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Download and Install KWGT Pro APK to be able to create, edit, and customize widgets. This app contains many great features that will make using it an exciting adventure.

Name KWGT Pro
Version 3.62b223918
Updated Sep 1, 2022
Category Personalization
Developer Kustom Industries
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About KWGT Pro

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is an Android application that customizes your Android phone's lock screen and lockers. This app was developed and published by Kustom Industries. When you compare this app with your Android phone's default widgets, you will realize that KWGT Pro has a lot of functions – such as customizing the widgets displayed on your phone's screen. This indicates that you can prioritize putting the apps you like, or the ones you frequently use, on the home screen. When you unlock your phone, those apps are what you will first see. For example, you can leave Weather or Calendar on the home screen because you probably use them everything, and they are pretty useful to you. You can choose to put Stock applications instead – this will assist you to quickly getting information concerning the day's stocks.

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Widgets are important features that separate the Android operating system from other operating systems, such as Windows and iOS. Widgets allow you to go deep into your phone's operating system and customize your application icons, widgets, interfaces, and launchers.

Design You Own Widget

After going through the available widgets and you don't feel the ones in the gallery, KWGT Pro allows you to develop your widget using the various available tools. However, you should understand that designing a new widget is often more difficult than using the ones already provided in the Library. For example, you need to create 3D images yourself, create a drop effect, and edit your photos – or you can go for an available widget and edit that Widget to suit your style.

There are several tools in KWGT Kustom Widget Maker for you to do this. On the list of tools, the first is an item list that includes txt size, font editing tools, background, and border. You may also include FX effects, shortcuts, and layers to widgets with the necessary tools. The tools are easy to use; these tools only require drag-and-drop operations.

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Besides all those features, users can also share the widgets they designed with other people. KWGT Pro possesses features like social networks that allow you and other users to share their widgets' templates. If you desire a certain style, you can download that style and conveniently and easily apply it to your Android device.

Further Awesome Features of KWGT Pro

Make Use of the Widget Library

Perhaps you are not interested in spending much money trying to create and design widgets. Instead, you can take advantage of the available templates already provided in the app. These templates have expert touches and effectively make a new Android device out of yours.

kwgt pro apk 2022 free download

Widget icons and layouts have been properly created and arranged. You only have to select some items and drop them on specific screen areas. If you are interested in adding some new items or tweaking the old ones, you are free to do that too.

Data Display Set

There are several types of data that you can include in your Widget. Instances include traffic info, CPU meter, device battery life, weather, time, lines of text, and a lot more.

Few widget creation apps have the same features as KWGT Pro. The data display suite of the app is incredibly diverse, which is one feature most of the other apps have not been able to provide. Because of this, you can have a convenient and stylish phone screen that keeps you updated with all the necessary information about your phone, political and financial information, weather, and so on.

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Intuitive Touch Control

As you begin to use the app, KWGT Pro also provides zooper-like progress series and bar, which would make navigation smoother. In addition, you can use the hotspots and convenient touch actions on whichever object you have used the app to create. Therefore, it would be relatively easy for you to access customizations and make specific changes to the Widget.

Useful Customizing Materials

If you want to use the app quickly, some nice components and skins will help you make changes to your system. Be careful, however, because it is easy to interfere with your device's UI when you start digging into in-depth customization. You don't want to ruin your phone by designing what you don't entirely understand. The customization materials of the app are there for you to use in making changes to your phone's operating system.

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Reshape Your Widgets

Suppose you are interested in shaping the Widget and some elements of your phone into different other shapes with the use of KWGT Pro. For example, you can easily customize your oval clocks into a hexagon, triangles, rectangles, etc. In addition, you are free to change other widgets and their inner elements with special shapes as you dig deep into the incredible in-app customization.

Lovely Visual Effects

For Android users to use this app for the customization of their user interface, KWGT Pro also provides incredible visual effects you can have on your widgets. Begin by customizing color filters and tiling on the widget element, and then you can change the shadows and gradients. Finally, you can utilize the amazing layered customizations, including customizing your widget with the intuitive editing interface.

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What's More?

  • Support SD card import
  • Restore previous settings
  • Support development
  • No Ads


With incredible customizations and features, KWGT Pro is a great app. This app has proved to be up to the task of creating midgets, designing and customizing them. This is arguably the best widget app you can own on your devices, no matter the changes to your system UI. So do not hesitate to download and begin to create amazing things.

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Download and Install KWGT Pro APK to be able to create, edit, and customize widgets. This app contains many great features that will make using it an exciting adventure.


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