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Download Knighthood APK game and start your journey through the knighthood world. Collect and develop a vast range of weapons and destroy the enemies.

Name Knighthood
Version 1.18.0
Updated Apr 23, 2024
Category Role Playing
Google Play Link com.king.knightsrage


Knighthood is an action RPG game developed by Midoki Roleplaying games. This game requires you to prove your worth as you journey down the knighthood lane. You should be ready to deal with the enemies that block your path to knighthood.

As a player in this game, you take the role of a knight. You are meant to fight and conquer and defeat whoever stays in the way of your knighthood. . You are required to battle both friends and enemies in this mysterious world.

As you journey to becoming the land's most famous and feared knight, you have to destroy powerful enemies and bizarre monsters. You have to take down any obstacle that blocks your path to knighthood and become a rage knight.

knighthood android

The rage knights once defended, and we're considered heroes in this fantasy world. Now the rage knights have been corrupted and controlled by the lord Karnon. Lord Karnon is the king of dark powers.

Battle unusual monsters, fight enemies and rage knights that have been corrupted, and enjoy the rich fantasy world as a rage knight in the knighthood android and IOS download.

Description of Knighthood

Knighthood is a turn-based action-relaying free game. This game is compatible with both android and IOS downloads. As a player, you control the new rage knight warrior and fight enemies and monsters throughout the game. As a player, you can gain weapons, health boxes, armors, and other loots.

This game is a single-player game that features some online aspects that allow you to p

Connect with friends online. As you begin the game, you create a knight and start enjoying the action filled RPG adventure in a fantasy world.


At the beginning of the game, you are to follow Sir Edward Drakesin through your first battles and fights to show your excellence to the members of the knighthood. Once you win this fight, you get your gauntlet and the powerful monument symbol of the knighthood. You begin your RPG Adventure in Astellan, at the brick of a colorful fantasy world.

Collect legendary items and customize them. Use these items to strengthen your knighthood. Download knighthood games and recruit, customize, and ancient upgrade heroes to improve your battle powers. You can call upon your rage and unleash your hero's unique abilities during a fight.

Features Of Knighthood.

Here are some features of the knighthood games.


This game features unique gameplay. This game is a single-player game where you control the knight. You are kept in a fantastic fantasy city called Astellan and required to claim the gauntlet.

You have four energy bars in this game, losing a bar with every attack. You must use your gauntlet or throw punches to defeat the enemies. You can also use whatever weapon you have with you at the moment. You purchase things in the shops and hunt, which would help you survive in the game.

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Take your knight to the next level as you battle beasts, undead, goblins, and many other mysterious creatures. You have to win the battles with these creatures and become a legend in the game. Win quests and treasure hunts to improve your game.

You can get ancient heroes with unique abilities to fight by your side. You need to choose your ROG strategy and Master your ROG combat skills. Download knighthood's latest version and select heroes and weapons fit for you to win a fight. You can switch between weapons, hero power, and guns; just make sure to create a perfect strategy and chain of attack. You can also defeat some of your fellow knights to become the PVP arena hero.


The gears and costumes in this game are one of the things that makes it very distinctive and unique. You get to gear up in style and create special gear for your knight. Create and style your knight to be unique in the crowd.

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Some of the treasures won in hunts can be used to improve your gear. Fully customize your knighthood and show your style to friends. You can collect the best equipment from various items and become a hero of the PVP arena. You can customize your knight's equipment to suit your taste or personality.


Joining the knighthood is the primary goal of this game. You must enter a guild or build yours. Destroy titanic bosses in the guild with fellow knights and hone your rage knight skill set. You can also connect with friends and build an unstoppable army. Win battles with your guild and make your guild the envy of all guilds.

You can also chat with guild mates to create a unique RPG strategy and create a bond between your guild. Fight epic battles with your guild, build a legacy, and become the knight everyone looks up to.

User interface.

Knighthood offers you a beautiful user interface. This user interface features realism with unique HD designs and pages. This game has a straightforward, user-friendly interface that you can easily access and work with. It features very fluid and easy-to-use controls that make the game easy to operate.

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You also live in a fantasy world with customizable gears and weapons. This game gives you a fantastic action role-playing game experience you'd never forget with its excellent interface and graphics.


This unique RPG action game allows you into a fantasy world with mystery. In this game, you get to become a hero and a knight. You collect weapons and use gauntlets to become a knight in the order of rage. This gem is a free mobile game you can easily download on your mobile device. Although the game is free, you can choose to purchase some items with real money. If you wouldn't need this feature, you can easily disable the in-app purchases in your device settings. 

Download game knighthood and get to play one of the most fantastic action RPG games yet and become a rage knight.

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Download Knighthood APK game and start your journey through the knighthood world. Collect and develop a vast range of weapons and destroy the enemies.


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