promotes it as one of the top software in astronomy, education, and science. It is readily available on multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. 


Premium tool software like Stellarium mobile plus is often highly sought after for free with keyword search like "Stellarium plus free download," which the requester often hopes would turn into an official free version. The software is justified at its current price considering the sheer amount of highly accurate service it provides its users.

stellarium plus apk 2022

Users are able to view the vast patterns and nature of the star systems, planets far and near, the moon, constellations, and even artificial satellites like the International Space Station(ISS),with ease. The software solidifies its value by offering 3D rendering services of distance bodies for the user's view and research.

A lot of the services rendered are activated and made available when the user faces their phone camera to the wide night sky in any direction. After that, they can choose what they like to know in that desired direction, stars, constellations, planets, comets, and whatever is in that position at that time.

It only takes a few seconds for the system to completely analyze and present the user with a wide variety of options to choose from and be educated on. The process is relatively straightforward. Hence, the user age rating is as low as 3years.

stellarium plus apk free download

With a little guide or tutorial to show the user how to carry out several software functions successfully, you are bound to know even more about the beautiful night sky that ends or begins your day.

Features of Stellarium plus the latest version

  • High accuracy: With a wide cache of information from reports and samples from extensive space research teams, records, and the International Space Station(ISS), all the information is presented to a user's screen after evaluating the high sky in the direction of the device.
  • Wide collection of astronomical and celestial bodies to be seen: There are no limits to the amount of information the user can get on the many events and bodies in our known star stem. From comets to stars to supernovas, bodies of gases or other elements freely floating, asteroids and debris, and many other
  • View the Constellations: Study the night sky of your loved ones in another location or aid your research. It amuses you with live sky images in any location you desire. This feature is limited to just the present but also the past and predicted night sky of the days to come (like the weather forecast).
  • Track satellites: Have fun watching satellites orbiting the earth, observing the moon in a high 3D system, and the International Space Station(ISS) as they orbit the world.
stellarium plus apk download
  • Simulation: Run simulations of the landscape and atmosphere of the earth and other known planets in our solar system. Set realistic sunrise, sunset, and atmosphere based on the natural conditions of the planetary body.
  • 3D Rendering: a 3D view of the solar system, planets, and satellites, along with a lot of other space phenomena.
  • Zoom: Zoom into the night sky on your phone with no limitations. Discover what out-of-earth body you are currently facing via your phone and marvel at the wonders of the Cosmos.
  • Offline ability: Certain functions can still be enjoyed with Stellarium plus 2022 as the system has some inbuilt offline functions
  • Research: Aids in assisting the user in performing proper research by displaying verified information and live images when necessary.
  • Remote: Control the telescope in the software remotely with a Bluetooth or WIFI connectivity with another device.


For eons, man has looked at the sky with wonder and awe, wondering if and how possible it would be for him to touch and unravel its many mysteries. With the progress of science and technology, man has seen that dream come true a bit.

With more knowledge in space and astrology being discovered every day, astrology enthusiasts must be given a chance to know more about the earth and the solar system in a simplified approach. That is the sole aim Stellarium plus seeks and guns at.

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Download Stellarium Plus APK software on your mobile device for 100% accurate data and images on astronomy and space from the night sky anywhere at any time.


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