Lost Light
Lost Light
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Version: 1.0
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Download Lost Light APK, an action role-playing game that requires you to use unique tactics or violence to survive. Lost light is a fun and exciting game.

Name Lost Light
Version 1.0
Updated Sep 15, 2022
Category Action
Google Play Link com.netease.h75na

Lost Light

Lost light is a 3D ARPG in which you get to join the last trace of life left after the lockdown era. This last trace of humanity is the firefly Vanguard squad. The player's primary goal is to survive either alone or in an alliance with other players.

Lost light is a 3rd person shooter game created by Netease Game Global. You get full access to the survival, warfighting, and progression game with a lost light download. As a member of the Firefly squad, you get to explore sinister plans about to be published from the exclusion zone.

lost light game download

To win this game, you must survive this fierce domain where humanity doesn't prevail. It would help if you had supplies, so you must leave your shelter and face the doom outside. You can choose to sneak around or go out armed and shoot as a warlord.

You must keep upgrading and trading as you play this game and go higher. Build your strength and be powerful enough to keep enemies in check. You can choose to be a warrior or a hiding minimalist in this game; each decision affects your survival in the game. This game is a high-risk, high-return one.

Description of Lost Light

Lost light is a very realistic hardcore shooter game. This game is focused on surviving and gathering loot. While at it, you need to know that defending yourself from the unknown is essential.

In this game, you are a member of the firefly task force.  With this squad, you face the dangerous and sinister plots behind the exclusion zone. Make sure to survive this fierce domain that is gruesome to humanity. The lost light mobile game is accessible on mobile devices with the android operating system.

This game's main characteristic is looting. The looting experience in lost light download is like no other. There are items of high value scattered around the lost light world to succeed, and you have to loot. There are various things to take like backpacks, ammo and grenades, weapons and modifications, armor and helmets, Health and food items, and items that can be sold in exchange for in-game currencies.

lost light apk 2022

You can buy some valuables at Heidi's shop and on the black market. This game also has locked rooms that supply regular loot, important oot, and rare items. Fill up your secure containers with keys to access valuable areas and increase your net worth.

The Hiedi shop sells items to you at a fixed price. Most items sold at the Heidi are battle-related, unlike those at the black market. You can trade high-value items with other firefly squad members at the black market. Goods at the black market are usually more expensive, and you need a lot of money to purchase them.

Features of Lost Light.

The lost light has various unique features.


This game has the regular mobile shooting mechanics. At the beginning of each round, you start by spawning at a specific location on the map. It would help if you learned all the different spawns and noted where the firefly squad and Players' marauders would be at the beginning of the game.

lost light

This game has a game timer; make sure to get to the extraction point before the time runs out. Also, as you guard the time, do not succumb to the poisoning in the battleship caused by mutated plants. Before escaping through whatever extraction point you choose, you must ensure you fill up and loot valuables from other players and the general arena.

Warfare Survival

This game features realistic warfare survival. The wrath of the apocalypse has defaced forests, factories, homes, etc. You must succeed amid this apocalypse. Learning about your weapons and equipment would help your survival. There would be a battlefield at the start of each game; make sure to explore all corners. Never overlook any detail on the battlefield, or there will be fatal consequences. All details count. Learn to adjust to and deal with pain and hunger and make plans to survive them. Scavenge for supplies, complete missions, hone your skills and become a warfare survivor.


Download lost light and get access to authentic firearm customization. The firearms in this game are carefully created to give players a realistic firearm experience. Each gun has up to 12 parts that you can modify and many other components. You can optimize your weapons however you want, and the system would also give loadout recommendations for a "quick equip." The Firearms are well constructed from their structures down to their texture.

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Although this is a fantastic action RPG game, violence or war isn't your only way out here. You can also use tactics. Once you find the extraction point, you can hide from danger and make it out alive.

You can go out into the battlefield armed, wreaking havoc and taking loot, or you might decide to scavenge your way to a small fortune. But remember that if you die midway in a game, you lose all you have looted as they are not yours until you leave the battlefield alive.

Ensure you map the battle area before moving; you can do this in your shelter. Make sure to boost your energy, stay in good shape and customize your loadout before leaving home. Be very attentive when you pick your firearms, as that would determine if you will get to the evacuation point or not.

Social interaction.

The lost light game download allows you to choose partnerships other than being a lone wolf. With the social interaction feature, you can choose to team up with a spared enemy or commission with other players to rescue you when you are knocked out.  You can chat with other players on your mobile device across the platform. This cross-platforming experience allows you to communicate the exhilaration of the battles and other feelings with other players. You can also form parties on different platforms and complete challenges together.

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Lost light allows you to explore endless possibilities.

Free Trade.

In this game, you get access to free trade, and you can make a profit off it. After each successful evacuation, you stash your loot in abandoned subway tunnels and establish your foothold there. After upgrading this tunnel to a full-time base for your operation, you can see a store and trade in the lost-light players-driven economy. You can sell your surplus loot and buy what you need.

If you trade wisely, you get to increase your chances of survival.


The lost light mobile game is a great action and survival game. The goal of this game is to always get to the evacuation point alive. The means to get there can be either by war or by tactics. If you do not get to the finish line alive, you would lose all loot and have to start that battle over.

lost light mobile game

There are so many unique features in this game. It has a fantastic user interface and great graphics. Survive in a world of endless possibilities and achieve the impossible with the lost light mobile game app.

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Download Lost Light APK, an action role-playing game that requires you to use unique tactics or violence to survive. Lost light is a fun and exciting game.


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