Magic Rampage
Magic Rampage
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Version: 6.2.0
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Download and install Magic Rampage APK and experience a new level of gaming where you have to battle monsters and zombies. This is not a regular zombie game.

Name Magic Rampage
Version 6.2.0
Updated Apr 1, 2024
Category Role Playing
Developer Asantee

Background of the Game

You are playing as an unknown warrior living a quiet life. Then, one day, a mysterious force called you. You were given a mission to visit an old castle. Your job is to find out the evil that has occupied this castle with its dark magic; the evil force has turned all the soldiers in the castle into zombies.

magic rampage game

As you plunge deep into the mysterious world, you will be carried through different places, such as the magical castle in the middle of the ground and the deep dark tunnel. You must go deep to discover what secret lurks within these places. At the same time, you also have to discover who you are, which is why you have been chosen to carry out this mission. And finally, you will have to locate the kind and discover why this mysterious castle was stationed underground.

Equipment and Weapons

 Navigating the movement of the protagonist in the game is pretty easy. The navigation button on the lower left corner of the screen allows you to move the character in different directions; the jump and attack control button is on the lower-right corner of the screen. Finally, the character’s equipment, such as armor selection and weapons, is on the above left of the screen.

Unlike many adventure games, the actions in Magic Rampage are not complicated at all, and nothing is confusing or technical about the movement. The Platform element is pretty basic and traditional. Thus, perhaps the most challenging aspect is the selection of armor and weapons. You have to think deeply before you can select which item you want to use, depending on the kind of obstacle or enemy you will face. Some items may be sophisticated enough for the first stage, but they become too obsolete when you get to the second stage. For instance, fireproof armor will protect you against fire, of course. However, fireproof armor does not keep zombies away because they will still attack and bite you regardless of the fire.

magic rampage

It would be wise, on this note, to try to choose the right equipment for the major character; by doing that, you will also be indirectly strengthening yourself to be able to fight off some enemies.

Several Game Modes

That is a good thing when the plot is not too complicated or the gameplay is not too unique. Unfortunately, the game mode system here is pretty rich, leaving it pretty tough. If you play the Campaign Mode, you will see many levels, but each level has a different scene and situation where the monsters, such as ghosts, zombies, bats, dragons, and giant spiders, are always pretty new.

To win this game, you have to make careful and decisive decisions. While on the mission, do not forget to pick diamonds and coins and unlock the secrets of each level to proceed to the next level where you can open new items.

In Survive Mode, you must survive each scene by being very intuitive. The longer you stay alive, the more weapons and gold you receive as rewards. You can play this mode first to get enough armor and weapons to prepare you while playing other modes.

There is another mode known as the Boss Mode. Here, you can collaborate with other friendly NPCs to battle some horrible Bosses.

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If you are not comfortable with lone games, you can play the Competitive Online Mode. Here, you will compete with other players worldwide to know the best in the dungeons. In this mode, there are random playing scenes with special traps and more mean Bosses everywhere, but the rewards you get are also special.

The Platform Element

In Magic Rampage, you will notice the Platform element immediately after you touch the screen and start controlling the first steps of the character. Everything is laid out before you like a straight line without end but filled with many traps, making you constantly act (launching weapons to attack, jumping back and forth, moving quickly, and walking).

However, because it is also a role-playing game, the characters are not immutable like the regular platformers. The intrepid adventurer or unsung warrior can have a slightly customized look. You can select from any classes – Thief, Paladin, Rogue, Warlock, Druid, Warrior, and Mage. Also, the armor equipment and weapon system are pretty rich. Through each option, you will receive a special fighting advantage. Both weapons and armor possess magical elements, such as shadow, light, earth, air, water, and fire.

magic rampage gameplay

Sound and Graphics

 There is a kind of darkness in the background scene. The major character’s creation is a little bit weird. The game has several monsters, generally different types of zombies. You must expect a lot of violence while playing this game. Hit a character once, and you will see blood, guts, and pieces of flesh flying all over the place. Another element of violence in the game is the effect of killing created by some strange weapons used by some players. But you don’t have to worry, the graphic is not overdone, and all the characters are beautiful and small. The game is somehow dark, but not too dark. You will surely be excited about this game after starting it.

Amazing Features of Magic Rampage

  • Every week, players will receive special challenges and great rewards from Golden Chest
  • The survey mode in the game is mainly to test your strength
  • Go into the most dangerous dungeons and overcome the most sinister challenges
magic rampage apk
  • Meet the shopkeeper and purchase the best equipment, such as rare antiques that can help you upgrade all your weapons and armor


Magic Rampage is a pretty intriguing game in the action-adventure genre, where you kill several kinds of zombies and monsters. In this game, you have the chance to customize your character to your taste, thereby expressing your personality through the character you create. This is a game you are supposed to have in your games collection because it has some pretty new things to offer, no matter how long you have been playing games.

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Download and install Magic Rampage APK and experience a new level of gaming where you have to battle monsters and zombies. This is not a regular zombie game.


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