Stumble Guys
Stumble Guys
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Version: 0.71.2
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Download Stumble Guys APK latest version to begin your very own adventure. Run through different types of obstacles. Try not to fall, but if you do, get up and run!!

Name Stumble Guys
Version 0.71.2
Updated May 21, 2024
Category Action
Developer Kitka Games
Google Play Link com.kitkagames.fallbuddies

A Deep Analysis Of Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys APK is a multiplayer Royale game. You have to be the victor at the end of the game. Several characters, along with you, will struggle to be the victor. Do what you've got to do to be successful and qualified at each match.

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Customize your characters to your wishes. Try on different skins to be whoever you want, from an alien to a king. You can even customize the dust that kicks up when you run. You can change it from dust clouds to skulls if that suits your taste.

Customize everything from the visuals to the music to the game controls to suit your needs.

Stumble Guys APK all skin has been downloaded by more than 100 million users and has been loved unanimously by several thousand players. The versatile gameplay is one of the features that the users have mentioned loving several times in reviews.

Soft & interesting Background Music

Stumble Guys APK unlimited gems and tokens game sucks you into the gameplay with stunning graphics and beautiful music. The music is adorable and feels you with joy as you play. You hear the music line up with your actions. It is almost like you are starring in your own action movie. This will suck you into the world of Stumble Guys completely.

Exciting Gameplay

This game is mind-blowing. Every terrain is different. With unique obstacles at every level, you’ll not feel bored. Every gaming session will give you an experience you won’t forget. Not only that, when it comes to this game, you can choose and modify the gameplay to suit your own needs. Don’t like the static game stick? Go for the dynamic one. Do you think the shadows aren’t dark enough? Change it. Do you think the sensitivity of the controls is too much? You can lower them too.

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How To Play?

The gameplay of Stumble Guys is stunning. It is your very own battle royale. In this game, in the beginning, there will be 32 characters or players at the starting line. When you start running, you notice the terrain you are in. The scenery changes at each level. Sometimes, you are in space, running along the rings of Saturn as you try to dodge asteroids coming your way. Sometimes you will find yourself on the wooden planks in the middle of the sea as a pirate ship fires its cannons at you. The goal for each level is to be qualified. At every level, the number of people is lowered by 50%. This goes on until only 1 man is standing. Your goal is to be that last man standing.


Soft 3D Graphics

Stumble Guys is easy on the eyes with its smooth animation. The game developers update the game frequently to better the gameplay and add new places where you can race around with different people. The 3D graphics of this game has a very soft line work that makes every character look adorable and way too cute.

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3D graphics help with immersive gameplay. That and the art style of Stumble Guys together make this game loved by a lot of people. You get to interact with your surroundings. You get to understand the different highs and lows of the terrain. The seamlessly blended animation makes this game perfect for you to enjoy while you’re relaxing or with friends.

Possibly one of The Best Online Multiplayer Game

Competitive games have grown in popularity in the past few years. Being one of those competitive games, Stumble Guys has also risen to popularity. Its cute art style, easy-on-eyes animation, and variety in gameplay have made it a fan favorite. With several players, you don’t ever feel like you’re playing against the AI, which is dead set on winning. You get to watch and learn different tactics. Each gaming session will make you feel accomplished and happy.

Customize Your Characters

The art style of this game makes every character look as cute as a button. But that is not all. As you play more and more matches, you come across skins. These skins are customizations you can use by either watching ads or winning coins in the game. Use these different looks if you don’t like the initial outfit. There are several different types of skins that you can use. You can be an army man, even a cowboy. But what if you want to be a skeleton? Well, Stumble Guys have that skin as well. So play whatever character you want on Stumble Guys as you go on an adventure of your own.

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Watch Out For The Red Tiles

The race will look childish at the initial stage but will become challenging as you advance. You are standing at the starting line. You can see the finish line from where you stand. In between these two, you have several yellow tiles. You would think you can simply run across them, and you'll reach your goal. But that won't be the case. These yellow tiles can turn red. If you are on them when they are red, you will fall and will have to start over again while everyone has moved forward without you. So, be careful of those red tiles.

Ridiculous Obstacles & Obstacles All-Around

Every terrain has its own obstacles. You are not safe anywhere. Be careful of your surrounding as you play the game. You might just end up hit with a swinging mallet. Jump and dodge as you move across the terrain and when you do get imbalanced, stumble but don’t fall.

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Win By Hook Or Crook

The game starts with 32 players, but at the end of the first match, only 16 are chosen. In the next level, at least 7 of them get eliminated. By the time you are on the 3rd match, there should be 8 characters standing. Do whatever it takes so that you're the last one standing. You might even have to push your opponent into the water or off the bridge. Do everything that you've to do to win.


Your search for a perfect multiplayer game is over. Try not to stumble as you cross different obstacles with your friend in Stumble Guys. Download Stumble Guys APK now and begin your adventure!!

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Download Stumble Guys APK latest version to begin your very own adventure. Run through different types of obstacles. Try not to fall, but if you do, get up and run!!


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