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Version: 3.1.2
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Download AnimA APK and enjoy role-playing action games. Hack and slash the powerful demons as a hero and acquire impressive weapons to defeat your enemies.

Name AnimA
Version 3.1.2
Updated Oct 31, 2023
Category Role Playing
Developer Redeev
Google Play Link com.ExiliumGames.Anima

Description of AnimA

AnimA is a role-playing action ARPG game where you play as a hero on a journey to find and kill the demons against you. With endless levels and challenges to face, it's an exciting game that will keep you engaged till the end. Anima is offered by Redeev and was first released on the 1st of November, 2019. It is rated for teenagers with violence and blood content.

In the AnimA ARPG game, you will play as an adventurer in a dark fantasy world, where you will face different kinds of dungeons lurking with monsters and demons. When you first start playing the game, you can choose to play as a warrior, magician, or archer.

The game has seamless controls on your mobile device, with the action buttons on the screen's right side. But on the left side, you will see the virtual joystick for moving around in the game. As you move to higher levels in the AnimA game, your action button will be able to do more and get more skills.

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If you're familiar with dungeon crawler games, you'll find it easy to play the AnimA game. It starts with your character at the bottom, with poor equipment and low skills. But, the more you slaughter the demons and monsters that come against you, the game offers coins, armor, weapons, and experience points.

The more you level up in the AnimA game, the higher your statistics will be and the more skills you will get. You can use that to become the hero of the game.

Fight Demons and Win

The AnimA game is fun, as the main point is for you to fight the demons in the dungeons and kill them. To find the demons, you need to pass through complicated mazes. The mazes will be booby-trapped, too, with many traps, sharp turns, and monsters in your way. You have to fight the monster boss at the end of the maze. You can only move to the next level after you defeat the boss.

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Remember that the AnimA game puts you against many strong enemies while you're stuck in the maze. Sometimes, the area is dark, and you must find your way through the maze. The AnimA game keeps you on your toes and engaged with exciting gameplay and action scenes.

Leverage Powerful Weapons and Skills in AnimA

You will choose your character when you first start playing the AnimA game. The game will give you three options. The mage uses magic and can tame demons with sorcery, and there is a warrior skilled at physical attacks. Then, the archer uses a bow and arrow to hit the targets.

Although you will have to play with only one character, in the beginning, you will get more skills and upgrades as you move through the game. This allows you to play with weapons from the other characters and learn the other characters' skills to become stronger.

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Once you've gone far in the AnimA game, you can even fight demons with all the skills from the characters with your 3-in-1 attack strategy. Along with fighting the demons, you will have to collect different items by hunting.

Each of the items you get can be used to fight against demons. Some items will increase your strength, while others offer higher battle points. There are over 200 items that you can get throughout the game. Aside from the items, you can also look for gemstones that will increase your character's power. There are eight gemstones located throughout the game.

The AnimA game will require you to fight against bosses and demons. The boss is the strongest among all the demons, and after you defeat the boss, you will get the loot, which is your reward. The stronger the boss you defeat, the higher your reward. All your collected loot will be used in the final death battle.

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Work with Your Team

It's not just you playing the AnimA game. While you are the main character in this role-playing action game, you will work with your companion, which is a pet. You will receive a special item called a seal at the maze's center. The pets are meant to help you out throughout the game. They can seal magic, increase your strength when you're weak, give you ancient secret techniques, and offer support when you fight your enemies.

Impressive Graphics and Sound on AnimA

The AnimA game is even more fun when you consider the graphics that it comes with. The game has a dark background and tone, with a world full of evil. The graphics will create a sense of mystery that messes with your mind with attractive visuals. The 3D graphics are high quality, so you can see the game's characters, scenery, items, and patterns.

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The main player and the villain have neat and vivid graphics, and their expressions and looks are clear. The weapons are also well designed, along with the spells and spoils you need to collect. Every weapon is designed in great detail, especially when acting as a mage.

The AnimA game features exciting background music and sound effects throughout the game. As you fight with others, you will enjoy the music that hypes you up. The sound effects from slashing the blade and drawing your weapon will make the game even more realistic.


The AnimA game is an impressive one that combines role-playing themes with action and strategy. You can enjoy your role as a hero in destroying demons and pass-through challenges on every level. The missions you need to complete are almost endless, so you can constantly be engaged from the beginning of the gameplay. Keep on upgrading your weapons and skills as you play.

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Download AnimA APK and enjoy role-playing action games. Hack and slash the powerful demons as a hero and acquire impressive weapons to defeat your enemies.


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