Helicopter Escape 3D
Helicopter Escape 3D
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Version: 1.16.0
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Download Helicopter Escape 3D APK for an action-packed game experience. Become a special agent and save innocent civilians from zombie attacks.

Name Helicopter Escape 3D
Version 1.16.0
Updated Mar 21, 2023
Category Action
Developer SayGames Ltd
Google Play Link com.rescue.agent

About Helicopter Escape 3D

Helicopter Escape 3D is a fast-paced game with many actions and interactiveness for the player. You'll be playing the role of a special agent and saving innocent civilians from being attacked b zombies. The game is post-apocalyptic, but there is no element of reality, so it's still an arcade-style game with bright and beautiful colours though the graphics are not quite impressive compared to similar games.

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You'll be taking the role of an agent with experience in shooting. So your task is to protect the civilians from zombies from the helicopter. This high elevation and constant helicopter movement make the game difficult when you get to higher levels. You must avoid mistakenly shooting the civilians or risk losing the game.

The graphics have discernible features that allow you to identify each character and differentiate between civilians and zombies. However, the edges and subtle details are absent here. You can also use a simple control system that you can easily use to aim your weapon at the zombies and give the civilians more time to escape. The more kills you make, the higher your points and the more you can hold out your position before the zombie takes over, the better your overall game points.

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The game was developed by SayGames a few years ago. It's been around since its release, and you have over 10 million downloads on Playstore. The app is also rated for 16+, which means anyone younger than that is not allowed to play. The game also has quite an impressive rating of 4.6 on Google Playstore. You'll be able to play it on your android device for free, and it supports over 40 languages worldwide.

How To Play Helicopter Escape 3D

The game is relatively easy to play, considering the simplicity behind the gameplay. You'll be able to get across all the game levels when you help the civilians and eliminate the zombies. You'll be dropped on a helicopter when the game starts, so you'll be positioned at the top of the game, looking downwards at all the zombies.

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Since the game equips you with various weapons, you can select whichever one you like. The more games you play, the more chances of unlocking more guns. So, you can select your preferred game and pick zombies to shoot from the rooftop. Your sole aim is to protect the civilians, so you must keep an eye out for any civilian under attack and shoot at the closest zombies to eliminate all threats.

Game Features

The game has impressive features that make it quite exciting; some are essential features of any game, while others are distinct. Check these out below:

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics and sound in the game are complementary. Although many players might find the game graphics too minimalistic, it offers the expected results. In addition, the game uniquely approaches the zombie apocalypse with its graphics; rather than get scared by realistic graphics and have to deal with too much information, you'll be able to play in a simplistic environment where the graphics are minimal, and your only goal is to shooter zombies.

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Hence, these moderate graphics gives you ample time to focus on the essential parts of the game. The sound is also attractive; the sound is designed to increase the more enemy you have in the level. So there is an increase in tempo when there is mounting pressure. This makes the game even more exciting.


The control system is also minimal. You won't have to deal with many actions while playing, so you only need two main control buttons. The direction and shooting buttons are ideal for this. On the left-hand side of the screen, you'll be able to control the direction of the gun and take your time. The right hand is positioned where the shoot and aim buttons are set, so you can easily use both buttons to control the player.

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Support Items

You'll get some support while playing, which comes in weapon upgrades and unlocking new weapons. In addition, you can select a variety of weapons to play the game. For example, some scenes allow you to use a bullet shield, which means you won't mistakenly kill whoever you're saving.

Panoramic View

The game is a mini-paced game with a third-person perspective. So, you'll be able to see everything necessary from your position. So, no matter where you currently play, you'll still be able to see all the zombies and how many people you need to save. You can also switch between perspectives to observe the directions from which the zombies can appear. It might seem pretty easy in the first few games, but the more you play, the more technical the game can become, so it can become more challenging to see zombies attacking the person you're trying to save. The helicopter might also be positioned at a difficult angle, so you must master using the third-person perspective to keep all game parts visible.

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Although Helicopter Escape 3D doesn't have a wide range of weapons to choose from like in modern zombie games, you are limited to guns because of the range. However, there is still a pretty decent list of options to choose from. So, you have the option of selecting from rifles, long-range guns and even rocket guns that can deal more damage to the enemy. However, you won't have access to all the weapons at once; you have to play and complete some missions which will help you unlock these weapons.


The game doesn't have realistic graphics, but the gameplay is as thrilling as a typical zombie apocalypse game. It's fun and fast, without distracting you with much information on the screen. So you can have an enjoyable game and play at your own pace.


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