My City Star Stable
My City Star Stable
Size: 59.47 MB
Version: 4.0.1
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Download My City Star Horse Stable APK and dress your horse like a star in the fun stable. This is a perfect game for children to explore a virtual stable.

Name My City Star Stable
Version 4.0.1
Updated Jun 24, 2023
Category Educational
Developer My Town Games Ltd
Google Play Link mycity.stable

My City Star Horse Stable

My city star horse stable is a fun game for kids or children of young age to explore a virtual stable like a real-world stable. If you have always wanted a horse and want to take care of it as a cute, beautiful, and playful horse, This is a perfect game for you.

In my city star horse stable game, you will discover new things. You will train your horse, dress, and ensure they are in good health.

my city star stable game apk

The game is an entertainment and, at the same time, educational one for kids. It is a game to learn more about horses, how to take care of them, and their stable. As a player ( a kid in the game), you will own your horse with several horse breeds and engage in challenges.

In addition, my city star horse stable is an interactive game. It is classified as part of the genre of simulation games. The game is really fun with lots of features to enjoy. This has made lots of kids want more of the game and even go the extra length to get their hands on the game.

My City Star Horse Stable Description

My city star horse stable is an interesting, exciting, engaging, and educational game suitable for kids or children. In the game, children discover new information about horses and all you need to know about them. Players will have the chance to own beautiful horses.

Aside from taking care of the horses and riding them to compete with other horses, you will enjoy special game experiences. For instance, children will find hidden gifts and items necessary to fix details about your horse. The game is a place children can raise their horses. It is a safe game for children; its graphics are top-notch, and the game contains educational contacts, which are helpful to the children.

my city star stable apk download

The gameplay of my city: star stable is simple, easy, and smooth. In the game, the major task of the child is to raise, train and take care of horses. Children can choose a pony or an adult horse, depending on their choice. Each horse has its advantages.

After this, Players (children) will manually feed the horses, care for them, and dress their horse. In addition to the task given, children train their horses to become strong, fast, and powerful among other horses participating in the online race. Also, children can play around decorating their horses to stand out and ride their horses around to explore the stable.

With this game, children will have competitive and different gaming experiences. Also, in the game, there are many exciting and interesting mini-game that children can play alone on the mobile device or play together with family where they discuss and play mini puzzles or find hidden objects in the farm. The excitement and thrills you get on this game are top-notch and beautiful; this has made its users come back.

Features of City Star Horse Stable

Here are the exciting and engaging features the game offers;

Diverse Place to Explore

Aside from the regular stable where horses stay, children can explore many places in the game. The virtual world in the game is full of surprises and vast areas to visit, such as;

my city star horse stable apk
  • Backyard - Here, children can cook together. The children mostly cook for their family the most delicious meals. Also, children can play mini-games together to increase their mood.
  • Racecourse - This is where children participate and engage in horse racing. Other online players will join in this area. The race competitions excite kids and give them delight.
  • Living room and kitchen - This is where children spend most of their time with family and relatives. Everyone relaxes and watches TV, eats and enjoys themselves.

As children move on in the game, there will unlock locations they can explore.

Enjoy Mini Games

Besides horse racing and taking care of horses, my city's star stable has many interesting puzzles for children to express their abilities and thinking and find hidden items. If any children find the hidden object quickly, they will receive valuable gifts and rewards like gems, coins, or money.

Personalize Character

Here is another exciting feature of this game, children can customize and dress their horse with preference. It will allow them to play around with their fashion thinking.

my city star stable apk

Graphics and Sound Quality

Images and characters in the game are well detailed, giving the kids a realistic experience. Also, the sound quality is sweet to the ear; the sound is vibrant and audible.


If you want an entertaining and educating game for your kids, this is the right one here. My City: star stable is an excellent and engaging app game for children to explore. Download the latest version and let your children enjoy these thrills.

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Download My City Star Horse Stable APK and dress your horse like a star in the fun stable. This is a perfect game for children to explore a virtual stable.


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