World War 2
World War 2
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Version: 4.08
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Download World War 2 APK game if you are a lover of shooting or war games. World War 2 is a thrilling shooting game, you have to be alert while playing, so you won't lag.

Name World War 2
Version 4.08
Updated Apr 19, 2024
Category Action
Developer Edkon Games GmbH
Google Play Link com.edkongames.ww2

World war 2

World War 2 is a competitive shooting game. You play the game like you're a soldier up on the war front. Full preparation of guns, bullets, bombs, and grenades is needed. Take control over one of the nations during World War 2 in this unique game. It is available on all android devices.

In addition, build your economy in real life, conquer provinces, forge alliances, etc. World War 2 games offer realistic and huge gameplay combined with movements and speed of units. Sometimes people find this game addictive because you get to battle for weeks and become a ranked leader in the game. The realistic gameplay environment provides an immersive feeling like in real-world war and command territories.

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Furthermore, every player must have a solid network connection to assure smooth gameplay. Any slight disconnection in the network, there would be a problem you could be lagging and get killed. Having a secure connection is important to enjoy this game. Some enjoyment and thrills are forfeited when there is a break in the network. However, network connections should not forfeit these thrills. World war 2 is quite addictive. Every player wants to come back and work towards becoming a ranked leader.

World war 2 Description

 World war 2 is a multiplayer shooting game. The game involves two teams of up to players recreating important historical events, wars, and battles. Players use their mobile phones as the standard controller. The right thumb is used for acting, and the left thumb makes characters.

At the beginning of the game, you will only have the team deathmatch mode unlocked. However, as you continue and level up in the game, you will be able to unlock up to 5 other game modes, including knives only, capture point, deathmatch, and the arms race. Also, players will start with standard machine guns, then after each round, as you level up, you get to unlock rifles, grenades, skins, and consumables. In addition, there are plenty of unlockable to obtain with Your In-game coin Collected after each match.

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In Addition, at the start of the game, you can choose between big participants in World War 2, such as the USA, Germany, Japan, and the USSR. However, you have to choose a nation to play when on the allied side and another nation when you play on the axis side. The first few minutes of the game give a quick dose of shootings and actions either with friends or players online.

World war 2 gives you a fast-paced adrenaline rush in the first few minutes of playing. The music in the background of World War 2 is top-notch and sweet to the ears. Also, the gunfire Is music itself. It is thrilling. They are accurate, loud, and crisp.

Features of World War 2

World war 2 is an interesting shooting video game with several awesome features. Here are some of the features.

Customizable option

The controls of World War 2 are customizable. This feature allows you to adjust the interface of the game to your preferences. From the options menu, you can adjust each button on the interface. Buttons on the left side are used to move characters, and those on the right side are used for executing actions.

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You can jump, aim, crouch, pick up weapons and throw grenades. Also, you get to customize equipment and weapons depending on your choice. Also, you can make your character special with the dressing, armor, and helmet.

Game mode settings

In World War 2 games, there are up to six game modes to achieve shooting and war experience. In other game applications, you get to use which game mode you want. It could be team deathmatch, capture point, knives only, deathmatch, or arms races. Surf around each game mode to know which to play in.

Battlefield option

This feature in World War 2 allows you to pick your game area. That is the nation to fight the war. It could be the USA, USSR, Japan, or Germany.

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Also, this feature allows you to choose the side of the conflict by selecting your war heroes, either Soviet, American, Korean, German, or Japanese.

Availability of various weapons

World War 2 game contains several weapons and equipment to choose from. You will find dozens of machine guns, head guns, shotguns, and rifles. In addition, as you level up in the game, these weapons are unlocked and improved for satisfactory functionality.

In addition to all the features, World War 2 games come with other features like completing a quest, achievement or contract in the shooting game.

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Also, you have the chance to invite friends online or physical friends and achieve a top rank leaderboard in the game. This is amazing!!!!


World War 2 game is an exciting, suspenseful, and thrilling shooting game. It is an excellent world-class multiplayer game originating its inspiration from classic games like Call of Duty and the saga Battlefield. The game is fully adapted to your mobile devices. Get a free download of the latest version of World War 2 here!!!

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Download World War 2 APK game if you are a lover of shooting or war games. World War 2 is a thrilling shooting game, you have to be alert while playing, so you won't lag.


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