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My Town Home
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Version: 7.00.33
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Download My Town Home APK for a fun dollhouse. Give your kids a surreal experience in a virtual world of brightly colored and fun family simulations.

Name My Town Home
Version 7.00.33
Updated May 14, 2024
Category Educational
Developer My Town Games Ltd
Google Play Link mytown.home

About My Town: Home Doll House

My Town: Home Doll House is a mobile game that allows players to go back in time or kids to maximize their time and have fun with their favorite toys. The app's specifically designed for parents and guardians who want their kids to have as much fun as possible but don't have the correct number of dolls or space. Hence, the game immerses them in a virtual environment where they are open to various possibilities.

It's the ideal app if you have kids at home who would love to play with dolls without displaying too much. Since colors are a thing for kids, the game's brightly colored with various types and tones to create a unique and creative environment. In addition, the kids can create their own doll story by touching the game objects, tools, and other items on the screen.

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The game is relatively easy to understand too. So children can interact with the objects to know what they are used for and freely use them when they start playing with dolls of any color, character, etc. The app also provides a level of freedom kids should have because it gives them the liberty to get creative with their own stories and decide what happens while they play.

There are many rooms in the game with different characters and miniature families with parents and their children. So, by moving things around and creating a different scenario, children can get creative, create their own rules for playing, and create an adventure for themselves and their virtual friends.

My Town: Home Doll House is an impressive game with an ingenious idea for My Town Games Ltd, famous for creating games in similar categories. The game has millions of downloads online and is available in over 47 languages. The content is rated for 3-year-olds and above, so most of your kids will be able to play.

Gameplay: How To Play

The gameplay is simple and easy to understand. The kids will also be taken through the game features when they begin playing. However, if you'd like to explain or teach them, you can start with the rooms. There are many rooms in the game, and each contains different features. Depending on what type of story they want to create, they can click and drag various objects around the house and choose anyone they want to include in their daily life.

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Touching the baby doll will allow you to take it for a walk, play multiple games, watch TV programs and sing songs. There are also several other activities to do in the game. For example, kids can easily change the doll's clothes by tapping on it and doing other chores around the house such as helping mum cook, baking cakes, learning piano, playing with the kittens, and other fun and exciting things kids do.

The game also allows role change. So, you can switch between daddy, mummy, and kids to change the activities. For example, changing into a daddy role means you'll clean the house on holidays, wash the car, play with children, game your family in picnics, etc. There are roles and activities for mothers, too, such as watching movies, cooking delicious meals, walking with children, and telling bedtime stories.

Game Features

Although this is a kid's game, it still lends them the role of an adult and gives an experience of what it's like to be a father, mother, and kids in a family. The game has millions of players because of the features below:

Colorful Game

Like many children's games out there, it's also brightly colored. The graphics are impressive, with every necessary detail included in the game layout and background. The flowers, kids, dogs, and other game objects are well detailed and brightly colored enough to intrigue the kids and allow them to identify all types of things they see. The clothes are also brightly colored and include some of the trendy designs kids wear in modern days.

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The game's storyline is that it has no storyline. It allows the player to become independent and make the story as they want. The only limit is due to the different roles the kids can play. As a baby doll, the activities are limited to what babies do, such as playing, learning, taking a walk, dancing, singing, and others. But it does give the player the choice of what they'd do and in what order they'd do it. For example, you can decide not to play a game with friends, spend the time alone or go indoors and read a book or watch TV.

Game Characters

There are many game characters in My Town Home Doll House. There is the father, the mother, and then the baby dolls. Depending on the kid's choice, they'll experience different characters when they play. For example, you'll meet more kids your age when you play as a baby doll because you'll play with friends in the garden, sing with friends, and do things age. Meanwhile, the adult characters will also meet with more adults, take the family to picnics, take care of house chores, cook, etc., so they only meet little characters compared to the kids.

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Unlimited Interactions

The game has unlimited items that you can interact with when you play. For example, if you have a doll and want to take it for a bath, you can make your soap lather, play around with the brushes, play in the water, and do other things. In addition, you can drag items around the house and match them to different other items as you want. Kids will also be able to learn the use of essential equipment and objects around the house as they interact with all.


The game has incredible graphics with beautiful colors and organization. The characters are vivid and lovely, with complex objects in every nook and cranny of the rooms. It's a fantastic game to develop mental comprehensiveness and children's brains.

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Download My Town Home APK for a fun dollhouse. Give your kids a surreal experience in a virtual world of brightly colored and fun family simulations.


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