Flight Pilot
Flight Pilot
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Version: 2.11.56
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Download Flight Pilot APK and become a maverick pilot flying different planes in the 3D simulation game. Fly around the world with various exotic and fast planes.

Name Flight Pilot
Version 2.11.56
Updated Jun 26, 2024
Category Role Playing
Developer Fun Games For Free
Google Play Link com.fungames.flightpilot

Why Flight Pilot is the game for you

Flight pilot is an amazing and interesting activity that gives you the experience of flying a plane around the world like a pilot. You will be provided with many enormous planes to fly in the sky and complete different missions. The first element is the first list of missions you must complete even though they are difficult, varied, and unpredictable.

flight pilot apk

In the flight pilot simulator 3D, you have some assignments to carry out from crossing the checkpoint, and you are to extinguish fires and rescue shipwrecked passengers in the middle of the ocean. There is a wide range of missions to be completed in this game, like getting water from the sea to extinguish fires on the other side of the map, landing the plane at a specified airport, and more. When you are just starting, you have only one plane to fly, and as you complete the mission and earn rewards, you will unlock other aircraft you can fly by buying them.

Flight pilot is an excellent simulation game developed and released by Fun Games for Free to give game lovers an exciting moment of playing games by flying different types of planes to complete various missions. The game has simple, clear, intuitive control that you are not forced to get used to or retrained. In running the plane, lots of training guides are provided in the game. Get into different classes to practice your driving skills to make them better.

Awesome Features of Flight Pilot

  • Simple and intuitive control: flight pilot simulator has intuitive and simple touch controls that you can easily get used to. In each plane, there are authentic plane handlings that players will quickly get used to. The realistic control elements will make you feel like you are controlling a real plane, thus making the adventure enjoyable.
flight pilot simulator 3d free
  • Aircraft system: while piloting the plane to its destination after completing a mission, you will collect some stars, which you can use to unlock various planes. Accumulating lots of stars will increase your chances of acquiring a fleet of aircraft such as Super Bong 747, Bong 747, Jet Fighter 18, Special Turbo 680, and lots more. And these planes are with realistic colors, shapes, and designs.
  • Interesting Missions: flight pilot has different and interesting mission system. When starting the game for the first time, there is a simple training mission to help you learn the flight controls and how the game works. On completion, you will earn coins and unlock other missions in the game.

In each of the subsequent missions, there are instructions to follow based on the purpose you are meant to attain. As you progress in each task, it becomes more difficult, but with the instructional objective, you will know what to do. Updates are given in each mission to ensure you comply and amend the mission objective.

  • Free flight option: to access each mission, you need a certain amount of coins to do so, and to get the cash, you will participate in the flight pilot simulator 3D free. This simulator is open with no objective other than collecting coins by running through balloons and landing at the airport for mission information.
flight pilot
  • Graphics and Sound design: the graphics of the flight pilot is an ultra-realistic 3D graphics with powerful visual effects and thrilling in-game animations. The game has a meticulously elaborated background that you will experience while flying the planes with vivid colors. The soundtrack is immersive, and the audio gives a relaxing sensation that makes you feel like flying a real plane. You hear the engine's sound, that of rolling on the runway, and the wind whispers.

How to play the flight pilot game

To play this addictive game, get the flight pilot simulator free download on any of your mobile devices, Android or ios. To fly the plane as a pro pilot, you must train to understand the joystick sets and other basic buttons. The steering wheel and other buttons are located in an important position, and you can operate them from the touch of your device screen. The radios that give information about the weather and help you seek help in an unfortunate situation are connected to the ground control system.

flight pilot simulator 3d

After you have completed the training, you will choose your mission and aircraft to fly. In the beginning, you will be provided with a single plane to use, and as you are inexperienced, your rank will be low. After completing different missions, your status would have increased, and the accumulated experience and flight pilot unlimited money gathered can be used to upgrade your aircraft.

The mission of the pilot in flight pilot game

In the flight pilot simulator 3D game, the pilot's mission is to rescue the earth by completing the tasks within the allotted time. Some rescue tasks are extinguishing fires,  saving passengers in the ocean from shipwrecks, and more. As you are doing this, you will receive flight pilots unlimited money from special guests.

flight pilot game

The money given is an indispensable factor you can use to purchase more powerful aircraft to complete other missions ahead of you. The more task you complete, the more money and reward your earn in this simulator game.


Flight pilot simulator is a game with standard and vivid 3D graphics where everything is observed in realistic formats. In this game, you can choose from different aircraft to complete the missions set before you in entertaining and addictive gameplay that gives you the experience of flying a plane like a pro. Even if you are inexperienced in playing aircraft games, with the training session that lets you get familiar with the controls and how the aircraft works, you can take off with the simple control of flight pilot download game and unlock more advanced options, and have a good time flying around the world with sophisticated airplanes.

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Download Flight Pilot APK and become a maverick pilot flying different planes in the 3D simulation game. Fly around the world with various exotic and fast planes.


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