Pokemon Masters EX
Pokemon Masters EX
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Version: 2.46.1
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Download Pokémon Masters EX APK, the RPG where you must catch Pokemon, add them to your squad, and train them to gain strength. Battle, trade, and collect Pokémon.

Name Pokemon Masters EX
Version 2.46.1
Updated Jul 10, 2024
Category Role Playing
Developer DeNA Co., Ltd.
Google Play Link com.dena.a12026418

Pokémon Masters EX

The android RPG app Pokémon Masters is made for users to use on their Android phones and tablets. layers in the game can team up with other trainers and engage in 3-on-3 combat by using the app. The famous Pokémon instructors from the first two games in this epic Pokémon story, Red and Blue grade trainers, can assist the player in these battles.

Description of Pokémon Masters EX

The RPG Pokémon Masters was created for mobile devices. Team up with other Pokemon instructors and engage in thrilling three-on-three combat. You can work with the legendary instructors from the first two games in the story, Red or Blue caliber.

You will begin the adventure of Pokémon Masters on the island of Passio, which is home to trainers from every continent. For all intents and purposes, this implies you can communicate with new characters unique to this journey and existing characters from every prior edition of the series. If you become friends with another trainer, you can include him in your squad and engage him in close combat.

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Pokémon Masters' combat style is different. It's exciting to see matches among 2 groups of 3 trainers, each using an unique Pokémon. Command your Pokemon to attack once the activity meter is filled. Your tutor can be instructed to help his personal squad during combat by using a variety of special tools.

Pokemon Masters, the most recent game in the Pokémon saga, provides a fresh game sensation that moves far quicker than earlier entries in the series. The game also has amazing visual effects that are comparable to the others in Pokemon GO.


The Pokémon Masters' new fight system comes quite similar to the original. Real-time combat between two teams of three trainers, each of which has its own Pokémon, will take place. A Pokémon attack can be launched by the player as soon as the action bar is full. Players can assist their specific trainer by utilizing a variety of various objects.

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To win the thrilling encounters, identify the other team trainers' weak points and then deliver them some damage. To win battles, cooperate with your squad.

Features of Pokémon Masters EX

Join Forces with Renowned Trainers

Pokémon Masters EX's fundamental feature of meeting and cooperating with strong Trainers from different regions adds an intriguing twist to the game's plot. On Pasio, you can run into sync couples like Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh, and her Garchomp, and the legendary Pokémon Trainer Red and his Charizard. You can also run into the formidable Trainer Blue, the famed Professor Oak's grandson, and his Pidgeot.

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Battles between three Pokémon

You'll be able to fight Pokémon once you've allied with other sync pairings. In Pokémon Masters EX, 3-on-3 matches take place in real-time. The more your move gauge fills up over time, the more powerful attacks you can unleash. In addition, Trainers can employ their own techniques and healing supplies for the first time in Pokémon Masters EX matches in addition to controlling Pokémon to launch attacks as usual. The stats of a Pokémon can be improved by a Trainer's move, among other things. You'll need to create entirely new strategies if you want to prevail while several sync pairings are engaged in combat at once.

Get Your Sync Pairs Ready

But if you want to advance in Pokémon Masters EX, you'll need to strengthen your sync partners so they can perform to their potential. You can level up your sync pairings as you play to make them more potent in a match. Then, you can raise the level cap on them to make them even more powerful! Develop each sync pair's sync grid, boost their stats, and teach them practical skills to tailor each sync pair to your own fighting style. You can also raise the sync level and potential of your sync partners to give them additional strength. A team that accurately represents your playing style can be built in ways.

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Many Obstacles Remain

Once you've put together your perfect squad, it's important to evaluate everyone. You'll encounter well-known Instructors within the Pokémon world while on assignments that are part of Pokémon Masters EX's main quest line. If you can persuade them of your worth, they can take part your squad. There are also particular, one-time activities that you mustn't skip. Don't be surprised if any amazing new personalities appear on Pasio at these times.

Gain prizes by defeating different foes in the War Palace, running into Legendary Pokémon in epic adventures, and battling in the Grand Arena with the Prime 4 and Winners from different regions. You may win trophies in even the most difficult contests to demonstrate your skill.

Compete against the best

Fight the Elite 4 and the regional champion inside the brand-new Champion Stadium! Rise to the top with your sync couples and secure your place in the Hall of Fame.

pokemon master ex

Fight with champions at the new stadium You will encounter a different method of playing in Pokemon Master's EX because you must enter this Classic Lee-designed champion stadium to deal with the enemies and battle the best for original Champions to power off and when your fame quality and position yourself at the top of the list.

Different game modes

There are various game modes available in Pokémon Masters EX, however, they are online-only. You have the option of fighting against real players, AIs, or competing in a team with friends. Additionally, the player has the option to play in single-player mode and use three of his monsters to try to defeat either actual opponents represented by their characters or Pokémon robots. In whichever option is selected, the player receives rewards for winning, which might aid in creating and building teams.

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Download Pokemon Masters EX to explore the world of Pokemon. Engage in three-on-three combat with different traditional coaches, unlock more than 65 characters, and explore the brand-new Champion Stadium with activities, hatch eggs, and more.

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Download Pokémon Masters EX APK, the RPG where you must catch Pokemon, add them to your squad, and train them to gain strength. Battle, trade, and collect Pokémon.


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