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Download Decisions APK, a game where players get to choose their stories. Every story is interactive, as you have to make the right choices to get what you want.

Name Decisions
Version 11.2
Updated Sep 28, 2023
Category Role Playing
Google Play Link com.games2win.decisions

An In-Depth Description of Decisions

Decisions: Choose Your Stories is a game perfect for lovers of interactive stories and role-playing game enthusiasts. In this game, players can choose from a wide range of stories. You have the power to choose your adventure and make different choices – every decision you make is a determinant of how your story will end. Will you get the romance and love you want, or will you end up heartbroken?

In Decisions 2022, your life is entirely in your hands, and you can decide what you want to do with it. In Decisions, choose your interactive stories; you can be the main character of a mystery, drama, or romantic novel – whatever you want. Players can choose between different settings and several stories according to their taste. Sort through the various stories, choose the life you want to live the most and make decisions that will affect the storyline.


The Decisions latest version gameplay is very simple and easy to learn – players must make essential decisions in important aspects of their character’s life stories. The decisions they make will lead to good or bad consequences, and players will have to accept these outcomes. Your destiny is in your hands; there is no judgment, so you do not need to hold back.

The Decisions latest version gameplay is very simple and easy to learn – players must make essential decisions in important aspects of their character’s life stories. The decisions they make will lead to good or bad consequences, and players will have to accept these outcomes. The novels in Decisions 2022 have clear romantic backstories with a certain underlying feminist discourse. Due to this, female protagonists can act however they want and choose whatever they want.

You can choose whatever story you want to play when you launch this game. Whatever you choose, you will get to play the first episode for free. In the first episodes, like most interactive story games, players can customize their characters to look the way they want. They can change their hairstyle and color, skin color, shape, and appearance in general. They can also give their character any name that they wish to. From there on, you can explore the storyline and make your different choices.

decisions apk latest version

The Decisions latest version allows players to live their lives as they want. Make bold decisions in every episode and watch how they affect the storyline. Choose from different stories - rom-com, drama, teen fiction, and many more. Our site offers a straightforward Decisions free download process so that you can get right to it!

Features of Decisions: Choose Your Stories

In Decisions: Choose Your Stories, players can make bold decisions without compromises or judgment. Make different choices, live different lives – fall in love, solve mysteries, uncover hidden agendas, and experience high school or college drama – and enjoy unique outcomes. This fantastic role-playing game has so many features for you, which are highlighted below.

Make Decisions in Visually Engaging Stories

Of course, the major of the Decisions game is that players get to make decisions that will determine the outcome of their stories. You are the main character of every story you decide to read. You make the decisions and choose the endings. This is one of the reasons why people play interactive stories games because they are in total control of their lives and can live it how they want to.

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Players will get to explore a completely different world depending on the story they choose. It could be a funny story about two couples, a mystery novel where you have to uncover the truth, and a romance story about two people from different backgrounds falling in love. This is the best way to realize your dreams of becoming the main character of your favorite TV shows and movies.

If you believe that experiences in our lives are not based on fate but on the decisions we make, then this game is perfect for you. All the stories in Decisions have several chapters, just like an actual novel. The only difference is you get to decide how the story ends through your decisions, and you can customize the main characters to look the way you want.

Note that your decisions may not lead to your desired end, but the most important thing is that you made the decisions yourself.

Several Genres to Choose From

Not a fan of romance? That is fine because there are several genres to choose from in Decisions. Each story is about a different person with a different life; you can explore those different lives from your comfort zone. It could be rom-com, romance, comedy, action, mystery, or drama. Just look at the plot and see if it is a life you want to live.

decisions apk 2022

You can experience love, dating, friendship, and every other aspect of life in the different stories you play. With the wide range of stories that Decisions offer, players are sure to find their match. Some famous stories in Decisions: Choose Your Stories are listed below.

  • A Royal Affair: the story of a princess who is about to inherit the throne and become the queen of Lightdale Kingdom.
  • Baby Highness: a story about an aspiring fashion designer who wants to make a mark at the upcoming International Fashion Week.
  • A Naughty Proposal: a story about a young lawyer who cannot deny her boss’s beauty and starts to fall for his charm.

Other Features Include:

  • Players can customize their characters to look the way they want.
  • There are multiple episode choices to choose from in every story.
  • Decisions: Choose Your Stories features exciting dress-up options – change hairstyles, outfits, eye color, face and body shape, etc.
  • Decisions: Choose Your Stories is available in twenty-five languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Ger
    man, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Filipino, and Swedish.
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Life your life the way you want to, make bold decisions, and explore different genres in Decisions. In this game, you are the one in charge of your destiny. Our Decisions: Choose Your Stories download process is straightforward – what are you waiting for? Hit that download button now!


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