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Download CamScanner APK latest version and scan your documents in HD! It is an all-one app that boosts your productivity and enhances your organizational skills.

Name CamScanner
Updated Mar 26, 2023
Category Productivity
Google Play Link com.intsig.camscanner

In-Depth Details about CamScanner APK 

CamScanner is a productivity app offered by CamSoft Information. It helps you to scan, store and share all your documents in HD quality.

The app turns your phone into a scanner so you can digitize any document. You can also crop and edit the images before sharing them.

camscanner apk

The app has been downloaded by over 100 million users worldwide. CamScanner offers a free and premium subscription.

The premium version gives you access to additional features unlimited edits, and no ads. The app is only 102M and is compatible with all devices running Android 5.0 and up.

Why Download CamScanner APK?

CamScanner is a must-have app for anyone who wants to boost their productivity. It is an essential tool for students, professionals, and businesses.

The app helps you organize your documents and makes it easy to share them with others. CamScanner is a convenient and time-saving app that is worth the download.

camscanner apk download

You can share your documents using different platforms such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram, and more. CamScanner makes it easy to collaborate with others and get work done.

How to Use CamScanner APK

CamScanner is a simplified app that requires no prior experience to use. The interface super modernized and easy to navigate. It has the following options:

  • Document Conversion

This feature allows you to convert any document into a PDF. You can also convert a PDF document into Word, Excel, PPT, Images, or Long Image.

camscanner apk without watermark

This feature is useful when you want to send a document electronically or print it out. It helps you convert any document into its usable form without spending a fortune.

  • Document Editor

This feature allows you to crop, rotate, merge, and edit your documents. You can also add watermarks, signatures, and annotations.

Additionally, this section allows you to import files from any source, such as your gallery, camera roll, or any other file-sharing app. Other of its notable features include PDF password, PDF page reorder, and PDF extract.

This feature is useful when you want to make changes to a document before sharing it. It helps you to personalize your documents and make them look professional.

camscanner apk premium
  • Scan Documents

This feature allows you to scan any document using your phone’s camera. This feature is useful when you want to digitize any document.

You can also use this feature to scan business cards, ID cards, whiteboards, and more. The app will automatically crop and adjust the image so it is ready to be converted into a PDF.

This section also allows you to convert a document to text, enhance a portrait, and make a question set, or use its intuitive Photo Maker! All these features are available for free.

  • Scan a QR Code

QR codes are everywhere nowadays. You can use this feature to scan a QR code and get access to its content. This is a quick and convenient way to get information about a product or service.

camscanner apk latest version

The app also allows you to generate your QR codes. You can use this feature to share your contact information, website, or any other data.

  • OCR Converter

This feature allows you to convert an image to text. It uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize the text in an image.

This feature is useful when you want to edit or share a document electronically. It helps you to convert any image into text so you can edit it on your computer.

  • Sharing Documents

This feature allows you to share your documents with others using different platforms. You can also share them via a link, QR code, or email.

camscanner apk old version

This feature is useful when you want to collaborate with others on a project. It helps you to send documents quickly and easily.

The app also allows you to share your documents with multiple people. You can also set expiration dates and passwords for your shared files.

Other Outstanding Features of CamScanner

  • Automatically Saves Your Documents. This app automatically saves your documents in the cloud. You can access them from any device by logging into your account. This is a convenient way to store and share your documents.
  • Saves Documents in Different Formats. Whether you want JPG, TXT, PDF, or Word, this app has you covered. You can convert your documents into any format.
  • Security Features. This app uses SSL encryption to protect your documents. Additionally, you can set passwords for your files and share them with a limited number of people.
  • Wireless Printing and Remote Fax. This app allows you to print your documents wirelessly. You can also fax them to over 30 countries.
  • Quick Search Your Documents. This app has a powerful search engine that helps you find your documents quickly. You can also use it to search for specific words or phrases.
camscanner apk 2022
  • Sync across Platforms. This app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can access your documents from any device by logging into your account.

CamScanner APK Premium Latest version Download

If you want to access all the pro features without paying the subscription fee, you should download CamScanner APK premium! It has these benefits:

  • CamScanner APK without Watermark. This version allows you to share all your documents without the watermark. This feature makes it best-suited for professional use.
  • Unlimited Storage. This CamScanner APK version gives you unlimited storage, allowing you to save as many documents as you want.
  • Ad-Free Experience. The CamScanner APK no watermark version is free of ads.
  • Advanced Editing Features. The CamScanner APK offers advanced editing features that ensure top-notch clarity of your images.
camscanner apk free download

To get the CamScanner Pro APK free download, you should follow these steps:

  • Activate the Unknown Sources option from the Android Settings menu.
  • Download the APK from a reputable third-party source (avoid downloading CamScanner APK old version). The newer the better.
  • Install the APK and proceed to open the app.
  • Log in to your account to access all the features.


CamScanner APK is one of the best document scanning apps available. It has many features that make it ideal for professional and personal use.

The app is available for free but offers a subscription for premium users. You can also download the CamScanner APK to access all the features without paying the subscription fee.


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