Mech Arena
Mech Arena
Size: 174.40 MB
Version: 3.120.6
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Download Mech Arena APK and join robot battles against other players across the world. Explore the robotic world and engage in several battles to become victorious.

Name Mech Arena
Version 3.120.6
Updated May 14, 2024
Category Action
Developer Plarium Global Ltd
Google Play Link com.plarium.mechlegion

Mech Arena

Love robot games? Then you're sure to enjoy Mech Arena. It combines robots with action-packed shooting and is very engaging to play.

Join multiplayer mode and play online with thousands of Mech Arena players. Battle it out in the arena and advance your skills in this combative FPS game.

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Game Description

The Mech Arena game series was launched in 2001 by Plarium Global, a popular game development company for pc and mobile games. The Mech Arena game series consists of three games; Robot Arena, which was released in 2001, Robot Arena 2: Design and Destroy, released in 2003; and lastly, Robot Arena 3, which came out in 2016.

Mech Arena is a competitive robot shooting game full of top-notch weapons, team battles, unlimited customization options, and outstanding arena games that will leave you hooked.

Custom new battles for your friends and fight against other players. You can form teams of 5 and battle against teams or choose a partner and fight against others. Matches can be as short as five minutes or much longer.

All you need to do is choose a Mech robot from the variety offered. Pick your weapons and position yourself in the arena. Customize your mech and weapons as much as you want, and start a live battle immediately!

And the best part is, it's free! You don't have to spend a dime on this game. You can play Mech Arena and access all its amazing features and robots without any charge. Download Mech Arena today and make a name for yourself as the best shooter on the scoreboards.

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Features of Mech Arena

Mech Arena has lots of amazing features that have attracted new players to it. These features include;

A Large Variety of In-Game Maps

With Mech Arena, you'll never get bored exploring the game. And there are over 20 gorgeous maps to help you! Conquer the Mesa Verde facility, have long shootouts in the Forbidden City, or engage in one-on-one combat with other Mec Arena players in the Beatdown Club. There is a map to guide you through everything! Gain access to more maps as you win battles and advance your level.

Get the Mech Arena download to explore all parts of the Mech Arena in-game world.

Customize Your Mechs

Mech Arena game has many customization options for your Mechs, so don't hesitate to use them. Change their clothes, change their skins, and have fun. There are 12 Mechs you can choose from in the game. Each comes with a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. Mech Arena has an amazing selection of over 500 skins you can use on your Mechs. Don't hesitate to have fun with the Mech customization options.

Save enough coins and get the Mech Arena best Mech with the best special abilities. Download the Mech Arena update and try all the amazing customization options the game offers.

Level up your Mechs

Level up your Mechs to gain access to more weapons and game resources. Win battles and form teams to get coins. Leveling up also grants you access to exclusive parts of the game. Arm your Mechs, join shootouts, fight other players and explore. Use your coins to level up and buy stuff from the game store.

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Get the Mech Arena new update, level up your mechs, and enjoy this customizable shooting game.

Customize Your Weapons

Weapons are important in all shooting games, and Mech Arena is no different. There are over 30 different weapons you can arm your Mechs with. You can customize your weapons with different patterns and skins. Buy the Mech Arena best weapon from the store and use it against other players!

You can steal weapons from other players when you defeat them! Fight in the player arena or compete with friends.

Futuristic Game Graphics

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown does not disappoint when it comes to game graphics and game physics. The 3d animation style is very attractive and exciting to look at.

The game is full of robot Mechs you can choose as your character. Once you pick a Mech, you can customize it as much as you want. The robots are beautifully designed with bright, rich colors that will leave you glued to your screen. The game environment is also well designed, with nice graphics and locations to explore at your leisure. Form secret hideouts and battle other players in this Mech Arena robots game.

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Mech Arena Events and Tournaments

 Mech Arena has loads of events and tournaments to keep you engaged, so you're never bored of playing the game. Take part in weekly tournaments, events, and battles against other Mech Arena players. Defeat your opponents and become the best fighter in the game.

You can invite your friends to play and start your own private tournament with them. Make the rules yourself and control every aspect of the Mech Arena gameplay.

Frequent Updates

The Mech Arena games are always updated to provide new features and events. Game customization options and how to get coins in Mech Arena are always getting updated.

Download Mech Arena to keep up with any new updates the game has.

Mech Arena Tips and Tricks

If you're new to the Mech Arena game, you may be wondering how to get coins and tricks you can use to get Mech Arena unlimited coins generator.

Here are some tips you use to improve your gameplay and get more coins;

  • Choose strong players for your team.
  • Pick Mechs with special abilities.
mech arena robot showdown
  • Be fast in your attacks.
  • Understand how the game controls work.

Use these tips to level up in Mech Arena and defeat your opponents.


Mech Arena is a competitive FPS battle game full of player versus player battles and team battles.

The game is well designed, has an interesting storyline, and a big in-game world for you to explore. It should definitely be a top consideration for anyone who enjoys FPS games.

Download Mech Arena today and start playing!

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Download Mech Arena APK and join robot battles against other players across the world. Explore the robotic world and engage in several battles to become victorious.


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