Nova Launcher Prime
Nova Launcher Prime
Size: 71 BYTES
Version: 2023
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Download Nova Launcher Prime APK for a fast and responsive device. Nova Prime offers powerful features and a customizable UI that meets your demands.

Name Nova Launcher Prime
Version 2023
Updated Sep 6, 2023
Category Personalization
Developer TeslaCoil Software

What Is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Prime should top your list of exciting launchers if you're a fan of powerful app launchers. It's one of the best android launchers with excellent features and is customizable for every user. The app takes control from the developers and allows users to get creative with their Menu and main screen. Furthermore, you can do more than just access apps with this launcher since all your widgets, icons, apps, and others are entirely in your control.

The launcher is tagged as a modern piece of work with polished themes free for everyone. Although there are a few restrictions if you aren't using the Premium License, you'll still get a superb experience using this launcher on your android device. The app replaces your home screen with smoking hot features that make you realize there's more to a launcher.

nova launcher prime apk

The app is free to install, has no restrictions, and does disturb you with Ads while you use it. You simply make a little investment to access some features not available in the freemium version. Some exciting features include the app gestures that allow you to get anywhere on your device as fast as possible. It also has a fast approach to accessing essential apps. There are loads of other features you'll enjoy when you opt for Nova Launcher Prime, as you'll soon see in the latter part of this guide.

Why Use Nova Launcher Prime?

  • Super fast and responsive icons that don't reduce loading time
  • Eases user's navigations with the gesture and responsive designs
  • Allows users to use Customizable UI to suit their appearances, settings, and arrangements of the launcher.
  • Tracks your behavior, optimizes the layout to match your style, and recommends your Frequently/Most Used apps.
  • You can also customize the app drawer to fit your screen size and split your app drawer into four tabs to avoid clutters.
  • Increase the range of your searches and shortcut navigations with sesame shortcuts that allow you to jump from one task to another with simple shortcuts.
nova launcher prime mod apk
  • It supports the night mode feature that works for the notification bar and the whole launcher.
  • It also lets you keep your icons and widgets in place to avoid mistakenly pressing the screen.

Other Benefits of Using Nova Prime

  • Ease of organization
  • Creates app categories
  • Supports various user settings
  • Infinite home screen scroll
  • Google widget customizations
  • Adjustable background transparency
  • Hidden notification bars

Nova Prime Features

If you're tired of the monotonous features available on launchers, you've tried in the past or currently use. If you're interested in knowing what sets Nova Prime apart from all other options, here are some cool features that Nova Prime has up its sleeves:

nova launcher prime apk free download

Notification Badges

Instead of a static notification bar, you can catch a glimpse of your notifications, messages, or items with the notification badges. These features are customizable to suit your taste, so you can change how the badges or dots appear when you receive a notification.

Customizable UI

With the Nova Launcher Prime, you can do much to your home screen and Menu. It allows you to get creative with your desktop, make changes to your app drawer, dock, and even create extra folders to keep your apps organized. Nova Prime makes you realize your dream of a dynamic and beautiful screen.

Backup and Restore

nova launcher prime apk 2022

Unlike standard launchers, your settings and changes are lost every time you clear your phone or lose important files. You can save all your custom setups in the cloud and reload them anytime, even if your device is cleared or you change it.


With the Gestures feature, you can manage your actions using a few moves on the desktop. It's an excellent feature for users who prefer to navigate their device faster, so you can take specific actions by pinching, swiping, or two-finger swiping on the screen. Depending on your settings, these gestures greatly help you do basic things faster and conveniently.

Icon Themes

Predesigned icons are often beautiful and might suit your taste if you find a good theme. However, if you don't like the recommendations you're getting on Nova Prime, you can take matters into your hands and customize the icons to fit your preference. You don't have to stick with a specific theme but explore the settings to create unique designs.

Drawable Folders

nova launcher prime apk download

It's understandable if you have many apps, but it isn't delightful to scroll for long beforehand to find them. And if you don't always want to use a search bar, Nova Prime has got you covered. You can arrange your apps into folders with the Drawer Folders. That way, you can keep related apps in folders and easily access them anytime you open the folder.

Hide Apps

If you don't want anyone intruding on your privacy or accessing some apps, you can hide them from the public. One way is to use the Drawers as sections to keep your apps, or you can lock them and only allow access to them after inputting a password.

Frequent/Recent Apps

This feature is not usually added to regular launchers, but it's an add-on you get with Nova Launcher Prime. It identifies your behavior while at the Menu and recognizes apps you open more than the others. Therefore you'll have a section to highlight the frequently used apps. The feature optimizes the layout and also creates a more responsive menu.

nova launcher prime apk 2022 free download

Sesame Shortcuts

Sesame is a rare feature that allows you to access search and shortcuts on your device. This feature is available on Nova Launcher Prime and has a smooth integration, unlike those found on regular launchers. You can quickly jump from one app or screen to another, such as moving from your WhatsApp messenger to your music playlist without closing or opening it.


Nova Launcher Prime is arguably the most efficient launcher out there. It does everything an Android launcher expects while adding innovative and practical features that make your life easier. For example, if you want to use your device faster than usual, you can tweak some features on the app, and you'll be set to function at increased speed.

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Download Nova Launcher Prime APK for a fast and responsive device. Nova Prime offers powerful features and a customizable UI that meets your demands.


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