Zombie Idle Defense
Zombie Idle Defense
Size: 127.47 MB
Version: 2.7.9b1
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Download Zombie Idle Defense APK for a fast-paced game with lots of exciting features. Recruit and train your soldiers to shoot zombies and defend the tower.

Name Zombie Idle Defense
Version 2.7.9b1
Updated May 1, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer TDCGames
Google Play Link tdcgame.zombie.idle.defense

About Zombie Idle Defense

Zombie Idle Defense is a fast-paced action game that allows players to roam the world of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. The game offers exciting features that will give you a thrilling experience as zombie eliminators. In the game, you'll be featured as a defensive character that seeks to protect a safe zone from being attacked by zombies. So you'll be positioned behind a concrete fence and eliminate the attacking zombies from that position.

However, the game also ensures your bullets don't go too far when you shoot at zombies at long range. Hence, you'll only be able to kill zombies close to you, which makes it more complex, and your shots must be even more accurate, or you'd risk being knocked down by the zombie when they come in hordes. There are also different zombies with other characteristics and bonuses when killed.

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The game has impressive visuals and a combination of various game elements that excite players. The background doesn't contain too much information, and the game also features many weapons. Although the characters don't resemble a typical human, they are more like rogues, making them perfect for survival and defence. There are also interesting subtle features included in the game to make it even more exciting for players.

The game is similar to Idle Zombie Defence, but it is published by different authors and has different gameplay. TDCGames developed Zombie Idle Defense, and it's an arcade game which you can play on various types of android devices. You'll be able to join the millions of existing players when you download and install the game. However, the content is rated for anyone below 12, so you must be older to play the game without supervision.


As earlier mentioned, you have a simple task: defend your territory. It'll equip you with weapons at the beginning of the game, so you have to put them to good use by killing zombies that come your way and ensuring that none of them eventually reach the fence. You'll be able to have a welcome guide that allows you to play a few games without any real threat while you get accustomed to the game environment and understand the mission.

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Every time a zombie reaches the fence, they'll be able to weaken it, so you have to ensure they don't. However, the guns also have limited ranges when you fire, so you can only cover a limited distance and wait for the zombies to come near before you can kill them. While doing this, it's easier for some zombies to escape your gunshots and reach the fence, making the game a little challenging.

You'll be able to unlock various game elements while playing. There are also multiple characters to choose from when you open the characters. The weapons include various simple firearms to bigger ones that can deal more damage to the zombies even at a long range. There are also different types of zombies you'll face when playing, ranging from the ordinary to the bosses, which are primarily enormous and more challenging to Eliminate.

Game Features

As a lover of zombie apocalypse games, you'll fall in love with the concept of Zombie Idle Defense. There are lots of features that improve the gameplay, as you can see below:

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The designers used classic tower defence graphics for this tower Defence game. The background is smooth and clear enough for players to discern various characters. There are many interesting characters in the game, each with distinct features, and the zombies also have a peculiar design. Overall, the game does well in delivering smooth animation with excellent graphics. The sound is also unique, allowing you to hear the screams of bloodthirsty zombies and the booming sounds of various firearms being shot at them.


The game has a friendly control system. This means you'll be able to quickly control when and where the guns are shot. Since you won't be moving around too much, the directions button only allows you to move front or backwards. You can also shoot at the zombies by clicking the fire button on the right-hand side of the screen. You can move closer to the zombies or farther away with the arrow buttons.

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Game Modes

There are various modes you can play on Zombie Idle Defense. The primary modes are Main Game, Defense Mode and Boss Killing Mode. The main game mode allows you to pass through the various game levels by kidding ordinary zombies and topping it all by killing the boss. Once the boss is down, you'll be able it move to the next level, where you face the soldiers again and kill the boss, but the game gets even more difficult based on the level upgrades.

The Defense Mode allows you to kill all zombies as you move forward. The further you get while doing this, the more points you'll earn. You can also upgrade warriors through various game tokens. Lastly, the boss killing mode allows you to test your fighting experience by killing as many bosses as possible. The reward here is as massive as the game's difficulty.

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You'll receive different bonuses for completing various missions in the game. The statistical scoreboard will show how many rewards you have, such as gold, coins and gears. The Golds are ideal for upgrading your character and recruiting new soldiers to join your defence team. You'll also be able to use it for upgrading your weapons and items during the game. The coins, on the other hand, will help you buy more casual items.


Zombie Idle Defense is a fast-paced zombie shooting game where you must eliminate as many zombies as possible. Your shooting speed, weapons and characters will determine how well you do in this game. It's an exciting game with loads of fun and features to relieve your mood.

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Download Zombie Idle Defense APK for a fast-paced game with lots of exciting features. Recruit and train your soldiers to shoot zombies and defend the tower.


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