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Download and install Memrise APK to be able to learn the major foreign languages of the world. This app offers a lot of incredible features to make learning seamless.

Name Memrise
Version 2024.07.09.0
Updated Jul 16, 2024
Category Education
Developer Memrise

Description of Memrise

Memrise is an incredible app that gives you an awesome language-learning experience. If you are interested in learning foreign languages, Memrise should be a great app. It has some excellent lessons with enough features to help you grasp the modern language you can practice. Also, this app motivates learners, encouraging them to go from one lesson to another. Therefore, with Memrise, you will hardly skip any lesson.

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With this app, you can learn foreign languages seamlessly, from basic to advanced levels. It has well-designed courses that will give you access to different language skills. In addition, several exercises will allow you to practice the knowledge you have gained from the course. If you are interested in learning a new language, you should consider Memrise.

Four Language Skills

Nowadays, it is great to speak and understand foreign languages. Due to international relations, foreign language speakers are in hot demand worldwide. That is why several foreign language learning apps are out there, which is pretty understandable. However, finding an app that effectively teaches you these languages that meet up with the four major skills of a language (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) is pretty hard. At the moment, no app can surpass Memrise when it comes to teaching people new languages.

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Of all four skills that make up the full understanding of a language, it appears that Reading and Writing are the two most easily accessible among all foreign language learning apps. Unfortunately, this is often a challenge that learners of foreign languages usually encounter. For example, when you believe that you have fully understood the principles guiding a certain language, and then you cannot understand any word from local people, there is a doubt concerning everything that you have learnt. Or a situation where you say something that no one can understand. But suppose you are not interested in verbal communication. In that case, you can limit yourself to reading and writing texts alone – it’s just that you may experience severe difficulty in practical communication, one of the minimum requirements for a foreign language when searching for a job.

To prevent this half-baked learning, Memrise has provided several features to help rearrange everything in a well-grounded, systematic, and thorough way.

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Actively Learn Foreign Languages

Memrise offers a foreign language learning experience that is pretty enjoyable, which can motivate you to engage in self-study skills and monitor your progress. The interface of Memrise is a pretty straightforward one where you can reach and begin a lesson immediately. Also, one of the factors this app provides is that you won’t feel bored while you are learning. Specifically, Memrise usually revolves around language skills that you can matter at a given time. In addition, audio and video files for the convenience of users can focus on learning and assist in helping users feel more attracted to some aspect of learning that usually scares many people away, especially those who do not even understand the language anymore at a certain level of study. In other words, you can easily understand and regain the knowledge of the language you are learning.

Language Learning Programme with Several Lessons

This app will find a list of several languages you can learn. All you have to do is pick a language you are interested in learning and then get started. You must take time to complete all the lessons provided by the app if you want to improve in that language. Also, many aspects of the lesson will pique your curiosity, and each of the lessons will help you achieve a specific skill.

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The Language Training and System of Lessons in Memrise

The lectures in this app are divided into some topics and sub-topics. Each lesson reflects various types of homework such as pronunciation, sentence structure, vocabulary, reading, and analysis of right and wrong. This process results in the enrichment, uniformity, and synchronisation of all four skills. When you have finished a lesson and passed the skills test, you will get an increase in your in-app ranking. This feeling will motivate you for long-term study and attachment to the app.

There are various games in this app that you can play even to learn the lesson. You have to play them to remember the rules, remember to learn, and also learn to play. Generally, these games are classified following the different levels and topics that are perfect for each person, such as multi-topic games, new word games, listening games, vocabulary games, and so on.

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Learn Skills Fully following a Certain Process

As soon as you have chosen a particular language, several lessons appear before you. These levels will range from the basic to the advanced and assist you in gaining essential knowledge. The knowledge can be a vocabulary session and assist you in pronouncing essential grammar and words that will help you speak some basic sentences with perfect accuracy. This is also effective for people interested in starting over a language they have learnt before.

The Languages

At the moment, Memrise has over 100 languages, and there are still plans to provide even more languages in the future. There are only 22 languages in the free online version. These 22 languages include the following:

  • Yoruba
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Turkey
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  • Italian
  • Slovenian
  • Russian
  • Icelandic
  • Poland
  • German
  • French
  • Portugal (Brazil)
  • Portugal (Portugal)
  • English
  • Netherlands
  • Norwegian
  • Mongolia
  • Denmark
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  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese

Last Words

Certainly, most language apps have their disadvantages. With Memrise, however, there is no interaction between the internal community, and there is no feature to remind users for language practice. In addition, reading skills are not intensive enough. But all in all, Memrise is a great app that offers incredible features for the free version. As a result, this app is a wonderful choice for learning a foreign language.

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Download and install Memrise APK to be able to learn the major foreign languages of the world. This app offers a lot of incredible features to make learning seamless.


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