Banana Kong
Banana Kong
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Download Banana Kong APK, an action arcade game with a cartoonish outlook. Take the role of a fat monkey, have an endless run, and eat lots of bananas as you go.

Name Banana Kong
Updated Jun 19, 2024
Category Action

Banana Kong

Banana Kong is a mobile game offered by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG and launched in December 2013. The game takes players on a thrilling ride through treetops, jungles, and caves. Run from a banana-peel landslide and eat many bananas for an upgrade. Banana Kong is an endless, funny, time-killing, cute, and entertaining game.

Game Description

Kong is an adorably fat monkey. He was stumbling around one day hunting for bananas to eat when he heard a loud noise coming from behind him. He took a step back. A significant landslide was approaching from behind him. Our Kong is terrified since this mountain is made of banana peels and has the power to demolish anything. He, therefore, desperately sprinted as quickly as he could.

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When Kong is running, he remembers eating bananas to keep healthy, have enough energy to increase his strength, change his clothes, and pick up new tricks to overcome obstacles. Of course, there are many challenges on the way, like rivers, crocodiles, abysses, falling rain, and rocks.

Discover the entertaining and captivating gaming available whenever you have the time. It won't take more than ten seconds to start the game and play. Additionally, you'll find the gameplay and controls to be quite user-friendly.

Banana Kong Gameplay

Players will control a cute gorilla with difficulties managing his banana peels that grew too big faster than usual. Since he is ready to be swept away by the banana peels tsunami, he must deal with the repercussions. As you strive to avoid a crash while running through the forest, aid Kong.

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Every gamer would love to have this game on their mobile devices because it is the ideal mobile platformer. As a result, you'll find yourself addicted as you investigate the various intriguing means of transport little Kong uses while he explores the several maps in the Banana Kong game. Swing down perilous cliffs, breakthrough impassable interruptions, and take a ride on various luxurious creatures that you may encounter in the various areas you race through while you enjoy the smooth and exciting platformer action.

Features of Banana Kong

Check out the Banana Kong's features:

Intuitive Touch Controls

You can also use the straightforward touch controls, which are easy to master. Having said that, all you'll require is one thumb to finish the job. Tap the screen to see Kong leap across barriers. Glide the screen to make him advance. The wonderful and compelling platformer gameplay is available whenever you like. Furthermore, Banana Kong's clear gameplay and simple controls allow even beginners to start having fun right away.

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Travel With Kong in Style

The game also offers a range of fun ways for our little Kong to navigate. You can freely move throughout this area on your feet and swing across barriers by grabbing onto any nearby vines. Get on a boar, and you'll be traveling at top speed. Additionally, you can snag a toucan and have it pull your obese gorilla over the hurdles. Utilize the terrains and accessible means of transportation to navigate the obstacles successfully.

Experience Multiple Challenges

Banana Kong will also take you to the wide universe, which has numerous fascinating maps, as you embark on your epic Banana Kong adventures. In the game, you can engage in epic tasks and traverse various landscapes. With your small companion swimming in the water, sprinting in the jungles, or swinging from perilous cliffs, you can explore the limitless universe of Banana Kong. Banana Kong is a place where anything is possible.

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Eat Bananas For Bonus and Upgrade

Players of the free version of download Banana Kong get to enjoy the sweet fruit while evading the oncoming wave of banana peels trying to ensnare them. Also, don't overlook returning your banana peels like a boss. Of course, as you collect bananas, you'll also score more points and unlock more banana abilities. Release your power and get through any obstacles in your path.

Awesome Graphics and Sounds

Although not very diversified, the music is very addictive. You will always be reminded to "don't simply worry about eating bananas; immediately behind you, the mound of banana peels it is about to overflow," thanks to the rhythm's flexible and reasonable rhythmic alterations.

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Baby Kong is adorable and plump. His tummy is quite large, and he moves in a really smooth and adorable manner. The green forest environment is very sensitive, straightforward, and green, be it on land, in a river, or the air. The background features are logically ordered and perfect, and the color scheme is clever. If you haven't played Banana Kong, simply have a look at it; you'll realize that it makes a lot of sense. It's similar to going back in time to when you were a child and playing a game.


Most games with endless runners are easy to play, and you can even control the character while you're asleep. Simply tap to jump over obstacles, hold to soar through the air, then glide to fall on your smartphone, much like Little Kong from Banana Kong. It has garnered a lot of interest since the gameplay is almost unrecognizable from other video games and is easy to control, learn, and play.

Fill your energy bar with as many bananas as you can. To overcome obstacles, use a power dash or choose an alternate path via a deep cave or on top of trees. To get the most out of the game, uncover secrets and unlock extras.

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Download Banana Kong APK, an action arcade game with a cartoonish outlook. Take the role of a fat monkey, have an endless run, and eat lots of bananas as you go.


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