Commando Adventure Assassin
Commando Adventure Assassin
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Version: 1.1.24
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Download Commando Adventure Assassin and lead your army into victory. With resilience, courage and fighting skills, conquer the enemies and become the best commando!

Name Commando Adventure Assassin
Version 1.1.24
Updated Jun 13, 2024
Category Action
Developer spiritapps

About Commando Adventure Assassin

Commando Adventure Assassin is a battle royale game in the shooter and action genre. Battle royale games have become rampant among gamers worldwide, and many different versions and brands have been released. However, since battle royale and shooter games all seem to have similar basics and characteristics, it is therefore important for producers of the game to invent many different ways to spice their version up such that it thrives in the gaming community.

Commando Adventure Assassin was developed, published and offered by spirit apps, a gaming corporation and released for Google Play Store on the 22nd of May, 2015. As a result, the game was ushered into the market to meet many other games in its genre. As a result, the producers of Commando Adventure Assassin have put in the effort and continue to put in efforts through upgrades and updates from time to time to make the game one of its kind.

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Although Commando Adventure Assassin cannot be compared to the already established heavy-duty shooter games available such as PUBG Mobile and the likes, the game is worth a shot as it contains its unique features and advantages. Commando Adventure Assassin can be accessed on a good variety of mobile devices available and is maximally compatible with devices having the operating system of an Android 5.0 and above.

The game has a very well thought out concept, and if you're a lover of commando games, this is one to try out in your free time. The controls are amazing, the gameplay is slick, the settings are user-friendly, and many other wonderful features, as we will soon see.

Plot and Gameplay

The game has a military setting, and you are the leader of a commando army representing your country in a battle against opposing forces. The sole mission is to remain the last fighter standing at the end of the day and secure victory for yourself and your team. To do this, you must carry out every action possible to attain victory. 

At the screen's top left corner is the map showing the landscape and events taking place all over the scene. As you eliminate more and more enemies, the fighting area shrinks to increase the concentration of characters in the area. The enemies are marked with red circles for easy identification, and their health state is indicated with a long red bar above their heads. The marking of the enemies with red circles helps easy identification, so you impulsively know to shoot any characters moving with such a mark. The long red bar reduces until it finally runs out when the enemy figures are shot. The enemies appear randomly around the scene, so you should always be on guard to defend yourself and your army anytime.

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As more and more enemies are eliminated, the player amasses gold coins that can be used to make purchases and upgrades from time to time. Asides from the battle, there are tasks that the player also has to complete to earn more points and coins. When the player progresses remarkably in the game, special rewards result from that. For example, the player can rise to the rank of the most respected and feared commando in the army when they win battles continuously, control and defend the team and win continuous victories for the country.


The map is located at the top left corner of the screen and shows the land area. The map shrinks as the fighting area shrinks and becomes clearer and more navigable. Shooter games' control can be quite tricky, especially with highly advanced games. However, the controls of Commando Adventure Assassin are much more adaptable and easy to understand. In addition, the game provides a remarkably interactive interface so players can get the most out of the gameplay, even if they are completely new to the genre.

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Navigating the character to the left or right, forward or backward, turning around, and the like is done by simply touching the screen and directing. Other actions that aid combating, such as jumping, ducking, running, walking etc., are controlled by special buttons on the right side of the screen.

Weapons and Resources

There is a wide variety of weapons available for playing the game. They range from shotguns, rifles, pistols and the like. There are also grenades, bombs and other explosives to help the secure player victory.

Not all of these weapons are available at the beginning of the game, and so the player is also tasked with purchasing new weapons to upgrade the arsenal from time to time. Many different aspects of weapons can be upgraded depending on the type and effect of these weapons. These upgrades and purchases can only be made when the player has enough money in the game, and the money can only be gotten from completing a task and winning battles.

Asides from the weapons, there are other equipments such as medical kits and clothing accessories that money in the game can also buy. All of these add up to fortify the player during battle.

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The weapons are displayed at the bottom of the screen during the battles. Players can randomly select and change their weapons from the available options as they deem fit. It, however, requires swiftness as the enemies prowl around, and any disrespectful move could severely cost the player. On the other hand, changing and loading ammunition are simple tasks that can be carried out efficiently after a short time of practice.

Features of Commando Adventure Assassin

  • Completely free to download and play
  • Offline game. Commando Adventure Assassin does not rely on an internet connection and can be maximally enjoyed in places without WiFi or connection.
  • Realistic graphics, sounds and physics of motion.
  • Smooth control mechanisms.
  • Allows for multiplayer gameplay.
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Commando Adventure Assassin is an awesome shooter game, and the availability is top-notch. It can be played any day and anytime and is completely free, making it the ideal game for gamers, especially those interested in the shooting genre.

The graphics, motion and settings of the game all add up to provide an exhilarating experience for the player. Commando Adventure Assassin promises a good experience, so it should immediately be added to your list.

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Download Commando Adventure Assassin and lead your army into victory. With resilience, courage and fighting skills, conquer the enemies and become the best commando!


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