Epic Heroes Save Animals
Epic Heroes Save Animals
Size: 1.01 GB
Version: 1.0.36
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Download Epic Heroes Save Animals APK latest version to join your friends and strangers to play a fun fantasy game where your roleplaying skills will be most useful.

Name Epic Heroes Save Animals
Version 1.0.36
Updated Mar 20, 2023
Category Role Playing
Developer Dinosaur-Games
Google Play Link com.mob.crowd.arena.wars

Introducing Epic Heroes Save Animals Mod APK

Get ready to be your most heroic self! Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK is a simple roleplaying game in which your main goal is to save the animals and keep them protected. To do this, you'll need to develop competence and work with a team of avengers like yourself.

Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK lets you choose from a unique and powerful selection of heroes to create a formidable team to fight for the animals' lives. Can you fight the darkness for their sake?

Gameplay In Epic Heroes Save Animals Mod APK

Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK is a battle-focused game. A major part of the gameplay centres on fights between opposing parties. The game features automatic battles where you don't have to do anything besides select the characters that will participate in them. The matches are easy, but this does not diminish their importance.

epic heroes save animals mod apk

Choosing the very best of characters is important since this is the greatest influence you have on the battles. While playing, the game screen also gives you information about the enemies you face. This includes their battle strengths, team combat powers, skill levels and special abilities.

You can also tap on levels to know their rewards and get tips for earning more stars in them. For example, tap on the Speed button when the battle begins to increase the speed of the auto battles. In Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK, the matches are made up of more than one round.

They usually require you to go through two or more rounds of fighting to determine the winner. As you progress, you'll get to certain levels where you can skip the auto battle process and just move to the end to view the results and rewards earned. This shows that the most important part of playing this game is ensuring your team is more powerful than the enemies.

Key Features Of Epic Heroes Save Animals Mod APK

As the title implies, heroes play a major role in this game, but they're not the only feature. This section talks about the heroes of Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK and the other fun features available for you to explore. So let's get to it!

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  • Heroes: Characters are very important in Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK. You need knowledge of them to determine the best choices for your battles. The hero characters in this game are classified based on different factors such as the class they belong to, the special element they possess, and how hard they are to obtain.
  • Factions: A faction is a hero category that focuses on the element the hero possesses. There are six factions in Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK: Universe, God, Technology, Nature, Dark and Superman. God's heroes can defeat Universe heroes and vice versa. Technology heroes can restrain the Nature heroes, but the Superman heroes can only take them down. Nature heroes can defeat Dark heroes and can be defeated by Technology heroes. Dark heroes can restrain Superman heroes and be restrained by Nature heroes. Lastly, Superman heroes can restrain Technology heroes and be restrained by Dark heroes. This shows how necessary it is to consider hero categories when choosing your characters. Ensure you choose characters that can easily overpower the opponents.
  • Classes: This category focuses on the skills the heroes have. There are five hero classes in Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK. Ranger is a hero class that can take heavy damage for a long period. Ranger heroes are better at long-range combat than close combat. Mage heroes provide magical support on the battlefield. They also reduce the effect of damage dealt to the other heroes in the team. Support heroes are healers. They are good at healing team members that their enemies have attacked. Raider heroes deal a good amount of damage, weaning the enemy team greatly. Warrior heroes protect their other teammates since they have the best health levels and fighting skills.
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  • Rarities: This category is based on how rare the heroes are. It makes use of tiers. Legendary heroes are powerful, rare heroes on a level called the A tier. Mythic heroes are more powerful than legendary heroes. They are divided into S and S+ tiers, the latter being the most powerful and hardest to obtain. Ordinary heroes are the least powerful and easiest to obtain. They are on the B tier. The Upgrade feature lets you upgrade the other types of heroes to Mythic heroes through a process referred to as an awakening.
  • The Recycle Station: This is where you get special items or heroes you need. The station provides you with them by disassembling and reassembling unwanted items and decomposing and recomposing heroes. The four processes are Hero Reset, Equipment Decomposition, Hero Decomposition and Hero Regress.
  • The Summon Tower: This is where the hero summonings take place. It contains summoning banners that require diamonds, faction scrolls, and other unique items to be used. These items are known as summoning currencies. You can summon up to ten hero characters at once with some of them.

With Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK, you also enjoy panning and playing strategic battles. Your George's are yours to summon, equip and use to the maximum. The magic arena is full of thrilling magical battles; since they're automatic, you can just relax and watch them.

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The online multiplayer feature enables you to play with millions of players worldwide using cross-server technology.


Epic Heroes - Save Animals Mod APK is a large app because of the game content it contains. From epic graphics to seamless animations, everything here is of high quality. This mobile game is 817MB in size. It is solely designed for Android devices and is compatible with only devices running on Android 5.0 or higher.

Saving all the animals in the world is a huge responsibility, but you're capable. Even if you're not capable at the moment, you can be assured that the game provides all you need to accomplish your goals.


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