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To Do List
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Version: 4.37
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Download the To Do List APK app, an innovative app that tracks things to be done and sorts them out at the right time. It is a fun and exciting managerial app.

Name To Do List
Version 4.37
Updated Apr 3, 2024
Category Productivity
Developer Splend Apps
Google Play Link com.splendapps.splendo

To-do list

 The To-do list app is a fun app that you can easily use to track your to-do list. Spend apps offered this app. Use the to-do list app to track your progress report daily. Type in all you need to in a day on the to-do list app and check them off one at a time.

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The To-do list app is an application that helps its users to manage their tasks properly. With this app, you can group your chores into a well-detailed list and track them. You would also receive notifications during the day, so you never forget anything. This app allows you to be more productive as you organize your work in order of priority.

To-do list pro helps you to work effectively. It divides your work into small achievable bits. This app offers a simple and reliable user interface that is very convenient.

Description of to-do list app

To-do list premium is an intelligent task organizing tool for everyday use. This app is only compatible with android phones. This app is easy to use. It has one of the most simple and convenient user experiences. This app is not limited to any group of people. No matter what you do or who you are, you have better organizational and time management skills with this app.

This app lets you focus on the right thing and get things done faster. You can use this app to note any task at any time. You can use the to-do list premium download at home, at work, school, and even in your free time. This app is one of the best in helping you sort out your workload.

to do list apk premium

Most users enjoy how simple the app is. All that you need to do is on the homepage of the app. The to-do list app is the best app yet for task management. When inputting tasks, make sure to be specific. Choose the appropriate name for each task to get the correct message update in time. Specify due dates for each job and choose whether or not the app needs to repeat the notification. You might need to do some chores for the whole day, and you can customize the reminder to suit your needs.

With this app, you can organize your chores in the order of priority. You can choose which task you want to do at whatever time and section and distribute them as you please. You can edit the to-do list on the go, add more tasks, change section names and choose the next job you would like to work on. This app has a voice recognition feature that can work in batches so you can add multiple tasks simultaneously.

Features of the to-do list.

A To-do list comes with an array of features that makes it the right choice for you.


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This app has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. You can access all the keys you need from the home page. You can make your to-do list on the go and add more tasks that come as you work. You can arrange your duties in sections to access them easily. You are also advised to name each section correctly, so you don't confuse and forget any tasks. You can use the sectioning to separate personal and work activities, helping you prioritize better.


The To-do list app's full version is very effective and efficient. Once you arrange all your chores, you can pick them in bit sizes and work on them. This way, when you have completed some, you feel a sense of achievement, and you get motivated to work on the remaining tasks. The app also gives notifications that you are efficient when you have completed your job and what you have left to do. You can set deadlines with this app. Having a deadline for each task helps you to work more effectively.

Additional features.

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You can customize a lot of features on this app to your taste. With this app, your phone widgets show you what you need to do at each instant. You get the notifications exactly when you need them. You can sync your app with your Google accounts. An additional feature most people enjoy is the ability to set up your to-do list via voice.

There is a quick task bar on this app for you to add things that come up newly or things that you forgot. The to-do list app integrates the sharing feature on android so you can share your to-do list with other apps. There are many useful configuration options. To-do list pro has a bidirectional synchronization with Google Tasks.


You can rely on this app to help you remember your chores and keep you grounded. The to-do list app notification uses sound, vibration, built-in speech synthesizer to get your attention. Be rest assured that you will get that reminder. The icon widget keeps notes of tasks that are optional for the day and long overdue tasks. A list widget also shows upcoming functions so that you can create time for them. There is a status bar that keeps you updated on the status of your tasks.


to do list pro apk

On your to-do list, you can arrange your work, chores, relaxation time, etc. This app helps you organize your task, so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything, as you would get a notification for each chore. Always assign a due date and time to each task on the to-do list. To-do list premium download is the perfect app for goal and task setting on android phones.

Download a to-do list and improve your work and personal life organization. Be more efficient and productive as all your tasks are now in little bits you can access.

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Download the To Do List APK app, an innovative app that tracks things to be done and sorts them out at the right time. It is a fun and exciting managerial app.


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