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INKredible Pro
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Version: 2.12.9
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Download INKredible Pro APK and quickly write text on your Android device. This impressive app does writing and jotting as easy as using a pen and paper!

Name INKredible Pro
Version 2.12.9
Updated May 12, 2024
Category Productivity
Developer WriteOn
Google Play Link com.viettran.INKrediblePro

Description of INKredible Pro

INKredible Pro is a writing app that allows you to take notes as you do with a standard pen and paper. If you have to take notes regularly, you can make the process much easier by opting for this app rather than the traditional pen and paper.

It’s incredible how writing on pen and paper is critical, as these tools have become irreplaceable in our daily lives. But, the app makes writing on your device feel great, more comfortable, neater, and more organized than your everyday pen and paper writing.

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INKredible PRO allows you to take notes wherever you are. You are allowed to customize the stroke of your pen and create different notes with different kinds of colours. It looks just like your real notes and offers a realistic result. It is designed to be distraction-free and offers an outstanding writing experience.

The app was developed by WriteOn and was first released on the 5th of May, 2016. It offers a unique writing experience as it offers a perfect stroke. You can write by sliding your finger over the screen and writing notes. Keep in mind that it works the same way a real pen does, so if you’re pressing your finger against the screen, you can end up spilling some ink on the screen. It also allows you to customize your pen to all the important details.

INKredible PRO also offers different colours that you can write in, and you can customize the opacity and width. In addition, you get an eraser and a shortcut to your gallery, so you can add the picture from your device to the notepad if it’s needed for your note-taking. There is no limit to how much you can write and the number of images you can add to the screen.

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You can save the notes for yourself to read at any time and edit them when needed. The app allows you to edit and undo the changes you make if you make a mistake while writing. You can also delete the page and start over. On INKredible PRO, you can print your notes out on real paper or share them with your contacts.

Easy to Write on Your Smartphone

It might surprise you that you can write with your normal handwriting on your smartphone device. Whether you’re quickly taking notes during a meeting or writing a letter to someone using your handwriting, INKredible PRO allows this. Using your finger or a stylus, you can use your handwriting on the smartphone screen and edit your writing however you want.

The app is similar to a notebook, while the finger is the pen. A toolbar on the screen’s left side allows you to customize your pen type, the pen stroke and its weight, and the opacity. The app also has different options for customizing the word’s font, opacity, and weight if you want your handwriting to be more refined.

inkredible pro

INKredible PRO was developed after over three years of research and development in vector graphics inking technology. This allows it to manipulate Bezier curves as you write. With this feature, the app makes your handwriting appear neater and more attractive than it would on paper.

INKredible PRO also allows you to choose the kind of paper that you want to write on. Of course, there is the default choice, which is the underlined paper. But, there are other kinds of paper that you can write on too.

INKredible PRO also has an intuitive interface that is easy to use and understand by anyone. The toolbar is hidden as you tap the screen, giving you much space to write. Your entire phone screen gives you a clean piece of paper for writing. To make the toolbar visible, you click on the pin key to use the different settings.

It’s pretty easy to use the app after you access the toolbar. You can choose the elements influencing your ink style and draw anything you please on the blank page. INKredible PRO is also designed with excellent sensitivity, so you don’t have to worry about pressing your finger against the screen for it to start writing. It’s smooth, and you won’t have any problems.

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Furthermore, there is a text editor for easier writing. It allows you to undo, save and delete your work. A history feature allows you to save previous settings that you can use again. Plus, a guide on the app teaches you the process of using the notepad.

Improve Your Writing with Tools

If you think your handwritten letter or note is too boring, you can improve it with effects and images when using INKredible PRO. In addition, the app has a toolbar that allows you to add stickers and images.

Once you’re done with work, it is shareable on different social media platforms connected to the app. You can also export it as a PDF file and share your amazing artwork with others. Also, it is possible to save the device on your phone and continue editing on another device or PC.

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If you’re jotting sensitive information on the INKredible PRO, you can keep it organized with the palm rejection mode. When you trigger this feature, the screen will only accept the feeling of the stylus, so even if your palm or finger brushes against the screen, it won’t leave any marks or doodles that affect what you’re writing. There is also wrist rejection for those writing on their tablet, as the wrist can brush against the screen and cause streaks.


INKredible PRO is a fun and engaging app that allows you to write notes like you will work with writing materials. This writing app is easy to use, distraction-free and comes with different tools that you can use to add stickers and images to your write-ups and also make your notes more organized.

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Download INKredible Pro APK and quickly write text on your Android device. This impressive app does writing and jotting as easy as using a pen and paper!


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