My City Jail House
My City Jail House
Size: 92.87 MB
Version: 4.0.2
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Download My City: Jail House APK and create your own adventures! Learn how to make the bad guys good, and solve fun puzzles as you play this engaging game.

Name My City Jail House
Version 4.0.2
Updated Apr 19, 2024
Category Educational
Developer My Town Games Ltd
Google Play Link mycity.jailbreak

Description of My City: Jail House

My City: Jail House is an engaging and interactive game developed by My Town Games Ltd and was first released on the 18th of June, 2020. If you've ever wondered what a jailhouse looks like, you can visit the Jail House in My City. You will be playing as a warden who needs to take care of the bad guys in prison and ensure they behave.

Make sure the doors are locked, monitor the criminals in the yard, and make sure they don't escape. You can solve puzzles and dive into a world of adventure while discovering hidden keys which can unlock different content in the game. Unlock new locations in the game and explore with the tens of characters available.

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My City: Jail House offers different locations that you can explore, including the jail area, dining hall, yard, helipad, and more. There are also different interactive objects, escape rooms, and hidden locations. Play as a warden, police, or prisoner, regardless of what you'd prefer.

Although it's a children's game, anyone can enjoy playing the My City: Jail House game. It is designed with a multi-touch screen, so people can play together on the same screen.

Explore the World of Prison

The My City: Jail House is an engaging game that anyone will enjoy. When you hear prison, you might think it's a scary place, but the game gives you a new perspective. It shows you the different criminals and workings of a prison and will show you how you can rehabilitate your prisoners to become even better.

Like all the other My City games, Jail House allows you to touch and interact with a lot of items on the game. It features fun characters and detailed locations, so you can get into any role and present your own story. You can play as a prison guard who is in charge of taking care of prisoners to make them better people. Unlock the door, solve puzzles, and visit the prison yard. Make sure no prisoners escape.

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On the other hand, you can play a prisoner or policeman in prison. Apart from the role-playing theme, the My City: Jail House game also has different keys hidden around the game. You can look around the city to find them and use them to unlock new content.

Another fun feature is the disco dance. If you turn off the lights at the Jail House prison, you will see a disco dance floor with colorful lights and lively music. All the characters in the game will play and dance, and this is a fun part.

It's an educational and engaging game that allows you to be creative and explore different interactive items and locations in prison.

Connect with Friends

One of the highlights of the My City: Jail House game is the fact that you can connect with friends. The developers are known for their fun children's games, offering practical lessons and exciting adventures. Also, all the My City games are connected, so you can share gadgets and characters in the game with others in the series. You don't miss anything when you transition to other versions, and you can connect with your friends.

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As a children's game, My City: Jail House is healthy and will stimulate your thinking. Children have the chance to create their ideas on their own and enjoy fun themes. With the multi-touch feature, you can play with friends and family on the same screen. Thus, you can interact with other people in this educational and entertaining game.

The game is suitable for those between 4 and 12 years old but will also be great for adults and anyone who wants a fun mobile game in their free time.

Brilliant Graphics and Sound

My City: Jail House features brilliant graphics and sound effects that bring the gameplay to life. It is a simulated playground that allows you to know what prison feels like and how it works. The 3D simulation space makes it fun to play the role of warden, prisoner, or police.

The seamless images and colors come together to give you an animated and fun game. The game does not have dull colors as you would expect from a prison but features lively and bright graphics. The sound effects are also vivid and fitting.

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The game will take you to different locations, up to eight, for you to explore. These include the yard where the prisoners exercise, the helipad that the police use for transport, the dining room where they eat, and more. It's your prison, and you can do whatever you like.

My City: Jail House Game Features

There are different features that you can expect while enjoying the My City: Jail House game. These enhance your gaming experience and will keep you engaged from start to finish. These include:

  • The game features eight new locations that you can explore.
  • Role plays as different characters and follows the layout of the different stories.
  • There are 20 characters in the game that you can interact with, and you can take them to other games in the My City series.
  • Enjoy the high playability and stress-free gameplay.
  • Kids safe gameplay with no ads or IAP.
  • Connect with other My City games, which allows you to share characters from different games.
  • Multi-touch gameplay that allows you to play with friends and family on the same screen.
my city jail house


My City: Jail House is an interactive game that anyone can enjoy. The game is easy for anyone to play, from young kids to adults, and offers you chances to explore a wide world that you can explore. You can enjoy high playability and a kid's safe gameplay. There are eight locations you can check out and 20 characters to interact with. Furthermore, you can role-play any character you want and connect with other games in the series.

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Download My City: Jail House APK and create your own adventures! Learn how to make the bad guys good, and solve fun puzzles as you play this engaging game.


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