Tanks A Lot
Tanks A Lot
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Version: 6.500
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Download and install Tanks a Lot APK and play against other players worldwide in an incredible battle with tanks. This game gives players the chance to play with others.

Name Tanks A Lot
Version 6.500
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Action
Developer Highcore Labs LLC
Google Play Link com.idspe.tanks2

Description of Tanks a Lot

Tanks a Lot boasts of awesome creativity in its gameplay. Besides, you can't help appreciating the pun in the title; it's pretty cool. When you play Tanks a Lot, you will encounter an engaging and incredibly exciting 3v3 battle on your mobile device.

You can enjoy an extremely attractive and extremely exciting racing screen in this game. You will experience several game modes and many other challenges awaiting you. You can also select the best equipment for the right effect according to your playability. In the racing field, you will face many opponents seeking to eliminate you. Therefore, you must introduce some tactics to win this game.

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Do you enjoy tank games? Or do you like tanks in general? Battlefield tanks symbolize the position of German during the war. Tanks were the tools of mass destruction in WW2. It is hard to see a genuine tank game in the mobile market, so the developers have created this particular game for tank lovers.

Select the Most Suitable Tank for Yourself

In the game, you will have thousands of tanks at your disposal; you must select the tank that suits your taste and skills. You can select a tank that you believe is best for you; some tanks are rich in design, model, colour, and the vehicle's racing speed. Your tank is available for a battle anytime, and they are fully upgraded and equipped in more powerful ways to make winning the wars easier. By arriving at new levels, you can experience more sophisticated tanks and earn more advanced components that will assist you in upgrading your vehicle.

Classic Deathmatch Mode

Bomb it Games published this game; it is a tank game where you have the chance to play against other online players. Particularly different from the common shooting gameplay of such games as Tank Stars, Tanks a Lot's gameplay is crazier and much more direct. In addition, this game was designed in a 3D environment, so control your tank perfectly of your and apply the firepower to defeat enemies' tanks.

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Have it in your mind that your opponents are also other players online trying to win. So you must apply a lot of wits and tactics to emerge victorious in this game. You might encounter opponents with superior skills, strength, and tanks if you are unlucky. Also, remember that this is a 3v3 game; that means you will battle two other players in each level of the game – and it is every player for themselves. However, you can also have a teammate; but you should know that if you stand close to your teammates, your opponent's strength will greatly increase. Therefore, do not think defeating your opponent will be a walk in the park because you have aligned yourself with a teammate. The strategy of having a teammate may be effective, but also expect a counterproductive measure if your opponent's weapon can cause a large explosion.

You can also make use of rocks or tussock from the map. A tussock is an excellent place to hide, which will keep the enemies from seeing you. Terrains and rocks can block the firepower of your enemy. To utilise this, you must move wisely to place your enemy in a good position for your team to launch an attack. You should understand that after a moment of inactivity in the battle, your tank will begin to recover some amount of HP (horsepower). When you suspect your team is at a disadvantage, it would be wise to withdraw from the battle to regain balance and heal HP – it is better than trying to counterattack.

Improve Your Fighting Skills

Apart from the fact that it is necessary to equip yourself with the appropriate tan, you should also prepare yourself for the perfect playing skills. To improve your skill and tank control, you must practice regularly. Also, you must devise the most reasonable tactics for the battle that will enable you to easily defeat your opponent. Not only that, this game provides you with several suggestions of the right and suitable strategic methods for your playing ability. You can also build a powerful force and collect different types of artillery.

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Several Types of Weapons and Tanks

The arm system of this game is pretty advanced with several tanks and weapons. In this game, you will have machine guns, cannons, bombs, including plasma guns at your disposal – you can boost your tank with these weapons. There are different activity ranges and uses of each weapon. Therefore, you should select the weapon that best suits your tactics and your team's.

First and foremost, you must select the right tank. Each time you are selecting a tank, you should consider the weight, defense, and strength of the tank that you are choosing. A lighter tank can move much faster than a tank with heavy weight; however, you should also understand that an attack from the opponent can easily overturn a lighter tank. If you want a face-to-face battle, use mortar or machine guns. Artillery is for players that love using long-radius weapons, and plasma is for those that love high-tech weapons.

As soon as you have assembled your tank, ensure that you upgrade it to become much more powerful and sturdy. The control and power of your tank are the major factors determining your success on the battlefield.

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Play with Your Friends

You can freely ally with your friends to participate in the competition together. With the assistance of your friends, you can form a powerful battle group and eliminate all opponents in the game. By playing with your friends, you also get a chance to improve your tank. To be victorious in the battle, you must be ready to help your friends on the battlefield.


Are you a big fan of tank games? Have you been searching for a pretty interesting tank game to play? Then, you have come to the right place. Tanks a Lot promises to provide you with a good time. You will have the opportunity to fight alongside other players worldwide. There is fun in winning or losing with your team. If you are curious about this game, you should download it now.

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Download and install Tanks a Lot APK and play against other players worldwide in an incredible battle with tanks. This game gives players the chance to play with others.


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