Cooking Mama:
Cooking Mama:
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Version: 1.108.0
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Download Cooking Mama APK and enjoy this recreational cooking simulation game. Stir up the best dishes, mix different food and give your customers meals they crave.

Name Cooking Mama:
Version 1.108.0
Updated Jun 27, 2024
Category Educational
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Brief description of cooking Mama

Cooking Mama: Let's cook is a cooking simulation game where you play a female character named Mama. It is a cooking game where you work in a kitchen, and you are not only tasked with cooking and catering for people that patronize you. But you are also responsible for preparing meals that will please papa, making Mama the best cook and opening more restaurants.

Office create corporations released cooking Mama: Let's cook on the 14th of May, 2015. It is rated E, meaning every one of any age can enjoy playing this game as it contains no violence, blood or gore themes. The game has seamless gameplay and easy controls that anyone can use. It is basically clicking the icons to select what actions you want to do. Once you get used to it, you will be playing the game with ease.

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Cooking Mama: Let's cook! It is a fun cooking simulation game with many levels, so you have a long way to go ahead. The dynamic game has multiple upgrades, items and power-ups to improve your restaurant, so you are kept engaged. The game also has vivid graphics.

Fun gameplay and concept

Cooking Mama is a very exciting management game where you take control of Mama. Your main job is to cater for customers that come into your restaurant by preparing meals they request, and you are paid in coins and receive experience points "XP". You have different tasks, For one, customers have other cravings, and they request for meals that are not cliché, so you have to learn recipes and know the best combinations to cook up the food they ask for. The game starts at a decent pace, but as you progress and level up, the more customers you will be able to host, the more coins, experience points and the overall standards of your restaurant increase. The more you sell dishes, the more coins you earn, which allows you to make multiple purchases from the store to decorate your restaurant and kitchen.

This game offers a variety of upgrades in both your food and kitchen, which can be used to enjoy a better gaming experience. There are over thirty kinds of recipes you can learn as different customers demand various dishes, so when you have a variety of dishes to sell, the higher your chances of earning more coins.

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After cooking meals up for customers, serving papa with meals you cooked up will make him more satisfied as you develop your cooking skills. While doing this, he will have daily requests for you, and on completion, he rewards you with fun gifts.

The game is very addicting and exciting. Once you start doing well, the joy comes from developing your restaurant and earning more coins. Download cooking Mama on any device you use to enjoy this game.

Fun features to look out for!

As you play cooking Mama, you can look out for different fun features that will make you enjoy this game more.

  • Learning new recipes:

Throughout the game, you will meet new customers who demand different delicacies, so you will have to constantly learn other recipes to meet your customers’ demands. There are over thirty recipes available to learn.

  • Decorating and designing your restaurant:

You are allowed to decorate the kitchen to your taste. Purchasing new items from the store will enable you to give the store a more appealing look to customers. Constantly decorating and adding new designs improve the standards of your store.

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  • Mini games:

Apart from cooking, the game has mini-side games that keep players interested whenever they use the app. Some of these mini-games include "Help out" and "Shop keeper". There are more than thirty exciting mini-games to play that will keep players engaged.

  • Intuitive controls:

The gameplay is really easy as it has intuitive controls that both children and adults can enjoy as it is relatively simple to understand.

  • Weekly events:

There are weekly events and challenges that you can compete in for the best scores. The higher your score is, the higher you are on global rankings.

  • Combining different foods:

During the game, there are different foods that you can’t cook with the simple methods. So you combine additional food items to prepare new dishes.

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  • Farming:

You harvest different things by growing plants, fishing and rearing animals on the ranch. From here, certain items are gotten to use in your kitchen.

You can enjoy all these while playing the game, but to enjoy advanced features and more upgrades, then download cooking Mama's latest version.

Cooking Mama Tips and tricks

Before playing Cooking Mama, there are different tips and tricks that will make you play better and enjoy your gaming experience. For one, learning how to combine basic food combinations takes you a long way. There are power-ups available for purchase in the game that let you perform better; there are a total of six available for use, so using them will make playing easier for you.

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There are daily tasks that earn that, once completed, earn you rewards such as coins and experience points that are used to develop yourself. Again, constantly upgrading your restaurant with new designs and decorations increases your restaurant's standards, leading to better customer reviews and satisfaction.


Cooking Mama: Let's cook is a very fun management game with many levels and challenges that keep players interested. The cooking simulation has very realistic gameplay as it makes you feel like you run your actual kitchen. With a variety of upgrades, items and recipes to learn, players are always kept engaged. The game also has a very colourful and beautiful layout that catches the eye of players that makes the user experience very satisfying. Download the game on any device and enjoy Cooking Mama: Let's cook! It will be worth it.

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Download Cooking Mama APK and enjoy this recreational cooking simulation game. Stir up the best dishes, mix different food and give your customers meals they crave.


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