Scribble Rider
Scribble Rider
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Version: 3.0.0
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Download Scribble Rider APK - participate in a colourful and fascinating race against other players. You only need imagination to create, draw, and win the race.

Name Scribble Rider
Version 3.0.0
Updated May 11, 2024
Category Action
Developer VOODOO
Google Play Link com.tapped.drawrider

Scribble Rider Description

Myriads of racing games are out there, but Scribble Rider was designed uniquely and unconventionally. As a result, scribble Rider is a top-rated mobile game app earning more than 20 million downloads.

What Makes Scribble Game Unique

You are probably curious about the essence of the Scribble Rider game and what makes it the best among other race games.

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Scribble Rider was designed so that players do not necessarily need prior knowledge on how to ride a car or win a race. What is most important to win the race is your ability to imagine. Therefore, you are only expected to draw the right wheels that suit your car.

Your victory is dependent on what you draw. For instance, you can draw a triangular shape, square shape, round shape, or an entirely different shape wheel. You can also switch their appearance depending on the type of hurdle, and to be the first to get to the final stage  —it could be water, walls, or lava —you have to switch your cars to cope with every condition.

Pros And Cons Of Scribble Game


  • Outstanding racing game concept
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  • High rewards for players
  • It has in-game bonuses and rewards.
  • Comes with a very casual game design and structure.
  • Fine graphics and clean animation
  • Doodling gameplay
  • Simple and user-friendly.


  • It is mainly suitable for casual gamers.
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  • It focuses on hyper-casual events.


Speed Up Your Engine

  • The main goal of Scribble Rider is to drive very fast so long as you do not fall or crash into structures. However, every path is floating and bumpy. Subsequently, your car may shut down if there is a limited amount of gas; endeavour to get enough gas in your car.

Repeating this same level will give you new points. However, you can increase your gas when using the game's physics strategy. For example, when you move down towards a downward slope, it will also increase the speed of your car.

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  • Note that when you quickly press the brakes, it will slow down your speed; hitting the brakes very late will also get you to a squeaking halt. And a prompt stop will take you and the car off balance, eventually leading to a crash.
  • When you finish a race, you will be permitted to purchase parts such as motors, tires, four-wheel drive, and suspension. You don't have to worry about how these parts function. You will receive a popup description of each tool and how it can be used.

Tips And Trick

Always Adapt The Wheel To Suit The Condition Of The  Road

Perhaps the number one thing you must always keep in mind when playing this game is always adapting. You will win many races if you continually adapt the wheels to suit the circumstance of the road. For example, if the road has a flat surface, the suitable wheel to use is a circular wheel. However, if the surface is like stairs,  you may consider using a triangular or hook-like wheel.

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As you advance, you will encounter so many obstacles, it is your ability to adapt that will determine your victory.

Always Modify Your Wheel When It No Longer Working

This is also important to know. Scribble Rider doesn't limit the amount of wheels players can change. So you don't hesitate to change your wheel when it's not doing its work.

Use The Freeze Opponent To Your Advantage

This is another great aspect of playing Scribble Rider. It gives every player a Freeze Opponent Booster. You won't get this booster immediately; it normally shows up when an opponent is getting ahead of you. When you click on it, you freeze your opponent for a while, letting you get to their level or even allowing you to pass them.

Ensure that you utilize this booster when it pops up. If you waste time, your opponent might run over you, making it hard to catch up.

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Simple Is Best

Scribble Riders give you the best option to create any shape of your choice, meaning you can use your creativity to create various wheel shapes. But remember that it is only a race; avoid creating complex or complicated shapes. You will not only waste time, but it may not work eventually. For example, sketch out a simple circle if the suitable shape is a circle. If it is the hook you need, ensure that you are only pulling the hook, you don't need to complicate things. Finally, remember that the goal is to have a suitable wheel to speed up your race.

Learn The Function Of The Drone

You will encounter a series of obstacles, such as a mountain or cliff, that are impossible for bikes to climb. If you get into this situation, the drone feature of your bike will get activated automatically, which will help you rise above that cliff.

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This is where the game gets more complicated and tricky because if you use the wrong wheel, it will be difficult to control or use the drone effectively.

When you get in the air, you will need a wheel similar to a helicopter blade. This stage will take a little time to figure out. Don't bother about failing. Just keep going over the same level until you can figure it out and finish the race. Once you have figured out how it is done, other obstacles won't be too hard to overcome.


Scribble Rider may appear to be an easy game that requires zero effort. Nevertheless, as you advance, you will face thrilling and challenging obstacles that get harder with time. Using the tips above, you stand a chance to conquer obstacles and complete levels. Download the Scribble Rider game on your IOS or android device.

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Download Scribble Rider APK - participate in a colourful and fascinating race against other players. You only need imagination to create, draw, and win the race.


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