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Version: 2.0.13-rc656
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Download Cyberika APK, a role-playing action game. Take an adventure to the cyberpunk universe, get to the city's heart, engage in combat, and upgrade your home.

Name Cyberika
Version 2.0.13-rc656
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Role Playing
Google Play Link game.rpg.action.cyber


Download Cyberika free mobile game developed by Brickworks Games Ltd in April 2021. The Cyberika free download follows a storyline where players are taken to a futuristic world immersed in chaos and poverty. In this world, only the powerful ones can survive; the armed forces do not exist. You can get by daily by acquiring weapons and guns. Since the game belongs to the apocalyptic genre, gamers who love the genre will eventually love the game.

Game Description

Cyberika's latest version is an adventurous MMORPG featuring a deep storyline in a cyberpunk universe. Exploration is a must in this game as players are set to meet the inhabitants of Bradbury Complex and complete significant tasks. You would battle with freak individuals in backstreets that are so dark. Players would also have to race along the neon-lit streets in their sports cars.

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The most famous dystopian future videogame available now is Cyberpunk 2077. Regardless of where you stand, it drew much interest and led to sales today. Nonetheless, some folks lack the funds or the PC necessary to purchase the game. If you fall into this category, you can play Cyberika, a cyberpunk game in which you must live in a hostile environment. Live in a 2084 world where companies have taken over all of the power.

You can dramatically alter every aspect of your style in Cyberika download for Android, including your face shape, hairstyle, and even your enhancements. You can add several modifications to this area to boost your stats, such as speed and endurance. Also, you'll explore a compelling narrative in which you seek down the researchers who invented the chipset in your skull. However, there are many difficulties you must conquer beforehand, including ones that require you to steal, battle, and more!

Features of Cyberika

Let us look at the fantastic game's features:

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Be Yourself

In the cyberpunk universe, vulnerability has no room. Have your body upgraded if you have no strength, speed, or hacking powers. In the Bradbury Complex, we refer to it as Get-The-Augmentation. Make adjustments to your appearance, talents, and weapon to become the best contract killer in the city. Modify your automobile, clothes, or pistol to stand out from the crowd at all times.

Get Immersed in The Story and City

Every community in the city has a distinctive appearance and is governed by a different gang. You will visit every area of the Bradbury Complex thanks to our intriguing plot. Are you prepared to see another hacker discuss strategies to rob a secure laboratory? How about stealing a valuable sports car for a trusted mechanic?

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To be situated in the middle of the activity and the entertainment, relocate to Downtown. There are typically a ton of other participants here, alongside shops, cafes, casinos, and clubs and bars at your convenience.

An Advanced Combat System

You have access to a wide variety of weaponry, including energy guns, laser swords, and bats. Remember your cyber implants, which can grant you superhuman combat powers. Discover your strategies to beat many foes, from everyday street criminals and cyber-hounds to military robots, cyber-ninjas, and bosses.

Upgrade Your House and Be Free

You may unwind, take a refreshing shower, and get your favored pasta from The Slurp Shop at the exact location. A facility that allows you to upgrade your weapons and gear and replace old implants. An area where you feel safe and comfortable; your residence. Whilst it may not seem like much, it is effective, and you have a connection to the internet and virtual worlds. And gradually, you're going to advance in the world literally.

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In addition to being a practical means of accessing the city's areas, your car is excellent. It has both soul and beauty. You can rely on the automatic pilot to drive you where you need to go, but there are moments when it's advisable to grab the wheel yourself to dodge traffic or flee a fast-moving pursuit.

Final Thoughts

Every quest in Cyberika download is supported by the top synth-wave and retro wave bands, like Magic Sword and Power Glove, who play every moment. Massive multiplayer method features, such as coordinated raids and clan wars, are about to come. Further, you can gain entry to cyberspace, where the contest will be even more heated. Be cautious, or you can find yourself in a virtual prison.

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Download Cyberika APK, a role-playing action game. Take an adventure to the cyberpunk universe, get to the city's heart, engage in combat, and upgrade your home.


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