Bomber Friends
Bomber Friends
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Version: 5.16
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Download Bomber Friends APK and enjoy engaging in bombing activities while confronting your enemies. Bomber friends engage players in several adventurous activities.

Name Bomber Friends
Version 5.16
Updated Jul 3, 2024
Category Action
Developer Hyperkani
Google Play Link com.hyperkani.bomberfriends

Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends is an entertainment game; it is quite engaging and fun. It is the remake of the bomber man series game. The game offers players adventure as they engage in activities with their friends. Bomber friends is a game that brings memorable excitement to players.

The game is considered an arcade-style game where players are immersed in intense bombing activities and confronting enemies.

If you remember your childhood or your childhood is full of memories of the popular legendary bomber game -bomber man, you will be familiar with and also understand the concept of the game.

Bomber friends is a fun and engaging game; players are engaged with the multiplayer mode feature

bomber friends 2021

Bomber friend is considered the best and most popular version of Bomberman on all mobile devices; the game has gotten over 50 million downloads on Google Play which means that it is widely accepted, and the number of users keeps increasing daily.

Compared to the former console, where you need four friends to play Bomberman, and if you get to play alone, you will play with the AI, bomber friends allow players to play online friends in the world. Also, you can invite friends over to the app, team up and fight other players. This is impressive.

Bomber Friends game is real fun, and it has gotten people's attention hence making people come for a better experience. Unravel the details about the game as you read on.

Bomber Friends Description

Bomber Friends is an attractive, fun, and quite engaging arcade-style game that allows players to engage in activities like confronting enemies, binging enemies, and avoiding being bombed down. The game is fun and extremely attractive to play.

The game leads players to an interesting task which is to bomb friends to gain score points, pass levels, and prove abilities. The game might sound simple, but you have to be skillful and understand the tactics to bomb in the game.

Hyperkani developed and published the game. Bomber Friends has gathered up to 50 million downloads on google play; this is impressive and shows how interesting it is for people across the globe to love it. Everyone has access to play the game.

bomber friends old version

Bomber Friends is an immersive game that gives off lots of intimacy whereby players engage in bombing and fighting enemies. Bomber friends have become popular and coral amidst other versions of the bomber man series.

The game has updated graphics; it is charming and beautiful with immersive content. The bomber friends story plot is simple. It starts in a small town whereby the hero bomber lives peacefully with his friends and family. However, the peaceful days did not last when terror came to the land after an orc attacked the village.

They came to destroy everything in the city and kidnap almost everyone in the village; his friends were kidnapped as well; this led to the division of the land into small islands, including desert, cursed castle, grassland, winter valley, etc. As the player, you will play to help the hero bomber go on a long adventure to rescue his friends by bombing and fighting the enemies.

The gameplay and control in bomber friends are quite straightforward. It is not different from the classic bomber man game series. Players move through labyrinth blocks which can be destroyed with bombs; your objective is to eliminate other players and the enemies.

You must keep two essential things in mind while throwing a bomb, which is; that you must not go across the bomb (you will get trapped if you do), and the shock the bomb sends travels in a straight line. Hence it would help if you dodged it so it won't reach you. This is simple.

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In the game, you will move in a maze and place bombs in between to break the Bricks. There is a virtual key system displayed on your screen which triggers the control. You can use the joystick placed on the left side of the screen I control the character movement, and the key on the right helps you place bombs where needed.

The control system of bomber friends is not complicated. But you must remember that you must find tactics to defeat your opponents. You can focus on collecting items early in the game, as this will get you lots of bombs. The greater the number of bombs, the more advantage you have over your opponents.

Players have a chance to carry out various activities in the game, like getting upgrades of items when they break brick or when an enemy is destroyed. Some bricks cannot break into the game; however, this is an advantage to trap down your enemies and rescue your friends.

 Bomber Friends has gotten people's attention with its many features; people worldwide come to get the amazing thrills it offers.

Features of Bomber Friends

Here are all the amazing features of the game;

Classic and extensive gameplay

 Bomber friends is an interesting game to play; everyone can play it. The game features an excellent gameplay that gets players in activities like bombing and breaking walls to defeat their enemies. Bomber friend gives off authentic gameplay to players with its touch screen control and binding style game, which is thrilling.

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Customization settings

Here is another outstanding feature of bomber friends. Players have the chance to engage in the customization of characters. You are free to choose a new hat, suit, and many other different accessories for your character. This is awesome.

Multiplayer mode

With this feature, players have the chance to play with friends and online gamers around the world. Players can take on different opponents in matchups of 2-8 players. This will make the game lively.

Enjoy playing with several items

Players are engaged with different items to help break the walls and win the game. Some of the things include; flame, which increases the range of the bomb, shoes to help run faster, a shield, skills, and a bomb. These items have functions in helping you win the game.

bomber friends

Diverse game mode

To make the game more fun and lively, there are different game modes players can play, such as classic, adventure mode, team battles, tournament, reverse, and multiplayer mode.

Additional features

  • Earn game currency like diamonds, coins, and gold bars.
  • Collect medals to increase rank
  • Take on a series of challenges


Bomber friends is an interesting game to pass the time. Download the latest version to experience the fun and thrills the game offers.

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Download Bomber Friends APK and enjoy engaging in bombing activities while confronting your enemies. Bomber friends engage players in several adventurous activities.


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