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Download Farlight 84 APK for some innovative battle experience. Many games have battle themes, but not many combine that with life in an apocalypse. This one does!

Name Farlight 84
Updated Mar 3, 2023
Category Action
Developer FARLIGHT
Google Play Link com.miraclegames.farlight84

All About Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is a shooting game played in the third person, but the shooting can be done in the first person. The game places you in a land going through an apocalypse. It features characters with unique abilities and powers and monsters that match their skill levels. It also provides various weapons, vehicles, and even jetpacks to aid your fights.

Farlight 84 is a zombie shooting game that somehow comes in bright, almost happy colours. It has a mix of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) elements and Battle Royale. This means it blends multiplayer gameplay, battle, survival, scavenging, and exploration themes to give you an excellent game.

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The Battle Royale theme also means you have to surpass every other person participating in the game round to win. Therefore, you must strive to become the last person standing. It takes a lot of time to achieve this, so Farlight 84 is not a short game.

Farlight 84 has over a million users. This proves just how good the game is. It offers a gaming community where you can compete in events to win prizes. In addition, the weapons have enough firepower, so you don't have to worry about not being adequately armed in battle.

Farlight 84 Background

Farlight 84 is set in an apocalyptic world full of zombies. The zombies result from the deadly infection that spreads across the land, turning the humans into monsters called Zoomborgs. Your mission is to find your way through the land while fighting zombies and to provide food and shelter for yourself.

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The game offers a collection of characters with different skill sets. The weapons available depend on the character you choose. Go through each character's description carefully to avoid choosing one that does not have lots of advantages.

Playing Farlight 84

Farlight 84 places players on a map that can hold up to 40 players. Your character lines up with 39 other players to shoot at the Zomborgs. Then, one by one, players are taken out by the zombies until a winner is left. Each player is a game character whose actions are controlled by a real-life player.

In Farlight 84, each character moves differently. Special skills are attributed to the characters too. To win your battles, it is crucial to master your character. If this means sticking to one character in all your games, then do that. You have to get used to your character's movements and fighting techniques.

There are two gameplay modes in this game. You can choose to play solo or in the 4x4 mode. Create a squad of four good players to compete against another squad. Bear in mind the fact that your competitors will most likely possess great skills too. The game features supporting elements such as weapons and vehicles.

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Vehicles worthy of note include jet skis, skateboards, and bunker cars. Better vehicles give your character more of an advantage when dealing with the target. You can also fight in air-borne battles using the jetpacks. They enable you to fly towards your targets. You can also use them to fire at the Zomborgs from a convenient angle.

Farlight 84 is more than just a shooting game. It grants you access to creative play, where you can explore the strengths and weaknesses of each character. The gameplay is far from dull because of the rich selection of characters. The variety will ensure the characters in each game round are different.

Away from all the battle elements, Farlight 84 introduces you to scavenging. You have to source materials to build and decorate your home. In some special events, you'll win items that will come in handy in customising the home you build. You can even invite other characters or friends to your home for get-togethers.

Chief Features Of The Game

The highlights of playing Farlight 84 are the features, and they include:

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  • Graphics: All the images, designs, and effects are three-dimensional. A cartoon style is subtly placed in the apocalyptic theme of the game. The combat scenes are detailed and realistic.
  • Characters: The characters are diverse and skilled. They are upgradeable with a system based on achievements. Apart from its combat skills, each character has two supporting skills. These skills include running fast and gliding quickly.
  • Weapons: Farlight 84 offers several deadly weapons that do precisely what they claim. If a weapon's description says it has high firepower and range, you best be sure it does have that. You also have armour to protect every part of your body from your enemies.
  • Vehicles: The vehicles are arranged in a garage or near the roads. Instead of walking, you can travel long distances on the battlefield with the aid of a vehicle. You can even use them to avoid troublesome situations with other players by driving away quickly.
  • Air Battles: The jetpack aid the air battles. You can fly in any direction you want. Your gun size is important too. When your gun is good, you can fly close to the zombies with complete trust. You can also compete in sea battles in Farlight 84.

Farlight 84 also lets you build your dream home where you can invite your friends from all over the land. It becomes a party as soon as your guests step through the door.

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In Farlight 84, the characters have a funny, cool look which is surprising for an apocalyptic game. There's so much diversity in this game that you'll find yourself playing it repeatedly just to enjoy all the game content. The theme is not streamlined to just battle or just scavenging; it's a nice mix of everything you can think of.

It's impressive how the developer managed to bring all these theme ideas to life in the same game. It's also commendable. An excellent way to commend the developer would be to try out this game and see if the features are to your liking. The variety in the options is another perk of this game. There's so much you can choose from, from the characters to the vehicles!


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