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Download AppBlock APK to be more productive, maintain concentration and block all distracting apps. Use app block to disable your notifications while blocking websites and apps.

Name AppBlock
Version 7.0.9
Updated Jun 21, 2024
Category Productivity
Developer MobileSoft s.r.o.
Google Play Link cz.mobilesoft.appblock


App Block is a mobile tracker manager that lets you control your productivity and concentrate on what matters by blocking distracting apps and websites, monitoring your phone screen time, and setting personal reminders.

You may adjust your profile to deactivate an app and block a website based on a particular wifi connection or location, set a specific timer or date reminders to block applications and websites, measure screen time, and more. To maintain attention and increase productivity, you can automatically block websites as soon as you start working.

appblock apk

Set a do not disturb timer, a screen time counter, or a reminder to focus on your productivity. Block social networking and other distracting apps to limit phone use. You can maintain your focus using app block premium.

You can track and restrict websites and applications, create personalized reminders, and time-track your app usage limit with our App block premium to increase productivity. We offer statistics and recollections to help you stay on top of your goals and concentrate on better time management to increase downtime.

To improve concentration and productivity, disable notifications and set a usage timer by selecting app block download latest version .Through effective time management and a phone cleanse, increase your productivity!

AppBlock Description

App Block combines the functions of an app blocker, website blocker, and notification blocker. Change the banning policies of different sites according to the time and your location. Plan your quality time and limit your screen time during your free time.

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Create usage reminder alerts, and the app will boost your productivity and self-control. Create specific app blockers for all disturbing apps. Analyze your Android device usage data to see your progress.

App block has a Strict Mode with different security levels. It may prevent you from changing the app's permissions, removing it, or modifying the profile. There is also a simpler Lock mode if Strict Mode sounds too complicated.

The program forbids you from making changes to a profile while it is active if you Lock it. You cannot turn off both modes while they are active. Therefore, ensure they aren't preventing access to crucial programs like the phone app.

appblock apk premium

Switch on Strict Mode to lock your profile and strengthen discipline. With our app blocker, you can always remain focused and productive. Use an app blocker to disable notifications and reminders while blocking websites or apps; additionally, block your email. Stop receiving alerts, reminders, and notifications.

The app is available for free use. However, App block premium is what you want for the greatest outcomes. You are not permitted to use Strict Mode or lock a profile for more than 24 hours as a free user. The number of app bans and profiles they can create is also restricted.

Using the App Block, learn how to block apps on Windows, delete Shadow IT Apps, stop unauthorized programs from being launched, and improve productivity. Blocking gaming and other distracting programs on computers is a good idea. Block cloud storage websites and applications to avoid data theft and protect private information.

App block premium helps those addicted to their phones and others learn how to use their phones responsibly and without procrastination. With one click, select the applications to block and begin blocking them.

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Block the websites and apps you don't want your children to use, and set screen time limits. On Android devices, the strict mode will stop you from altering the rules and getting around the software!

Features of App Block

Control parental access

Keep an eye on kids and workers. App block 2022 download provides you with the best solutions, whether you're a worried parent or an employer worried about the shady activities of your staff. When your kids have finished their homework, you can unblock the blocked websites and apps so they can concentrate more on their studies. To prevent your staff from revealing any crucial company information via their Android smartphones, App block 2022 allows you to ban the use of email clients.

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Guard against the source of dangerous links and software

Cybercriminals frequently lure you in by sending you certain  emails with malicious links that, at first glance, appear to be highly intriguing. And as soon as you click on one of these links, dangerous software is automatically downloaded, installed, and corrupts your mobile device. By alerting you to such contagious URLs or applications, mobile blockers assist you in protecting yourself. Additionally, you are safeguarded from the unpleasant adverts many internet programs display.

Time management

You frequently find yourself taking up your - You frequently find yourself taking up your smartphone and jobless using a number of the apps that have been downloaded. As a result, you frequently run behind schedule when completing your work, and kids waste time playing games or visiting inappropriate websites. To better manage your work and leisure time, app blockers allow you the opportunity to specify the time when the app will be locked and used after that.

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Increases Productivity

By preventing employees' Android phones from accessing Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites while at work, an employer can ensure that their staff is not diverted from their work and less productive by Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

If you are a working person, you can also utilize the many settings on your app blocker to manage your time and different apps according to their relevance. App block pro free download can help you effectively manage your work and enhance working productivity.

Protect Your Personal Information

 We frequently forget the usernames and passwords for the accounts on our smartphones, which are constantly the targets of online criminals. These passwords are for mobile banking or email. Any error on our part that causes us to click a dangerous website or program connected to a prevalent virus can also result in significant financial loss. An app blocker provides continual alerts and immediately blocks these programs.

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Theft Protection

A lot of the app banning software includes the ability to track your phone using GPS, which might be useful if it has been stolen or lost. To prevent access to your sensitive data on your smartphone, you can also remotely lock it.


App block helps you maintain your digital health, especially when you have trouble doing without your phone. Think about the productive things you could achieve if you limited your time and access to some website.

Enough of inactivity due to lack of time, enough of missing deadlines. Maintain concentration and improve efficiency. With the help of AppBlock, you may spend your free time with loved ones, engaging in meaningful activities, relaxing, and putting productivity before procrastination!

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Download AppBlock APK to be more productive, maintain concentration and block all distracting apps. Use app block to disable your notifications while blocking websites and apps.


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