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Download APK to hit the water slide's bottom and arrive first. Try this vibrant water game by bumping other competitors all through the competition.

Version 6.10.0
Updated Feb 24, 2024
Category Action
Developer VOODOO
Google Play Link com.cassette.aquapark

Description of

In the intense competitive action game, you'll compete with actual people for control of the water playground as you navigate its complex courses and ride its slide. The concept of the game may not be novel in itself, but the incorporation of adults in the recreation resort look with brilliant settings, vibrant shades, gaming mechanics, and the capability to compete against actual people will significantly enrich the experience. Of course, there is a leaderboard and ranking mechanism included in, just as in every video game.

Exciting gameplay

Gamers explore more than a thousand individual water slopes that are periodically produced in every effort in, which features a straightforward game experience. Gamers must use all of their skills to conquer opponents and win every contest. This is done by sliding down the water slide. Additionally, the gameplay features other fantastic game options, such as squad play or competition, which have unique regulations from the usual gameplay yet offer prizes.

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In addition, different objects will frequently emerge on the water slide, and users can utilize various items to push fellow gamers off the water slide and replace them. The contest will often incorporate amusing components, which guarantee to add the most thrill and enjoyment when going down lengthy waterslides.

Nobody judges your gaming style if your main focus is on crossing the end line. As long as you finish as number 1, you are the winner, regardless of how you compete. But take caution. Others can similarly interact with you.

Features of

Unique mechanics system

The game is well known for its accessibility and enjoyment, but what really distinguishes it is the colorful and believable mechanics used throughout the whole slides. It can be used skillfully by gamers to uncover alternate routes or enter enigmatic waterslides, helping them earn extra credits and outperform rivals in every stage. The player should use all available data to locate the precise water slide that will take them to their goal because the game lacks a guide or GPS.

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They may miss or get access to additional information in their successes if certain trails or pathways take them on an opposite path. The game's colorful mechanics make things ideal and guarantee that gamers will have the most amazing time exploring this particular game type.

Remodeling of characters

Gamers can wear whatever they like to the massive water rides on and enjoy themselves with the thousands of other gamers. The system model in the video game is extensive and amazing, and it is based entirely on the beautiful summer theme. The best part is that it allows gamers to customize and construct their unique costumes from a range of hues or patterns. Showcasing an alluring chance to bring an astonishing brightness to every slide. Naturally, various unique costumes, featuring gems, hairdos, and other costumes, will be offered for purchase at the shop, and gamers will have to finish a series of competitions to make money to use for purchases.

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Play with your mates

If the player brings buddies to the game's playgrounds with enormous water slides, the game also gives extra requirements in the prize. Gamers will have additional opportunities to create personas in distinctive looks as more clothes or new elements in the model creation platform are eventually accessible. Additionally, gamers can collaborate with others in various unique game options, resulting in a lively park that they will enjoy.

Each round a player plays with buddies also results in variable scoring algorithms that, depending on the team's accomplishments, activate several remarkable prizes. Of course, the most impressive and hilarious chance for retaliation in this game involves throwing pals off the water slide. This is made possible by the game's mechanics framework.

Daily tasks with benefits includes an everyday task structure with great and engaging material for gamers to get more chances to access outfits or more, in addition to several accomplishments in the game. Additionally, the mission framework offers weekly tasks and more, providing gamers with ample incentive to finish competitions and even gather unique skins in addition to the thrills in the game. Naturally, gamers can swap out quests for a few objects, completing them, and earning all those extra credits to open up even better benefits.

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One entertaining game that has gained recognition and a lot of attention is called It also makes use of a lot of straightforward ideas to keep players entertained. It works well as a family game where everybody may join and take part in a variety of weird and humorous water slides.

Tips and Tricks

Always stay close below

There are a plethora of various gutter styles in, and they are all very distinct from one another. Several slopes do appear to be quite lengthy, but by using detours as you dive out of the funnel, you can finish the track.

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Don't be overly naive

Do not mistake yourself for a Superhero even though this videogame violates the principles of physics in the aspect of altitude movement. It can only assist you in moving a small distance and hovering for a little period when you shoot out of the slide. If you would not want to freely drop, don't shoot at locations that are far away.

Steer clear of barriers

The yellow gel on the slope acts as a barrier on the course. It will significantly slow you down. If you do not want to fall behind the pack, be sure you can avoid it.

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Succeeding or failing

As was previously stated, you're not the only one who understands how to operate poorly. If you lose concentration, several gamers can shove you to your death. While it is not necessary to eliminate every enemy, always take advantage of the opportunity.


There is nothing cooler like a water park in the sweltering hot weather. Simply enjoy yourself at the water playground at if you're feeling too free or unsure of where to go. You do n't even have to leave the couch to enjoy this amusing water playground; it will make you happy just to be there.

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Download APK to hit the water slide's bottom and arrive first. Try this vibrant water game by bumping other competitors all through the competition.


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