Stealth Master
Stealth Master
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Version: 1.12.19
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Download and install Stealth Master APK to play as a Ninja who can infiltrate highly secure buildings, steal important documents, and eliminate enemies using advanced weapons.

Name Stealth Master
Version 1.12.19
Updated Jul 12, 2024
Category Action
Developer SayGames Ltd
Google Play Link com.stealthgame.master

What You Should Know about Stealth Master

Stealth Master is a unique game developed and published by Saygames. While playing this game, you will become a masked guy trying to gain entrance stealthily into key places equipped with advanced security systems. But, first, you must establish who you are and know your identity. Are you an intruder or a superhero? Are you a ninja?

Ninja Themes are Not Common on Mobile

Several stories and legends concerning ninjas, including their surprising stealth missions. But that is, of course, the essence of being a ninja – their identity is a secret, and they are a mystery.

stealth master

That is probably the reason the major theme of this game is ‘Assassin Ninja.’ You can select from one of four ninja personalities and are assigned various difficult and dangerous missions. Your major aim is to complete the mission. How you do this depends largely on your wits and bravery.

Simple Gameplay but Difficult Missions

The control mechanism of this game is flexible and simple. All you need to do is touch the hand on the face of the device to be able to navigate the movement of the ninja or assassin. In the action area of the Ninja, you will come across several strong guards, CCTVs, or cameras. So if you are an unprofessional assassin, the enemies will immediately discover you. But it will be different being a Ninja. This ninja has the power to incarnate and possesses enough weapons and skills to do this, usually in a very neat and efficient manner.

The missions will progress from the very basic to the very difficult. The missions become highly difficult as soon as you reach a certain point in the game. Bad guys constantly appear to attack aggressively and quickly. They can be pretty hard to defeat.

The Ninja’s Motivation

The upside here is that you can upgrade your weapons and skills while carrying out the mission. You can also merge two different weapons or skills into a single one to maximize the damage you cause. You can also get poisonous weapons capable of killing several enemies at the same time.

stealth master apk

Another cool thing about this game is that the levels are not referred to as Lev anymore but are contracts. You will gain items, bonus points, and money when you complete each contract.

  • Collect Keys: there are places where you will see a mysterious door. So you should not ignore any key you come across along the way. These keys can lead you to several wonderful treasures and secrets.
  • Accumulated Points: You always give points when you kill enemies of all kinds and sizes. The more big or small enemies you destroy, the more points you gain. These points will allow you to upgrade everything on your own. In addition, if you desire, you can unlock a special ‘appearance’ to change yourself into another awesome character.
  • Money: for each successful mission you carry out, you will receive a reward corresponding to the difficulty. You can use your money to purchase new clothes, equipment, and weapons.

In this game, fate will decide whether you win or lose.

Graphics and Music

Everything about this game is pretty intense and dark. The tight atmosphere resulted from the right blend of starting sounds and strange graphics. Every dropped object, whisper, breath, and footstep is detailed so that you might be startled due to the lively sounds.

stealth master unlock all characters

The graphics of this game are not too bright. Contrarily, they are pretty dark – so dark that it brings about a somewhat eerie feeling, but you will be attracted to them out of excitement and curiosity. You will also try to find out if the character you are playing is the good guy or bad guy.

Outstanding Features of Stealth Master

  • One Final Job: In this game, you will have to accept some contracts to get rid of executives, gangsters, and other losers in a series of difficult missions where you will have to put your speed, skills, and an abundance of stealth to the test and eliminate the boss.
  • Several Guns: You have many weapons at your disposal, from the katana and the familiar cold but devastating steel of the kunai to the gun type you can imagine, such as high-scope rifles. Discover your favorite type of lethal force and improve your skill. You must select the right weapon for each mission to be a real weapons king.
  • Adapt to Your Surroundings: Whether detonating explosives to eliminate multiple enemies, using hidden passages, dodging lasers and flashlights, or imitating a pot of plant, this game offers several different ways of using the environment to your benefit.
  • Steal the Highly Protected: After you have perfected the assassination, attempt carrying out the ultimate mission of a high-tech heist. In this case, you won’t need to kill or fight anyone; all you need to do is remain among the shadows, go past sophisticated security and armed guards unnoticed, and steal the priceless item without anyone noticing you do it.
stealth master game
  • Work Remotely: Are you tired of doing terrible things or engaging in missions that get blood on you? You can carry out your mission at a distance using tricky snipers. Train your vision on the mark, carefully spread out your strategy, remain anonymous, and ensure that you have an escape route you can use after the mission has been completed.
  • An Incredible Earning: To earn cash, you can use to unlock several cool characters you can train to become ultimate assassins and level up; you must complete your missions. Select between action superheroes, action stars, supervillains, and a clever imposter to locate the ninja you desire most and find befitting to the mission.

Last Take

The missions in Stealth Master are bizarre, such as assassinating the head of the security department to trigger commotion or breaking into tightly secure buildings to steal important documents. However, this is a game at the end of the day, so you don’t have to worry about the moral implications. Just play the game and exhibit your Ninja skills; getting entertained is the basis of the game.

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Download and install Stealth Master APK to play as a Ninja who can infiltrate highly secure buildings, steal important documents, and eliminate enemies using advanced weapons.


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