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Any.Do APK is the #1 top productivity and task management service available today. Get this wonderful assistant that manages your schedule and boosts your productivity.

Updated May 15, 2024
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Any.Do app is a business-productivity platform designed to help business owners and busy individuals manage their time resourcefully, efficiently, and without missing out on scheduled events and meetings. With over a million users worldwide, it is the go-to app for scheduling and managing your time accordingly.

Any.Do promises to be a calendar you won't be able to live without. Its in-built reminders and beautiful theme designs jolt your memory- thus making you unable to miss another meeting! Users can get more done quickly without fear of missing out on an event with an assistant like Any.Do app or calendar 24 hours, not being enough, is now an archaic statement.

any do desktop app

The app works on multiple operating systems, notably;

  • do android
  • do windows
  • do IOS
  • do Desktop app.

Within a very short period of being launched, just 30 days to be precise, creators recorded an astonishing 500,000 downloads, and by 2020 it was hitting ground-breaking records of 30 million users and currently still climbing higher on the popularity ladder.A few things made this rapid growth possible.

Any.Do Description

The Any.Do app was originally designed to be a to-do or grocery list app, if you may call it so. Essentially a digital note/calendar with a reminder to keep users aware of the passage of time and the activities they lined up to do. However, with the advent of the pro; it now employs a more business-style operation with functions like task management, artificial intelligence, and adaptability features to help users perform certain tasks automatically and remind users.

any do app

The founders of the app is a trio of innovative men. They launched a similar version of 'Taskos' before building on this knowledge and developing the record-breaking service. These men are Omer Perchik, Yoni Lindenfeld and Itay Kahana.

Any.Do comes in two packages;

  • Do basic
  • Do pro, also called Any.Do premium.

These plans offer a wide difference in the service they offer, the basic offers more mundane services like;

  • Calendar management
  • Reminders and Event scheduling.
  • On the other hand, the premium plan offers a much wider variety of services, namely:
  • Task management and to-do list
  • Supports sub-tasks and file attachments
  • Allows you to share your organized lists with friends and coworkers
  • Voice recording and AI assistance like Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Echo.
  • Time and Location-based reminders
  • Synchronizing across multiple devices that make use of service in the user's credentials
  • Time tracker
  • Use simple drag and drop features to organize the list
  • Teaches users to develop a pattern of making daily to-do lists straight from their beds in the morning.
  • Merge Phone calendar and social media schedule with the infamous feature Any.Do WhatsApp.
any do pro apk

A seamless transition from desktop to mobile, the natural language to create tasks, a satisfying feeling from checking off lists, and aesthetic outlook integration, including many more features, have contributed to's success in becoming a go-to for all business schedules/reminder operations.

Despite all these, it should not surprise you that still faces fierce competition with many other competent task management services in the same field as

Any.Do Alternatives

To throw more light on the task-management service provider space, here are three common and trusted alternatives to

Microsoft To-do

Microsoft To-do is a cloud-based tasks management service where everything the user does is automatically saved to the cloud as a safety measure against loss of data or device. Operating in the form of checklist-style, which can run across multiple devices from android to tablets to PCs. for IOS devices.

Todoist foundations

Perhaps, the fiercest competition of is the Todoist app. Both companies are seemingly locked in a never-ending vs todoist battle. Todoist claims to be the world's fastest, most intuitive, and most reliable to-do list. Giving their users assurance that everything has been accounted for the day with just a few minutes spent organizing. Promising to take users from being overwhelmed with duties and tasks to execution and delivery with the aid of;

any do apk

Quick reminders set up

Sub-tasks options

Highlight the most important tasks in tension-inducing hues and reminders so they can be completed before the deadline

Just as with Microsoft To-do and Any.Do, Toodoist also offers cloud-based services to protect your lists from loss or damage.


Merge is more of an individual-based task management app than a business-oriented one. Created with the sole aim of helping couples bond together, be more efficient, work as a team and have each other's backs. As the name implies, Merge blends couples' calendar lists and can be used to arrange their lists and accommodate both teams and the family. Closeness and unity bring people together; this is what Merge believes. It has made them very popular with busy/working-class couples who desire to go about their lives while ensuring their family and children do not suffer neglect.

any do premium apk

Since the creation of Merge, many couples living together have adopted it into their lives to help them spend more time together accomplishing tasks as a team, thereby strengthening their relationship.

Any.Do Reviews

Independent reviews by brand loyalists are more credible than any review companies can give. Such neutral thoughts foster trust in potential clients. On the internet are several review pages where you would find with a rating of 4.5-5 stars and a minimum of 189 reviews. Multiple users were impressed with the sheer ease and operation of the '' app and the corresponding efficiency and productivity they have realized since their introduction. So, satisfied users highly recommend to business owners or just people who desire to be more productive.


People have often wondered why 24 hours a day seemingly wasn't enough to accomplish everything they planned to execute. It turns out it was just a case of forgetfulness and poor time allocating to tasks. But with app; you can now do more in a day than you would perform on your own.

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Any.Do APK is the #1 top productivity and task management service available today. Get this wonderful assistant that manages your schedule and boosts your productivity.


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