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Download and install Mobizen APK, the easiest and most reliable software to screen record your games, apps, and several others on your mobile devices.

Name Mobizen
Updated Jun 20, 2024
Category Productivity
Developer MOBIZEN
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What is Mobizen Screen Recorder?

Mobizen is a free screen recording application developed by the Mobizen company and used by over 200 million users worldwide. The app has served its users for over five years, giving them a capture and video editing function alongside the screen recorder. When you download Mobizen, you can start, pause, and stop recording content on your phone screen without the need to create an account, much less login.

It's a convenient and easy-to-use app for live broadcasting, recording meetings, and gameplay. Mobizen was listed as one of the best apps of 2016 by Google and featured in countries including Japan, Korea, the USA, Europe, and South and North America.

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The app remains a favourite among users for its clean recording feature with no watermark and hidden recording sign in the Hide Air Circle mode. In addition, you get a face cam function to record your reactions and voice and numerous video quality options that go as high as QUAD HD (QHD, 2K).

Furthermore, video editing options include split video, frame extraction, trim, in/outro, BGM, and many more. When you're done editing, you can make memes and GIFs and keep the long videos as they save directly to your phone storage or SD card.

What are the Key Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder?

Every screen recorder promotes its brand with unique features that outperform competing products. Most individuals like going through the essential components in depth to see how the app will help them increase productivity. These are features unique to this app:

  • Free of Watermark: A smooth and tidy screen recording is provided by the Mobizen screen recorder. The recorder eliminates the watermark since it recognizes your professional usage. As a result, the finished product video may be posted on YouTube and other social media platforms.  These features can be engaged in the "Clean Mode."
mobizen screen recorder
  • Gameplay Recording Footages: Most gamers have a YouTube page where they post gaming videos and showcase their skills, so users of the Mobizen screen recorder may sigh in relief. They may now screen record using their Android phones with the utmost ease. Unfortunately, the video lacks the Air Circle that gives it a polished appearance.
  • Maximum Recording Quality: The users may record audio and video in HD quality with the Mobizen recorder. The video output will have QUAD, 2K resolution so that you can rely on it. The Mobizen screen recorder further guarantees 1080p, 60FPS, and 12.0MBPSs.
  • Facecam Feature on the Go: One of the most advanced features of the Mobizen screen recorder is the Facecam capability. It includes both behind-the-scenes activities. It implies that the user can record their speech together with their facial expressions. Therefore, the audience may observe your facial emotions while recording a game. This feature also applies to covering a tutorial.
  • Editing Functions: The Samsung Mobizen screen recorder brings various editing features to the table. You may alter the screen recording once the final result is in your possession and it has been captured. For instance, don't hesitate to do frame extraction, trim, divide, or incorporate background music.
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  • Capturing Screenshots: Taking screenshots while recording live screens is another of Mobizen's significant features. Additionally, users may appropriately edit the picture taken without cost. It is possible to capture the screen without using any roots.
  • Drawing and Markup Tools: The user has to have access to sketching and markup tools as they create a tutorial or while playing the game. You can write and sketch as you record a screen using Mobizen Screen Recorder, so you're covered.

Premium Version

Even if most of the features are free and sufficient for users to begin recording, upgrading to the Premium version will improve your experience.

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Users can get rid of the adverts, get rid of the watermark, and add the desired watermark by subscribing to the premium version. In addition, your recordings and videos for your channel will have a more professional look with a branded watermark.

How to use Mobizen Screen Recorder

The Mobizen screen recorder is simple for Samsung and Android phones. However, it is better to get familiar with the entire procedure. So, without further ado, let's look at the detailed instructions for utilizing the Mobizen recorder.

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  1. Launching Mobizen Screen Recorder: Launch the Mobizen screen recorder on your Android phone. As soon as you launch the program, an Air Circle bubble emerges. Before beginning the screen recording, the user is expected first to access the "Settings" menu.
  2. Modifying the Settings: Change the screen recording options. The "Video Settings" feature is the first one. To change the video's resolution, frame rate, and quality, tap on it. The "Clean Recording Mode" can be activated as the user needs. It assists in removing the floating icons and the watermark.
  3. Changing the Display of Air Circle: The Air Bubble icon may be shrunk or even removed with the Mobizen screen recorder by replacing it with your image. Users may also adjust the Air Circle's transparency appropriately. The "Hide Mode" completely hides the symbol.
  4. Adjusting the Settings: Through "Settings," Users may activate the "Facecam" function, and its size may change. In addition, you may either make your watermark or utilize one made by Mobizen as far as that is concerned.
  5. Picking Location for the Recording Time: The user can choose the location for recording. For example, "Inside of Air Circle,"  "Do not show,"  "bottom left corner,"  "top right corner," and "top left corner" are the available options.
  6. Start the Recording: Restart the tool once all the options have been changed. The Air Circle is visible. The "Screen Recording" function, shaped like a video camera, may be tapped or clicked. The screen recording starts. Once done, Stop the video, and it will save.

Final Thoughts

The Mobizen screen recorder has grabbed the lead among sophisticated screen recorders on the market. The article described the software's usability while outlining its key features. The tool will help you be more effective and professional.

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Download and install Mobizen APK, the easiest and most reliable software to screen record your games, apps, and several others on your mobile devices.


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