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Download Zooba APK to enjoy a mix of adventure and action in your game. A Zooba game is an entertaining action game that turns you into a zoo animal trying to survive.

Name Zooba
Version 4.44.0
Updated Jul 17, 2024
Category Action
Developer Wildlife Studios

What you should know about Zooba

Zooba is a fast-paced and fury battle royale game with lots of action. It is an adventurous game in a wild animal habitat. As you find yourself in the world of these wild animals, you need to survive this hostile environment by fighting the animals to be the last one standing in this royale game.

Zooba was developed and released by wildlife studios on 2nd October 2019. Zooba zoo battle royale game blends two popular genres, MOBA and battle royale, and sets the scene in the zoo to create an intriguing, fun title game. The game supports multiple languages, including English, and is compatible with Android and IOS gameplay.

zooba best characters

The game features over 20 characters to choose from fox, giraffe, and more, with Zooba new characters being added frequently. You have to battle with guards and other 45 players to secure your place to be the king of the zoo. At the beginning of the game, you will get a free animal character to start the adventure in the wild animals’ world.

How to play zooba

Get Zooba download on your mobile device to experience the adventurous gameplay for survival. With any of the Zooba characters you choose, start wielding weapons with your might and skills to battle against a total of 45 players to win the seat of the zoo’s king. The character you use will fight your enemies and unlock the Zooba free gems, weapons, and items to fight and get more rewards.

zooba characters

In the Zooba new update, you can play together as a team, and to communicate as a team, you have three emote game modes; be together, a warning, and like. A leader is assigned to the team based on who joined first. To win all your enemies and be the only standing survival, Zooba tips and tricks to follow are selecting the best characters with good PH and survivability that can fight the enemies and withstand hits for long.

Zooba characters to play the game

Zooba gameplay has different characters that you can choose from to battle and get the place of the king of the zoo. However, we will be looking at some Zooba characters and the best Zooba characters you can choose from based on their agility, range, and invisible skills.

  • Molly or kangaroo: is a character with good agility that makes it easy to dodge arrows from the enemies and escape from the tense environment. One of the active skills that makes him an agility character is jumping, and it can be used to escape when the enemy is chasing you quickly. He also has a companion called Joey, that collects items such as health kits, weapons, and more. It also contributes to attacking enemies while fighting.
  • Bruce: this character has more survivability than others due to his powerful HP stats that can soak more damage. However, his range of attack is short. His skill is tough, and he can smash damage to the enemy.
zooba all characters
  • Nix: this character is more skilled in long-range attacks, which can help attack the enemy from a distance range. This character can’t soak damage and is not good at dealing with massive damage. These skills are average.
  • Shelly: she is also a tank class character with good health, damage, and range skill. She has additional skills; passive, which gives her hard skin that reduces the injuries taken, and active, which is the shell that makes her invincible for seconds.
  • Pepper: he performs well in long-range attacks and is good for long-range battles. He has the bush sight skill to track enemies hiding in the bush and high ground skill to have a wider view of the map. However, his damage, health, agility, and HP stats are low.
  • Ollie: this character has healing skills and can get restored health from grass eating. The speed, the damage, and the range are at a decent level. However, the HP is low, making you vulnerable when hit.
  • Duke: this character is slow but has speed and a short range to attacking enemies. He has an active skill that can help you stun the enemy, and he has decent HP stats.
  • Fuzzy: he has a passive skill that can slow down enemies and active skills to slide and grant a speed boost. The speed and range are okay, but the HP and damage stats are low.
  • Finn: with this character, you can track down enemies with a low HP to kill them. He also possesses the healing ability.
  • Larry: this character is a chameleon, and with its sticky tongue, he can pick loots from a range and change colors to become invincible.
zooba new character

Among Zooba all characters, these are just a few of them rank on the list that can be used more effectively with their skills, and among these 10, the best of all you can choose from are the top six based on their unique abilities. Other characters you can still use in the game if you desire are Frank, Henry, Skippy, Louis, Steve, Earl, Lizzie, Donna, Finn, Betsy, Nicely, Phasie, and Jade.

How to get free characters in Zooba is through selecting from the first three you will be presented with in the training mode. On completion and moving to the battle, you will get two other free characters. And as you progress in the game, you will unlock more friends from the zoo.


The Zooba game is like the battle of survival for the seat of the king in the wild world of the animals. In this game, you must do everything to ensure you conquer your enemies. The way you can do that is by using different characters in the game based on their unique skills and abilities.

zooba gameplay

This game has an easy-to-learn control and different unlockable. With the Zooba gem generator, unlock dozen of items in the game, and upgrade your characters to fit in for your gameplay.

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Download Zooba APK to enjoy a mix of adventure and action in your game. A Zooba game is an entertaining action game that turns you into a zoo animal trying to survive.

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