Stickman The Flash
Stickman The Flash
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Version: 1.77.1
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Download Stickman The Flash with Extra Powers. Command a stick figure that can outrun a samurai, fight ghost warrior foes, and rise to the rank of the great hero.

Name Stickman The Flash
Version 1.77.1
Updated May 2, 2024
Category Action
Developer StormHit Games
Google Play Link com.SHgames.StickmanTheFlash

Stickman the Flash

Opponents must be defeated to obtain gems and weaponry. Stickman The Flash is a game in which you will be attacked by a swarm of other stick figures. Their numbers are large, forcing you to pass until you come across strong enemies with firearms and treasures to pick up.

stickman the flash

At the same time, the hero's arsenal of firearms and gear is diversified, necessitating various jewels in the videogame. Stickman games are growing increasingly famous. They are action-packed, easy to understand, and have addictive game experiences.

Description of Stickman the flash

In this video game, you are expected to confront your enemies by attempting different strategies. This is a nice way to use your spare time and will help you develop your character and expand your thoughts.


The simple, engaging gameplay is one of the elements that keeps thousands of people playing the Stickman series. In Stickman The Flash, you play as the emerald Stick figure hero, attempting to defeat the Samurai, fighters, and white Stick figure. In the initial scene, the earth appears to be on fire, with people relentlessly bashing you. You must run, avoid, and strike. Swiping up on your phone or pressing any spot accomplishes this. As a result, the protagonist will travel to that location and if an opponent emerges in that area, he will instantly throw punches or kicks to deliver injury.

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In essence, the action will go in this manner. You begin at level one and have a target of 7200 marks. By defeating your adversary, you will qualify and advance to the following level, with a higher necessary score. Of course, the white Stickmen are easy to win, but the leader will finally come. They could be a Samurai, a mighty warrior, or something else.

You will have some difficulties dealing with Boss. They inflict damage, move quickly, and use surprising moves. Luckily, the early stages are not too difficult to win provided you have decent technique. To succeed, you can evade and then strike from the back. After defeating the leader, you can use his firearms to finish the fight.

Features of Stickman the flash

The major aspect of this game is that you will fight against terrible creatures such as Franken, Vampires, and others to beat them and preserve the town from bad people. To quickly finish the game, you must acquire cash, jewels, and other important stuff.


Stickman the  Flash's gameplay is focused on precision and speed. This implies that precise attacks or attacks on the enemy's vulnerabilities will inflict more harm. Meanwhile, speed assists you in avoiding enemy attacks. But, no matter what, when the emerald Stickman confronts leaders or heroes well-armed with firearms and shields, you will probably lose. Fortify your character with the finest weaponry available.

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Stickman The Flash has a complex item structure. Stickman fighters can be outfitted with firearms, shields, helmets, shoes, and safety caps. They provide several benefits, such as firearms that boost harm, strike pace, and the ability to impact. Shield boosts strength, whereas boots allow you to run fast. All are available for purchase in shops, and you may access them by collecting jewels while battling.

If that is not sufficient, you can also obtain this piece of gear from leaders or fallen commanders. They will fall, and you only need to tap the object to pick it up and utilize it.

Attack the adversaries

Stickman The Flash requires a team and their protagonists to complete many difficult stages in which they will face numerous foes with varying abilities and weaponry. You can experience the impacts of the assault as you use the firearm to accurately strike the adversary. As a result, you will be ecstatic when several foes are killed and a leader emerges next to you. Their advantage is that they own some tools and goods that you must obtain.

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You'll be able to observe their energy meter and pick the ideal moment to eliminate them before they can get to your firearm. You'll need to take caution because the harm caused could quickly render you unconscious. After that, you can take up the guns and carry on your search for a weapon that will allow you to keep fighting regular adversaries. Additionally, certain leader assaults include a positional component that makes it easier for you to determine where they intend to strike.

In some stages, the leader can release two power bricks for you to grab and use to fire potent abilities on your adversaries. They all have different striking forms, giving the hero an edge.

Stickman conflict

In Stickman, The Flash, players encounter numerous stick figure creatures with straightforward looks and concepts. They will enter the conflict and defeat the person you are controlling. An emerald creature serves as the main antagonist in that collection of stick figures and can quickly identify him and direct his activities to combat other foes. The control method is simple and revolves just by tapping and sliding the display.

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Although this procedure is clear, it will take some practice for the player to become proficient in it due to the main hero's abilities. The hero's quick speed ability will be used to deflect enemy attacks, therefore manipulating it as needed is important. In addition, the hero's life will be low, so you must be cautious and time your strikes well.


Any Stickman game, including The Flash, is made using 2D visuals. Some should be made, with thoroughly chosen colors, as they are mysterious. Others are so plain that they only have a few distinguishing hues, and the characters are simply monotonous blocks. The next case is Stickman The Flash, and perhaps you already knew this when the game began. But not because of its clarity; rather, because gamers find it lifeless and unattractive.

The features are the dynamic aspects, vibrant colors, and soundtrack, which draw emphasis to the conflict. When the Stickman figures yell in a fight or when there is lightning and thunder each time they execute an attack, you will be excited.


Stickman The Flash offers a lot to anticipate. Cut and slash action that moves quickly, breath-taking combat, amazing 2D artwork, and different other intriguing features. Downloading the game will allow you to confirm the information.

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Download Stickman The Flash with Extra Powers. Command a stick figure that can outrun a samurai, fight ghost warrior foes, and rise to the rank of the great hero.


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