Blades of Brim
Blades of Brim
Size: 163.18 MB
Version: 2.20.12
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Download and install Blades of Brim APK to fight off evil demons that invade your community and the world. You will reach into the deep dungeons to locate the monsters.

Name Blades of Brim
Version 2.20.12
Updated Jul 19, 2024
Category Action
Developer SYBO Games
Google Play Link com.sybogames.brim

Things to Know about Blades of Brim

SYMBO Games published blades of Brim. This is an Endless run game you should play because it is filled with loads of fun and high entertainment that brings you several surprising challenges.


This app is all about the story of a fantasy world where you and your friends live in harmony and peace. Then, one day, some monsters surface out of nowhere, killing everyone and destroying everything. Now, you have your task set before you. Your mission, should you accept it, is to become a warrior and battle this tyrannical invasion. Your job is to protect the community and inhabitants from these terrible monsters and eradicate the invaders from the world of Brim.

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This game is an endless running game and mixes action with non-stop battles between the monster legion and your warrior team. The role-playing mechanism of the game is obvious because you can climb the rank by trading, exchanging tools, and hunting monsters when playing. In the long run, this game can also be fitted with additional beasts to ride.

Your mission is no longer limited to one or two simple operations such as the common running games. Besides the fact that you must make the warrior run as fast as possible through the obstacles and collect important items, you have to use the craft to defeat the monsters, but you will also need to physically battle with other monsters. You should understand in advance that this is a very fast game. If you try to slow down a little bit just for the moment, you will forfeit the game.

Because of its speed, Blades of Grim is now pretty popular among gamers worldwide who are always searching for new kinds of difficulty.

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Recruited Warriors

The game’s division is about 50% of the unstoppable running element, and the other 50% is role-playing. Besides the types of weapons, an indispensable but important feature of a regular role-playing game is the character line. The warriors in the game are meticulously designed, giving the players many options. In addition, each character has a unique personality and fighting ability. Following the game, the higher the rank, the greater the difference and division between the warriors.

The warrior in this game does not only use weapons to fight. The character also has some special means of transportation. In addition, they have legendary creatures such as wolves, dragons, and super-powerful steeds that have been captured and used as mounts. The warriors also possess summoned beasts, but there is a different manner of controlling each summoned beast. And each one of them can adapt to specific terrain and stage of the battle. The creativity is entirely left to you.

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The major task you and your world warriors are meant to carry out includes locating the lair of the Goons and destroying them before they destroy the entire world. Goons are powerful minions under the control of the dark wizard. The goons always hide in dark dungeons unknown to humans, waiting for the right time to appear and attack people. While battling all these evil creatures, you must constantly take advantage of the magic weapons you have with you and attack your enemies quickly before they attack you. You also have to maintain your speed for the entirety of the game and avoid obstacles on your way. Always remember to summon beasts at the right moment to rescue yourself from terrible situations or stop the advancement of enemies toward you.

Also, do not forget to collect gold coins and treasures while jumping, running, and fighting crazy monsters. These earnings will help you in upgrading weapons and characters faster.

Sound and Graphics

There is a constant change to the scene in this game. Poetic fairy-tale streets, dark dungeons, ancient temples, and all incredible views of the fantasy world appear in this game. Summoned beasts and warrior characters are special in this game. With its Rhythmic, lively, elaborate, meticulous, subtle movement and control, Blades of Brim is worth being a top mobile endless run game.

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Supporting that are light and sound effects, especially when warriors immediately attack and combine their magical weapons. There is always a bright light at the corners of the game screen, and there are intense sounds when hitting enemies. You will also hear funny noises when collecting big treasures or items.

Powerful Upgrade System

After completing the mission and winning, you will come to an open door on the map to begin a new battle with more powerful demons. You have to collect shiny gold coins and treasures while slashing monsters to unlock the excellent blades of heroes. These gifts will assist you in upgrading and accumulating warrior rank whenever you want, and the weapon is faster and sharper.

To satisfy people’s passionate courage, this game has provided players with an enhanced performance system, a perfect space, and sharp image quality. You will be relaxed and entertained for the entirety of this vivid photo frame. The series of actions on the screen is executed smoothly. The game’s speed is amazing. If you are not familiar with playing speedy games, you might not initially be comfortable with this game. But after a few tries, you will be hooked and adapt to the fastness.

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Collect Powerful and Great Species

Players with their creativity and tactics to open new doors on the map, collect summoned beasts, and explore new lands will create a powerful army. Summon the beasts at the right time to save yourself from dangerous situations. Beasts summoned are like pets, and they will protect the warrior throughout the game. In addition, you can make friends with several different beasts to be a part of your run.

Last Take

For the very first time, a fantasy universe has come to the mobile game endless run. This fantastic universe is epic. You must act bravely, overcome the merciless slaughter of the goons, and locate the dark wizard causing this chaos. This is a game you will enjoy so much.

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Download and install Blades of Brim APK to fight off evil demons that invade your community and the world. You will reach into the deep dungeons to locate the monsters.


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