Karate King
Karate King
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Version: 2.6.8
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Download Karate King APK ; Arise through the ranks, smash your way to the top and defeat the Kung Fu king, proving to all that you are the one true Martial King.

Name Karate King
Version 2.6.8
Updated Apr 22, 2024
Category Role Playing
Developer Fighting Sports
Google Play Link com.fs.karate.king.fighting

Karate King

You wake up in a tournament stadium's inner court, oblivious to your name, nationality, occupation, where you gave, and where you were headed. Strange enough, you seem surrounded by extremely violent individuals, yet this seems like home to you.

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The only way to regain your lost memories is to rise through the ranks and defeat the Kung fu himself. You can only do this by learning martial arts, a skill which you soon discover comes to you naturally. Start your journey from the bottom and face off against multiple opponents that are far stronger than you in strength, size, height, weight, skill, and experience.

There can be no excuse for failure; failure means death in the ninja world. Train your character and master the physics-defying nature of the many sites and locations the Kung Fu king sets each tournament fight. With the aid of characters you unlock along the way, you will be able to rely on the assistance of your friends and develop special moves and perks that give you an advantage over stronger players.


Karate King fight game download is the keyword search that gives you one of the Fighting-Sport studios' role-playing action fighting games. "Karate King fighting game download" has become one of the many requests gamers who enjoy offline single-player fighting games with a lot of action. The request has been the case since the Karate King game got a solid 4.3 / 5-star rating by 211k+ gamers and an even more astonishing 600k+ downloads worldwide. A 3year old game attaining this status since its launch on the 31st of May 2019 in a very competitive genre is no small feat.

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Multiple things amount to the success of this game; aside from the entertaining features, the game goes out of its way to join the league of free apps for Android, IOS, and Windows operating systems. This decision made "Karate King free download" possible across multiple devices.

This kick-boxing game is suitable for teens 12 years of age and above. It maintains a casual and simplistic outlook. Ninja fight games are known for being violent, but this game takes a quick 1-2 jab at that notion by using flashes of light to emphasize hits. Set in the world of many pop culture's famous cartoon fight series, the anticipation for the special skill bar to fully load is high.

Game Features

Ease of Accessibility: The game has been made readily across multiple platforms so that the gamer can get the official Karate King game with a simple search of "Karate King Download."

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Physics Defying: With its physics-defying 2D set-up, players fight in various ways that allow them to exhibit their full potential without the restraints of physics on the body. With all body limiters removed, fights are set up in what would be normally harsh, uninhabitable conditions, which stands to allow players to channel their chi into attacks for more damage.

Real-world Martial Art: Many players of the Karate King game comment on the accurate and realistic moves the game employs despite its physics-defying nature. It is usual for such games to quickly fall into the world of fantasy without any touch of realism, but not in this case.

Multiple Arenas: The tournament is set in a new location each time with epic 2D background imagery and an interactive environment. Players can always look forward to what scene has been generated as each comes with its unique ups and downs.

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Claim Unlimited rewards: Karate King eliminates the need for requests like "Karate King unlimited money" by being very generous to her gamers. With an infinite tab of achievements, daily rewards, reasonable fight rewards for victory, and a fair compensatory reward for losing. All these create a situation where the player does not need to struggle for resources.

Epic Audio: The game is entertaining by its fast-paced music and soundtracks that propel the gamer to be actively engaged and prepared to make quick commands on the controls.


The game has an epic story mode that describes the struggles of a kickboxer on an ambitious quest to defeat the current kung-fu king and regain memories stolen from him when he wakes up in a tournament.

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The game has four distinct modes:

  1. Story mode: This takes the player on a journey to becoming the all-powerful martial artist
  2. Versus mode: Versus mode is like a challenge mode where the fighter can challenge any character in the game. The mode helps the player e learn new skills, earn gold coins and ultimately buy better gear and unlock more powerful characters as allies.
  3. Knockout Mode: This mode is designed specifically for the player to make his special move fearsome. With an opponent that doesn't take damage except when a special move is dealt, the player is forced to adapt, observe, and strike when an opportunity presents itself.
  4. Hyper mode: This is the game's adventure mode where the player must go on much more challenging quests, succeed in legendary missions and rapidly increase his energy bar and skill level. The rewards for this mode are much higher due to its tough natits
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Simplistic and engaging gameplay is guaranteed in this 2D ninja fight game. On starting the game, players are quickly taken through the game's tutorial mode, where they are taught basic fighting moves like kick, punch, sweep and block, using the virtual joystick on the left and buttons on the right. These controls are fully adjustable and can be resized to meet the gamer's taste and preference.

The shop supports in-app purchases with real money for gamers who would like to have a fun time with the top resources present in the shop, unlock tough characters to help clear difficult levels, or vet even more gold coins.


Karate King Kung Fu fight game is an immersive and entertaining game designed to be suitable for individuals of any age to enjoy and spend their spare time. It goes without reason that it should be one of the top-level action fighting games.

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Download Karate King APK ; Arise through the ranks, smash your way to the top and defeat the Kung Fu king, proving to all that you are the one true Martial King.


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