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Download Vengeance APK, Discover a world invaded by evil powers while diving into action and experiencing the fun of warfare! Stop evil creatures and save the world.

Name Vengeance
Version 1.3.6
Updated Sep 27, 2022
Category Role Playing
Developer DimasjkTV


A single-man team created the legendary Roleplaying tribute Vengeance intending to give you a memorable gameplay experience that is entirely ad-free. You will receive coins as compensation for completing tasks or fighting battles. They are needed to purchase costumes, upgrade equipment, and cast enchantment spells.

Play the part of Norian, a teenage fire wizard thrust into this quest for Vengeance, and gradually learn the secrets of the tale! Six Episodes make up the story, and each one becomes more challenging and has more risks!

All gamers should feel at home with the gameplay; the experience is meant to excite you. You will be confronted with this story of brave people seeking justice. What role will you play? Will they eventually get justice? Select Download vengeance to find out.

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DimasjkTV has created a thrilling character game called Vengeance to diversify the market. You shouldn't miss this game if you enjoy solving the mysteries of legendary warriors and adventures. If you don't stop those creatures, the world will soon be destroyed!

Supporting materials are also beneficial. Players can overcome a problem more rapidly thanks to their growth, even though they are only temporarily effective. Famous characters and mounts can also help players win battles—your strength and chance of winning rise when you have more enemies.

Vengeance Description

Vengeance is set in a world where Dragons, evil spirits, and darkness pose threats. You are one of the few who remain the only line of defense against these atrocities. Mana will be used quickly if magic with high destructive power is used. You can only employ simple attack methods when you don't have enough mana to use the ability.

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In this game, saving the planet from destruction is your primary objective and eliminating dragons and other monsters. With this single-player virtual role-playing game, you can progress quickly and acquire various abilities and powers.

In Vengeance, you are a courageous warrior endowed with unique skills. You can travel to other worlds, raise demons, or tame creatures. You have to complete the tasks given to you, and You have the chance to uncover secrets and previously unknown information.

Due to the precisely planned and finished elements, Vengeance’s may remind you of DIABLO if you've ever played that game. You have the opportunity to conquer the regions, tunnels, and hundreds of different kinds of monsters. Prepare to engage them!

Like previous Epic character games, Vengeances a sophisticated control scheme. To move the character, press the gamepad button on the left of the screen. The surface may fight and perform magic using the virtual key buttons on the right. The player can keep track of the character's vitality by clicking on the red orb icon in the top corner.

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Additionally, Vengeance contains an option that enables the use of rides by players. It makes the player move more quickly and gives them a more regal look, which can be helpful in combat. You can disable this in the options if you don't want to use it.

Warriors, killers, defenders, magicians, hunters, monks, and undead creatures are just a few of the seven character classes available in Vengeance Players can choose their character's gender in addition to their class. They each have four different skills. They benefit from a particular component of the war, of course.

Using spell books, you can further develop a character's skills. Using aids, donning armor, and carrying weapons are other ways to build strength. When the character is armed with shields and swords, his chances of victory increase!

Using aids, donning armor, and carrying weapons are other ways to build strength. The character will have a higher chance of winning when he has shields and swords to fight! Your protagonist begins with only a metal hammer. Throughout the conflict, you can gather additional weaponry. When you defeat foes, they will fall beside them. They can be collected for usage.

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You should gather supplies to craft if that doesn't work. Typically, the ratings for these products are higher. The kind of material affects how high the rating is. Legendary gear is made using rare materials and gems.

Features of Vengeance

Original gameplay

In this game, you will be battling adversaries and developing your abilities. You have the option to use a distant attack, combat attack, spell attack, or heal during combat. Every weapon has a unique move that can shatter or disable an opponent while depleting their energy. In this game, you can battle creatures, find equipment, and finish quests to survive the enemy's attacks.

Adventurous gaming

Leveling up, discovering new skills, and fighting monsters are just a few advantages of playing single-player offline games. In truth, this game also allows for leveling up. To keep playing, you must save your game at regular intervals. In this game, you can also buy more potent weaponry. In this action-packed role-playing game, you can overcome strong adversaries and other strong bosses.

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Embrace 3D graphic

With its captivating and engaging storyline and breathtaking graphics, You will be captivated by the narrative and magnificent pictures, and you will experience the drama of this lovely planet. The action and exciting moments in the game will have you playing all the way through. Embrace breathtaking artwork, the compelling plot, and the lovely music.


In the single-player Game Vengeance, you can lose yourself in a story surrounded by gorgeous music and surroundings. You'll likely receive legendary and legendary tools as compensation for your adventure.

Vengeance has engaging gameplay that keeps getting better for enjoyment and exploration.   Above all, the game's combat pace is rapid and real-time, always providing players with the most spectacular battles.

Gamers advance through the globe or environment but constantly fight various opponents and must maintain their survival. The action will even seamlessly blend with a dramatic and dynamic plot, using visuals to explain the world's history and mysteries to players at crucial points.

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Download Vengeance APK, Discover a world invaded by evil powers while diving into action and experiencing the fun of warfare! Stop evil creatures and save the world.


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