Shadowgun Legends
Shadowgun Legends
Size: 1.27 GB
Version: 1.4.6
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Download Shadowgun Legends APK and discover a whole universe where you use your war skill to kill strangers and aliens and reward yourself by drinking and getting points.

Name Shadowgun Legends
Version 1.4.6
Updated Jun 13, 2024
Category Action
Developer MADFINGER Games
Google Play Link com.madfingergames.legends

In-depth knowledge about Shadowgun legends

Shadowgun legends game is a war game made up of a group of killers called the Shawdowgun, and they hunt down and kill strangers or Aliens called "The Torment." The torment comes from an unknown place for a reason. However, the concept of the Shadowgun legends can be familiar, especially for people who play wargames.

Shadowgun legend game doesn't have a straight concept or storyline, but when you decide to download and start playing it, you find yourself in a particular central hub; the hub has several activities, each having a specific axis that governs it and Inside of it is a center for dropping into the PvP, the ammunition area, the armor area, cosmetic shop, and even the Almighty Casino. The graphics of Shadowgun legends can lure you into playing.

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The main objective of the Shadowgun legend game is to try out your skill in an active motion to take out aliens and accept some quests to complete your mission. Of course, there can be many missions to prepare for, but with your skill, you can get so much done and get your reward properly, and it works on the Android and IOS versions.


Shadowgun legends game is a one-person first shooter game that comes along with role-playing and massively multiplayer online elements. When the game starts, the player is permitted to create a Shadowgun; The Shadowgun can either be a male or a female soldier from a legendary group.

shadowgun legends apk

The player is moved to the hub, and the player is allowed to access different types of missions given by the non-player character in a game bar or either the shop or the casino and maybe the multiplayer missions. Players can progress and be rewarded to a new level by completing the firmer tasks they were given; it can either be a quest or a storyline.


The Shadowgun legends offer multiple modes; The modes are divided into the Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player modes.

Player vs. Environment game mode

  • Story mission mode: This mission mode promotes or strengthens the scheme of the game. It also goes as far as describing the progress made in the fight against the torment. This mode can be played by a single player or a multiplayer.
  • Quests mode: non-player character can give a player character a game to be played, The Non-player character can send the player on a mission such as an adventure or other mission games, and in playing this game, The player is rendering help to the N.P.C. character.
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  • Operations: Temporary missions where the player lends a helping hand to another player on another part of the Shadowgun universe, and it can be played together by other players.
  • Dungeons: Almost permanent mission is created for a group of players. The mission includes solving puzzles and waging war against the final boss.
  • Arenas: This arena challenge is for a group of three players. The players have to do all they have to survive their desperate enemies.

Players vs. Players mode

  • Duel mode: player versus player duel mode is a mode in which two players would have to play against each other, and the first player to reach the goal of 5 points wins, The time limit for both the players is 5 minutes, and if none of the players could reach the 5 goal points, The player with the highest point wins.
  • Ascendancy mode: This mode is two teams of four players each. Each player is expected to collect trophies from the player killed in this mode, The first team to score 20 points wins, and the time limit is 5 minutes. If none of the team scores 20 points before the time limit, The team with the highest point wins
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  • Elimination mode: The Elimination mode is a match between two teams with four players. If one of the players is killed and the team is automatically deducted one respawn, The team that exhausts all his respawn first loses.
  • Capture the Flag mode: This is also a match in which two teams of four-player each and the first team to bring the enemy flag to their base wins.


Shadow gun legends consist of so many characters that require that you know them if you want to play your game successfully.

  • Slade: Slade is a legendary Shadowgun and a contemporary leader. Slade makes sure that there is a mission to be done and that there are rewards to be won.
  • Pedro: Pedro helps unravel holograms that were plundered from missions and received as rewards; Pedro also sells cosmetics items, vans of paint, stickers, and tombstones.
  • Willow: Willow is a supplier. He supplies the players with the best weapon and cosmetic items and gives players quests
shadowgun legends best weapons
  • Big red: Big red is a character that supplies players with armor, cosmetic items, and also updates and tips on the mission.
  • Nitro: Nitro is a multiplayer character and vendor; Nitro can access the gameplay modes from the beginning
  • Hakim: Hakim is a character that offers the player contracts; players represent a brand and will be paid.
  • S.A.R.A.: This character is limited to the Android version and gives the player a quest.


Shadowgun legend game is a very fun and exciting game, which makes you forget the world you are in and takes you to another uttermost world and one of the best games in 2022.

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Download Shadowgun Legends APK and discover a whole universe where you use your war skill to kill strangers and aliens and reward yourself by drinking and getting points.


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